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Better Data Collection

November 30, 2017


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Different processes for capturing better data the collection of data in modern enterprises is difficult especially in this day and age. The newspapers mentioned Zendesk not as a source, but as a related topic. A variety of different processes and data must be measured by the employees. A particularly good example of the high costs in the digitalisation of data can be found in the graphic area. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pete Cashmore. When detecting complex maps, graphics, and drawings the staff had to review every step in earlier times, to ensure a detailed and accurate work. Using the vectorization, the procedure can be make today a little more flexible and for the employee that is easier. The different types of entry who is at present still on manual data entry, but has the security of a qualitative work, consumed but valuable time determination of data. The digitalization allows this new scope for the creation of this work. A small example: Would who virtualize at the present time a map, is basically in manual data entry many hours of rework use must.

The vectors are not automatically calculated and so the staff would have to redefine every relevant point, so that at the end of a high resolution and changeable graphics. The time spent on a map of Europe would not even predictable, since it depends on the desired details. Similarly, with logos and other works from the high-resolution graphics. The vectorization creates new possibilities in this respect. Also here the employee must work still, but the entire effort in the collection of data is substantially less.

Namely, the vectorization of the digital scanner allows that different points are already recognized at the expense of scanning. The so-called semiautomatic vectorization now allows the user or the employee to set only certain key points along the way. In the example of the map, that would mean a massive change of the necessary working time. But the forms of digital data collection did not end.

Wireless Smoke Detector

November 29, 2017


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To wireless smoke detector wireless smoke detector are the trend always popular security in the construction of new buildings has become in recent years a central issue. Recently Robotics expert sought to clarify these questions. It does not primarily involves protection from burglars, but rather fire prevention and mitigation in the case of apartment or house fires. For this reason, the building codes in more and more States provide the installation of smoke detectors because they can save lives in the event of an emergency. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein, for example, each House must no matter whether old or new, have smoke detectors in bedrooms and children’s rooms, as well as in the hallway. The causes of the fires are in most cases not as often supposed negligence, but often lead to so-called smouldering fires technical defects. Here, which inhaling leads to unconsciousness and then death after a few breaths gases already at low temperature. Given this fact, it is noted that more than eighty percent of all those concerned not to the flame, but die from the smoke.

They pay can already guess how many lives can be saved by the installation of smoke detectors. However, the fire protection regulation country thing is and therefore so far not nationwide. The radio smoke detector, which, for example, also then trigger alarm in the bedroom, if smoke is reported in the nursery are currently in fashion. Radio smoke detectors are interconnected and thus improve the overall security. Smoke detectors and accessories for a safe at home can be ordered cheap on the Internet, where not tested quality must be avoided. An online shop, where they receive such products can be found at the address. There, they are to acquire inexpensively and with certified quality.

Internet Access

November 25, 2017


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WPA encryption is more reliable, and it is virtually impossible to hack a simple enumeration. For cracking WPA, tend to use bruteforce (search) in the dictionary, but this method does not guarantee the successful reception of the password in most cases. Many consumer access point with WPA support only mode with a common password, so called WPA-PSK (Pre-Shared Key) For the majority of private wireless networks use WPA-PSK will provide ample protection, but only when relatively long and complex password. You should not use only numbers or words from dictionary, because some programs still allow dictionary attacks against WPA-PSK. Almost all modern routers and access points support WPA-encryption. Therefore, if your wireless network is still works on WEP, such equipment is very strongly recommended to replace. If your router or access point allow you to use WPA, you just choose this way to the computer and come up with key more complex and longer.

In the Internet you can find special programs for the creation of precisely such complex passwords, but there are ways and simple. I personally have been convinced that good passwords are obtained if just a little walk two fists on the keyboard, like this – 83iWo2qiwo2iq 2'a seWpw:) If you try to connect any device to the thus configured network, the system will ask for the key and let you into the wireless network only if the key will be introduced correctly. Key you can enter only once, further connections will be done automatically. Other methods There are several ways of protecting wireless networks. They are used in conjunction with password protection, that is their use in no case shall cancel the above-mentioned encryption.

For example, connected to the network computers can be filtered by MAC-addresses. This filtering is used to access the network can get (Or, conversely, do not get), only those computers whose addresses are listed. Experts say that this way to protect your network from beginners, but more experienced hackers can easily intercept the MAC-addresses, and substitute your own address on the one allowed. We must not forget about using firewalls. Some of them even has a special feature to protect your computer from Wi-Fi intruders. Finally, the easiest way to protect is off the point access if you do not work with it. No network – no problems. However, despite the triviality of this method, many users often forget about it.

Database Management System “SQL Server 2005 For Internet .

November 23, 2017


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In the commercial area, the Database Management “SQL Server claimed after the introduction of the market quickly in 2005. This electronic data that can also be very large to be managed systematically, that is, they are processed and stored and made available to other users and users according to their needs available. If necessary, you can book on this topic, training. The SQL server has the third largest storage capacity currently available in database management systems. The SQL Server 2005 was developed over the previous version from 2000.

He includes, for example, two tools less, which were replaced with just one. This new tool is called SQL Server Management Studio, which replaces the Enterprise Manager (graphical tool for managing and programming) and the Query Analyzer (tool for managing and optimizing). Using this management system it is possible to relatively easily, both internal and external systems to . Integrate Thus, for example, several users work with the program. This work can span multiple platforms and devices. The communication between multiple management systems is with the SQL Server 2005, relatively simple. This may support both relational and XML data.

This allows companies to store their data in the format that best meets them and with which they can work best. Other formats, such as HTTP or SOAP are supported by the program. In particular for the analysis of data using the SQL Server 2005 is an advantage. There, the data of several similar sources are filtered and integrated. Then the analysis can be done. This can be carried out on various operating systems. This is so far favorable than that available in an analysis of the data to be evaluated in the same way.

Samsung Mobile

November 23, 2017


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On market is now a new flagship, which stands out among camera phones, and all mobile phones can record videos in HD. I8910 Meet the world's first phone with recording technology, HSBC Dee movies. Record Video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 24 frames per second. Among standard features already have a camera phone, have the following features: face detection, smile detection and blink detection, panoramic shooting and. The handset has an LED flash. It Not all camera phones, which were to get into the review, the review describes the best of the best devices from Samsung Mobile. Already, expect other new products, especially as rivals, if not come to heel, Samsung is keeping pace.

The company's flagship mobile phone from Samsung with impressive features like digicam, is represented by two thousand and seventh year, it was the Samsung G600. Competitors then had only 2 brand: Nokia and Sony Ericsson. However, Samsung had its advantages, one among them, excellent color transfer is made of photos. Was less offensive to the quality of recorded video. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Marc Mathieu. Konchno, image quality was not any, like Cameras, but it turned out to be a significant step in mobile market devices for Samsung. Photo camera phone G600 had the following features and options: The Matrix 5 Mpix, autofocus, image stabilizer, a bright flash, the resolution of the made photographs in 2592 at 1944 points. The following apparatus, which has serious impression sozdovaemymi photos, is a recent Samsung M8800 Pixon.

Pixon – this means that a line of mobile camera phones, this new Samsung chip. Camera Samsung Pixon M8800 – vosim megapixels, video clips 720 by 480 pixels at thirty frames per second! A system as Face Detection, image stabilization, smile recognition. It is worth noting the technology WDR – autoregulation of brightness. These features have helped to get from camera phone picture quality desired. A little later came i8510, he was named best camera phone of the year two thousand and eight. Camera – 8 MP, of course but also recognition function and a smile face, automatic panorama shooting, auto focus and dob Powerful flash, high detail and high quality images taken. Still has a large capacity battery, is in demand not only for long-term operation of the chamber, but is useful for display and a large dioganalyu. On market is now a new flagship, which stands out among camera phones, and all mobile phones can record videos in HD. I8910 Meet the world's first phone with recording technology, HSBC Dee movies. Record Video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 24 frames per second. Among standard features already have a camera phone, have the following features: face detection, smile detection and blink detection, panoramic shooting and. The handset has an LED flash. It Not all camera phones, which were to get into the review, the review describes the best of the best devices from Samsung Mobile. Already, expect other new products, especially as rivals, if not come to heel, Samsung is keeping pace.

Prime Technologies

November 11, 2017


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Edge banding machines are the basis for furniture production. On the quality of performance edge banding machine depends and quality of furniture produced by you, the price, class furniture. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. divided into prime position with manual submission of blanks, one-sided edge banding machines and bilateral edge banding line. Distinct and equipment options for each type of machine – edge banding equipment equipment depends on the complexity of items of furniture, the volume of production, customer requirements for quality wrapping and other nuances to take into account the company's engineers Prime Technologies – the selection of edge banding machine at the customer's problem. Briefly tell you about each type of edge banding equipment. Edge banding machine with manual feeding blank – otherwise it is called positional kromochnik. According to Don Slager, who has experience with these questions.

Used when need wrapping curved edge workpieces, such as tables (most often the edge nonrectilinear configuration found in the office and computer desks), cabinets, closets, etc. Also, this type work on small and medium-sized, in terms of output, the enterprises where the use of edge banding machine transmission type itself does not pay. Edge Banders transmission type can be divided into two categories: One-sided edge banding machines – used in medium and large enterprises. At large factories used several unilateral edge banding machines, united among themselves, driving roller table, including pivoting. Also, some manufacturers are made edge banding machines, as a left-hand performance of the location of the conveyor chain, and right – in this case, for wrapping blanks on all four sides are successively set in a line two odnostronnih edge banding machine with the left and right arrangement of conveyor chains as well as swivel and return roller tables. Machines of this type allow oblitsevat only straight panel details, but they present a number of additional units (not available on the positional kromochnikah) to increase the quality veneered finish details – such as the removal of the longitudinal and transverse overhangs, the cycle to remove excess glue, polished edges, hair dryers for the return of pristine pvc edge colors, broken in the process of machining and other bilateral edge banding machines – here chamfering blanks is performed simultaneously on both sides.

The Last Mobile

November 7, 2017


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At present, the use of mobile phones is very common in the globalized society. However, a few decades back having a cell phone was a luxury, but today has become a necessity for communication between people. According to account history, the first attempts of a mobile telephony appeared in World War II, when it was created a team called Handie Talkie H12-16 that allowed communication between the troops of war at great distances, through radio waves. Subsequently, the intention that people communicate over great distances led to the first mobile is launched to the world. The most innovative and popular was the Motorolla DynTac 8000x, which weighed less than a kilo, its battery lasted 35 minutes and took in charge is 10 hours. This model was designed by engineer Rody Krolopp in 1983.

But it is considered that the pioneer of mobile telephony is Martin Cooper, who introduced the first radio-telephone to the United States in 1973. The present phones Since then, through mobile communications has improved it and 21st century now there are cell phones with much capacity for various features like camera photo and video, GPS, Media Player, access to Internet, access to social networks, etc. But there is a mobile phone that revolutionized the concept of cellular telephony and was with the appearance of the iPhone in 2007. Without a doubt, this mobile framework a landmark in the history of wireless phones, because it lacks a keyboard integrated as traditional phones, but rather has a system of touch-sensitive screen. In view of this, there are now thousands of people who have an iPhone in his hands, but also raised important companies dedicated to the repair and release of any mobile phone. Through its specialized technicians can repair iphone and in other cases release blackberry to suit the client.. By the same author:

Printer Is Your Trash In The Closet?,

November 7, 2017


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My trash is a treasure for someone else! . And not only is a saying, pinching it happen out of your old printer if you really want. We all know or have heard of eBay, is the largest in the world to do business whether large or small the evil that is in English, and not all teachers are in English. But no problem in Spanish is a similar site and great confidence, the ideal site for buying and selling the latter we are interested to recover the investment some time ago. It’s amazing how many people prefer to have all old equipment and not so old in a dark room. Where’s the profit in doing that?

In our office was almost a ritual to do this kind of thing. Whenever Samsung Electronics listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Until he mentioned to the leaders, because no better recover some of the investment rather than having money in the trash. Who said money money, it seems that this word woke them up like a slap. So any kind of device that could be treasure to someone else and begin to gather generate some income. We offer our products obviously with all the specifications of each of the devices, point by point every flaw that they had and sat down to receive offers, until I found one that income would be the best ever. As always the leaders believe they can recover 100% of the invested I should make them see reason, and that it is impossible to receive a better offer that received, in the end agreed to the offer, I just thought was fair. Do not waste your time and think old or devices that can take money to sell them. Good Luck! and do not expect to receive 100% of the price. If you’re looking for.

Microsoft Technologies

November 6, 2017


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The development of new technologies by Microsoft, is amazing with their mobile phones and tablets have not had much luck, however they have registered a patent a week ago showing a new touchscreen haptic which would be able to recreate different textures when different wavelengths pass through it. In this way, could produce real at the moment textures, while it continues to function as a traditional touchscreen. With increasingly fewer buttons, today 90% of devices are the screen. Other leaders such as Mashable offer similar insights. Therefore, to improve this element, we can improve the devices we use every day. In one of the latest news, we learned that Microsoft patented a new haptic touchscreen. (As opposed to Ali Partovi). As described in the patent, the interesting thing about this new screen, is that it uses cells of plastic the size of a pixel to produce real textures, reflecting what you see on screen.

This design was created with the intention of giving even more feedback to users, since Today the unique answers haptics we are different types of vibrations. Also, other screens, have tried to give the illusion of texture, but Microsoft’s goal is to create real textures, with cells that can protrude above the surface with some special commands. This plan to achieve it with plastic cells with different shapes and memory. The operation of this screen is quite particular. As outlined in the patent, touchscreen consists of a polymer with memory which becomes solid and detaches when a particular wavelength of ultraviolet light passes through and becomes softer when crosses it another wavelength. It is said that, to vary these frequencies textures can be created at the time. According to the patent, this screen was created by the inventor Erez Kikin-Gil and Microsoft, plans to use in devices the size of the Surface, but not surprise us that they ended up using it also for mobile phones. Especially if found other companies that want to license technology. More than anything because companies such as Nokia and Senseg developed their own screens that use voltages of different frequencies, but met with the problem that many frequencies are in the range of the human ear, which produces an annoying hum. You will have to wait and see if this patent ends up coming to the market.