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EMC Antennas

Broadband antenna covers wide range for EMC measurements – what is technically feasible is reached – the Aaronia AG presented their latest EMC biconical antennas from the BicoLOG series. The antennas of the “E” series now offer a best possible performance for the frequency range of 20 MHz to 1 GHz and are specifically designed […]

Secure Network Hard Drive

Data backup for small to medium-sized businesses with great potential! Synology DiskStation DS 1010 +: Much memory, lots of fun! The Synology disk station 1010 + is delivered in a stable, cube-shaped box with black print. Except for a few stickers with the warranty period and the contained product, only the manufacturer name is printed. […]


A network cable guarantees not only the best data security, it saves power compared to the wireless network. Man regenerates almost automatically, without the need to depend on too much on external energy sources. Except once, that man daily must lead to food and water to refresh its energy budget, the regeneration of the people […]