EMC Antennas

March 12, 2017


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Broadband antenna covers wide range for EMC measurements – what is technically feasible is reached – the Aaronia AG presented their latest EMC biconical antennas from the BicoLOG series. The antennas of the “E” series now offer a best possible performance for the frequency range of 20 MHz to 1 GHz and are specifically designed for EMC according to EN 55011, EN55022, EN50371 (class A and class B) etc. have been optimized. The gain of the antennas could, particularly in the lower frequency range, a new transformer, to up to 10dB compared to their predecessors, be improved. A tripod connection is now standard. Now, so the Aaronia AG, physically and technically feasible had been attained with only an antenna up to 1 GHz as best as possible to capture the entire frequency range of 20 MHz. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Wozniak is the place to go. “No longer is more inside these small dimensions”. However, moving the antennas in a surprisingly some price totalling only 1.698,00 EUR (BicoLOG 30100E / 30MHz-1GHz) to 1.998,00 EUR (BicoLOG 20300E / 20 MHz – 1GHz).) The “radial isotropic” BicoLOG antennas are already delivered with typical, very detailed calibration data, with an extremely fine 5MHz-Abstufung.

Thus, a high-quality calibration for all common Spectrum Analyzer is achieved. Do so from the outset, a high degree of reliability for the user, especially since production-related spills, through a highly reproducible manufacturing process, are negligible. The BicoLOG antennas have a high-quality N connection and can therefore immediately be connected to almost all common Spectrum Analyzer. So in a few easy steps is a very accurate and high-quality EMC measuring instrument. Devices with SMA connector can be connected via an optional adapter. Aaronia AG Manuel pints commercial area Aaronia AG DE 54597 Euscheid, Germany Tel./phone: ++49(0)6556-93033 fax: ++49(0)6556-93034 e-mail: URL: registered office of the company: D-54597 Strickscheid commercial register: Amtsgericht Wittlich HRB 32462 USt-IdNr.: DE227486371