July 30, 2014


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A network cable guarantees not only the best data security, it saves power compared to the wireless network. Man regenerates almost automatically, without the need to depend on too much on external energy sources. Except once, that man daily must lead to food and water to refresh its energy budget, the regeneration of the people but miraculously simple way works. Usually a healthy undisturbed night’s sleep is enough to recover the powers of a person completely and to prepare him for the coming day. Machines are still far away from this efficiency and simplicity. To ensure its energy supply and to ensure their long-term functionality that was one of the challenges of the 20th century and it is all too clear that it will be a central issue in this century as effectively and as lossless supplying machines with energy.

Not only the currently discussed form of energy plays a central role. The infrastructure is increasingly a topic. Especially in the IT sector. Respected and now they are wage work here you had during the first boom”just carelessly on effective energy supply. Enormously inefficient datacenters are, for example, the result of lax-oriented infrastructure.

It has the power saving of as much starting points, rich, which according to actual need reduce energy intake or increase and freeze unused computing potential by the simple network cable up to highly complex systems. Here, a break takes place currently. Effective solutions in the energy supply are more than just spinning mills of eco freaks. You are a central economic consideration for many large but also small and medium-sized companies. Because electricity is expensive. And it probably will not change in the near future. Rather on the contrary. You can save only by lowering the own consumption. Here resourceful developers on optimized power supply try to install because the greatest losses in the actual devices take place, but in the peripharen Infrastructure, the clutter so agreed by the vernacular. Here, the power saving probably has the biggest potential for optimization.