Secure Network Hard Drive

March 7, 2016


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Data backup for small to medium-sized businesses with great potential! Synology DiskStation DS 1010 +: Much memory, lots of fun! The Synology disk station 1010 + is delivered in a stable, cube-shaped box with black print. Except for a few stickers with the warranty period and the contained product, only the manufacturer name is printed. So, cartons can be used for different devices of the same size. This saves resources and is very commendable! The disk station 1010 + is housed in foam, clean and tidy and well protected from shocks and falls. Everything you need to start is located in the box. Add to your understanding with Robotics. The black case is decorated with a high-gloss faceplate and looks quite classy.

By a mechanical lock against unintentional pull off the, protected hard drive trays are simple but functional plastic frame. Working with the device has the welcome message in 15 languages on the quick installation guide on the installation CD-ROM, the I prefer now to build the disks to rate. 5 hard drive WD10EARS with capacity 1 TB in use come to the test. Released, these drives are for use in the DS by Synology 1010 + as compatible hard drives, it should work but actually all the disks in the DS 1010 +. I’ve chosen these drives because they a) are quite reasonably priced, b) consume little power and c) stay pretty cool even under load. Installation and fitting of the 5 disks in the tray takes approx. 15 minutes, there are enough screws for mounting 3.5 “or even 2.5” hard drives on. The hard drives are now inserted, the lever can handle pressed down! Now power and network cables connect and turn on! The quick installation guide worthy of your name, but leaves no doubt as to the next steps and succeeded with many pictures outstanding! During Setup you can choose between different RAID modes, I have here chosen a RAID 5 with hot spare to ensure maximum data safety.