The Last Mobile

November 7, 2017


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At present, the use of mobile phones is very common in the globalized society. However, a few decades back having a cell phone was a luxury, but today has become a necessity for communication between people. According to account history, the first attempts of a mobile telephony appeared in World War II, when it was created a team called Handie Talkie H12-16 that allowed communication between the troops of war at great distances, through radio waves. Subsequently, the intention that people communicate over great distances led to the first mobile is launched to the world. The most innovative and popular was the Motorolla DynTac 8000x, which weighed less than a kilo, its battery lasted 35 minutes and took in charge is 10 hours. This model was designed by engineer Rody Krolopp in 1983.

But it is considered that the pioneer of mobile telephony is Martin Cooper, who introduced the first radio-telephone to the United States in 1973. The present phones Since then, through mobile communications has improved it and 21st century now there are cell phones with much capacity for various features like camera photo and video, GPS, Media Player, access to Internet, access to social networks, etc. But there is a mobile phone that revolutionized the concept of cellular telephony and was with the appearance of the iPhone in 2007. Without a doubt, this mobile framework a landmark in the history of wireless phones, because it lacks a keyboard integrated as traditional phones, but rather has a system of touch-sensitive screen. In view of this, there are now thousands of people who have an iPhone in his hands, but also raised important companies dedicated to the repair and release of any mobile phone. Through its specialized technicians can repair iphone and in other cases release blackberry to suit the client.. By the same author: