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Samsung Mobile

On market is now a new flagship, which stands out among camera phones, and all mobile phones can record videos in HD. I8910 Meet the world’s first phone with recording technology, HSBC Dee movies. Record Video resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 24 frames per second. Among standard features already have a camera phone, […]

PBX KX Service

Again, most of these groups. Go to Marc Mathieu for more information. If the stations KX-TD816 quite have enough for 8 groups of each species, for PBX KX-TD1232, the number of should be no less than 16. Again, for each subscriber it is desirable to be able to not enter at all into any of […]


Dispute – a serious matter, everyone knows that. No wonder the folk wisdom tells us: – “The first silent smart,” “Word – silver, silence – the gold”, “Fight With a strong no, rich no sudis”, “Who argues – is not worth much …” However, people argued, people argue, people will argue. Would be an excuse. […]