PBX KX Service

September 4, 2017


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Again, most of these groups. Go to Marc Mathieu for more information. If the stations KX-TD816 quite have enough for 8 groups of each species, for PBX KX-TD1232, the number of should be no less than 16. Again, for each subscriber it is desirable to be able to not enter at all into any of the groups (and remember, it was in the KX-T616?). The next complaint about the software KX-TD-shki was some 'flawed' division into classes of service. Firstly – what can and can not under-class service. DND mode can include any subscriber. This 'two' …

'Two' by the behavior of one who invented it. So, any 'pawn' sets itself quietly and let them DND secretary with hammer and hammer a fax. 'Busy' and that's it. Type, call, supposedly from the system unit, you will see that DND is enabled (not all the same secretary, at intervals of short signals will realize that something was wrong). Continuing the theme.

Now FWD. Hence, the ban forward only to an outside line? Also 'two'. And also on behavior. And if the caller can not leave and switch your calls to other people? Ban to other kinds of functions (TRANSFER, CALL PARK, HOLD) – less necessary, as a rule, such a ban simply not required. But in fact, unnecessary service sometimes only plays a negative role. Sometimes, the subscriber, not knowing and not knowing anything, includes hosting some stuff (like Time Reminder, or even the Pickup Dialing), and then complains that the link hideous. So what additional services should still be limited.