Printer Is Your Trash In The Closet?,

November 7, 2017


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My trash is a treasure for someone else! . And not only is a saying, pinching it happen out of your old printer if you really want. We all know or have heard of eBay, is the largest in the world to do business whether large or small the evil that is in English, and not all teachers are in English. But no problem in Spanish is a similar site and great confidence, the ideal site for buying and selling the latter we are interested to recover the investment some time ago. It’s amazing how many people prefer to have all old equipment and not so old in a dark room. Where’s the profit in doing that?

In our office was almost a ritual to do this kind of thing. Whenever Samsung Electronics listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Until he mentioned to the leaders, because no better recover some of the investment rather than having money in the trash. Who said money money, it seems that this word woke them up like a slap. So any kind of device that could be treasure to someone else and begin to gather generate some income. We offer our products obviously with all the specifications of each of the devices, point by point every flaw that they had and sat down to receive offers, until I found one that income would be the best ever. As always the leaders believe they can recover 100% of the invested I should make them see reason, and that it is impossible to receive a better offer that received, in the end agreed to the offer, I just thought was fair. Do not waste your time and think old or devices that can take money to sell them. Good Luck! and do not expect to receive 100% of the price. If you’re looking for.