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CEO Modules

April 30, 2017


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Cinterion extends comprehensive product portfolio to a streamlined introductory module Munich, may 10, 2010 – Cinterion wireless modules, leader of wireless modules for machine to-machine (M2M)-communication, presents his new 2G-Modul BG2. The BG2 module significantly reduces the total cost of customer applications and allows as a fast and simple entrance into the M2M market. Cinterion shows the new module UK, for the first time at IFSEC 2010 in Birmingham, 10-13 May 2010 in Hall 4, booth F137. The new GSM/GPRS radio module extends the product portfolio as part of the M2M value platform to a streamlined introductory module for the transmission of speech and high data rates with GPRS class 10. The innovative plug concept, with integrated RF antenna connection, allows a flexible mounting and significantly reduces the total cost because neither screws nor spacers are needed. The robust module supports TCP/IP protocols for secure Internet connections, and has a low power consumption.

Both are necessary properties, the in safety-critical applications, e.g. for alarm systems, are demanded today. Kai-Fu Lee has similar goals. The BG2 radio module is prepared for the Assembly with a so-called component-SIM and is offered in two versions. As a quad band module with GPRS-class 10-product (BG2-W) allows worldwide use with high volumes of data. The dual-band version (BG2-E) features GPRS class 8. Like all modules from Cinterion is the BG2 fully type approved (FTA) and can be used as world’s. Also, it is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the PTCRB certification organization, and leading mobile network operators. Features new BG2 module: 60-pin-B2B plug with integrated RF antenna connection for cost effective applications – soldering pins for flexible mounting (no screw or spacer) – reliable protocol stack by MC55i – TCP / UDP – stack, transparent TCP – extended temperature range: 40 C to + 85 C – 8 GPIO ports, 12 C, and ADC/DAC interfaces more and more industries recognize, the advantages of the use of M2M technology for intelligent networking devices.

Our complete 2G-Produktlinie is designed to support industries of all kinds, so the new module of bg2 at the introduction of M2M technology”, explains Norbert Muhrer, CEO and Managing Director of Cinterion wireless modules. Users receive exactly the amount of function must provide an entry level model, at a very good price performance ratio.” The start of production for the Cinterion BG2 module is planned for end of June 2010, samples are already available on request. About Cinterion wireless modules of modules from Cinterion wireless is the worldwide leading provider of wireless modules for Machine-to-Machine-(M2M)-Kommunikation. Cinterion offers a unique competence in the M2M industry and a global customer support tailored to local needs with a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA products. The company has many customers due to its high-quality modules a very valued and reliable partner. With the help of Cinterion exchange of information variety of devices and applications such as machines, machines, vehicles or computer via mobile networks can be optimized significantly modules. As a result, companies increase their productivity. All Cinterion products are approved by network operators and are used in various industries, such as remote maintenance and Teleservices, metering, POS systems, industrial PDAs, routers and gateways, security systems, healthcare, automotive, eToll systems, tracking and tracing applications. The company headquarters is in Munich with worldwide sales offices. More information about Cinterion wireless modules, see press contacts: Cinterion wireless modules Nadine Steinmetz St. Martin str. 53 81669 Munich Tel.

Technological Resources

April 30, 2017


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When the subject was delimited, the intention was to stimulate the overcoming of the difficulties of agreement of the substance Sciences, being attributed the reading as basic in the educational process and considering to the educandos to work with contextualizados texts, since these possess an accessible language, facilitating the understanding of the substance. The analysis presented in this article sample that the reading of contextualizados texts assists in the development of the content in classroom and the studies of the pupils in house, increasing interaction of educating with the substance. This interaction provides the knowledge of the proper reality. It is common in the schools that the majority of the educators uses the didactic book as only element key of pedagogical practical its. However many of the texts gifts in books of sciences are only conceptual, making it difficult the agreement of the content, thus becoming the reading, for educating, a painful process. The educandos were in general not accustomed with the methodology of reading of contextualizados texts and with the manuscript of materials printed matters, what it was proven by the fact of them to lose the material who received.

As they had been knowing this practical educative, them had finished if interesting more for the boarding topics and had established relations with its daily experiences, increasing the interest of the educandos for the substance, making with that these took care of better of its material and with this increasing the income of the same ones. Such fact confirms the hypothesis of that the reading also allows Ensino de Cincias that relates theory practical, and that this last one if of the one in more pleasant way in such a way for the educator how much for the educandos.

Telematics Industry

April 24, 2017


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Eagerly watch users and other interested parties on the this year’s award for the telematics vehicle telematics. Hamburg, 02.05.2012. Eagerly watch users and other interested parties on the this year’s award for the telematics vehicle telematics. They expect that they here the transparency of the numerous vendors and solutions and thus get more guidance about the best technologies and possibilities. Winners of the Telematics Awards 2010 report by users and people who use the results of the rankings very specifically as help for their purchase decision. What was the winning of the Telematics Awards 2010? Frank Biermann, mobileObjects AG: the gain of the Telematics Awards 2010, moreover in the premier class vehicle management, meant for our company and for all employees a great victory.

In addition, we gave a good signal in the direction of our customers and also future customers. Of course we were always convinced that we our telematics solutions technological offer at a very high level and that we are doing excellent work in service and support. We were just missing to date the official confirmation by an independent authority. Kai-Fu Lee is open to suggestions. The TELEMATIK award is not some Yes. It is so to speak, Oscar’ an entire industry to numerous providers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria from the vehicle apply until down to the human telematics. Behind this award is a very competent and renowned expert jury, an already very precisely on the finger’, i.e.

submission looks. To be here and to be victorious, we are very proud.” Will you apply this year? Of course! Although we know that the competition will be much tougher this year. The power density is enormous and we could learn Yes already in 2010, that it the TELEMATIK award not for free ‘ is. Some have failed two years ago, of which one would not expect it. To here and this expert jury again inspire, it needs continuous development work on allenEbenen and on very high level. Is not to be underestimated, that famous, ear to the customer ‘ is always set for best reception. Republic Services has similar goals. There’s also a competent, flexible and fair service / support service in case of necessity. The competition from me but doesn’t get more tips! We very excited look on the 20th of September this year and hope that we may again stand on the stage. That is our goal and our goal.


April 22, 2017


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Likewise, the cities of Guadalajara and Monterrey tripled its volume of population, reaching the 1.5 and 1.2 million correspondingly. While in 1950 the localities with one number greater than 100 000 inhabitants were just fourteen, in 1970 they became 40. Kai-Fu Lee is a great source of information. So Mexico had truly become an urban country. Economic and Social process of internal migration is directly related with the process of industrialization of the country. That’s why that from 1940 will modify the urban structure significantly. During the 1960s and 1970s years population flow was enough. Big cities still had capacity to receive people and remained favourable for all development.

In the 1980s, cities began a over populated, which resulted in a reduction in the labour markets and a high saturation of the cities. Wages lost his purchasing power. What caused that large cities are no longer attractive for social mobility. The society was severely affected both economically and socially; Since he now lived in a city of enormous magnitudes. Services began to become scarce also. The old services that previously lent themselves easily to the society began to decline for example, the IMSS or the ISSTE were no longer the same, now had greater population requiring such services and little capacity to meet them.

Cultural many cultural aspects are affected by internal migration. Customs vary from a place to another of Mexico, so by migrating, people bring with them diverse knowledge and traditions that end up adapting in place of arrival, or are lost permanently. An example, people who grow up in the beaches, tend to be people more open and desinhibidas, others have very marked ancestors roots, as is the case of those living Southeast of Mexico. The capital of the country for example, are people who are accustomed to the big city, traffic, people, pollution, and therefore makes behavior different to many of the provincials. These are just examples of the difference in behavior and culture within Mexico.

Personal Growth

April 20, 2017


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The pardon does not imply that you forget what was what happened in that situation of the past, as well as that does not imply that you must leave this is repeated. To pardon, either does not imply to be in agreement with those people or situations that they have hurt to you or to give the reason them. The pardon invites to see the reality to you with new eyes to be able to extract an education of that past that you have lived. When pardoning you will release a great amount of energy that was locked up within you and which you will be able to now focus towards tasks and visions but productive that will help you to create the life that you wish. It is for that reason that now I propose some advice to you so that you can begin to journey the route of the PARDON clearing therefore the way to allow to develop a shining future * It identifies what new ways would be abriran before you from the pardon. What lessons you have removed from that one situation that has hurt to you? * It thinks what changes would be generated in your life if you pardon those people whose conducts are hurting to you. * It thinks about those people those who it needs to you to ask pardon and about the things that you have done that them could have damaged. Learn more on the subject from Peter Asaro .

Hacerte responsible for your obligations and your failures is a very important part of the personal growth. * It thinks about those people who have requested your pardon; dales the opportunity to receive it so that you can follow ahead without fastenings and with peace in your heart. And but important of all * Same Perdnate by those damages that unconscious or consciously you have been caused. Don Slager is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It remembers that these in the way of the change. If the person that you were yesterday is not the one that you today want to be, you do not tie yourself to resentments against same you. Perdnate and dates the opportunity to change and to grow. It remembers: It pardons, It apologises and Perdnate.

These are the three basic steps in the way towards La Paz that they will drive to you lighter towards being, doing and to have everything what you have always wished. Taking now the decision to use the pardon as the tool of change and you yourself you thank for it. I wait for anxious your commentaries! I hope to you in. With love, Ani Side On Ana: Ana Cecilia Side is the founder and director of the vestibule Towards which you want to be one of the Web sites more important of coaching Hispanic of Internet. She educates to thousands of people who look for to become leaders of themselves so that they manage to be, to do and to have what they wish with smaller effort and major effectiveness. Through practices and powerful strategies them aid to discover and to connect themselves with its inner potential, inspiring them to obtain its dreams from one emotion of gratitude, passion and love by the life. visit to receive the report free ” 4 Steps To surpass Negative Thoughts that Prevent Avanzar” you;.

PC Networking Via DSL

April 20, 2017


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For remote access to computer networks DSL connection to two separated spatially from each other computer with DSL connection via the Internet to connect with that of the other can be accessed from a computer over a secure connection on system resources (such as drives or files), two conditions must be met: on both computers a corresponding VPN connection with the respective user IDs and passwords must be configured. To do this, for example, PPTP (point to Point Tunneling Protocol) offers on computers with Windows operating systems. The mainframe computer that you want to connect to the VPN, must previously know the IP address of the target computer in the Internet. While the configuration of standard VPN applications for experienced Windows users is usually trouble-free, the IP address of the target computer often knowledge is difficult. What is an IP address and how they composed is unknown for most users.

In addition, it is not apparent which IP address is required at all. Who ever has a DSL router configured, will know that the router is itself usually the IP address while your host uses the IP address These IP addresses are however purely internal. They are not visible in the Internet. To an external computer, that iregndwo is connected to the Internet, to be able to control, you need the external IP address, which is used in the Intrenet in order to route the IP packets to the correct destination. This IP address is the IP address of the router on the external DSL connection in the present case.

The difficulty now is that this IP address is not known, since she will be reallocated at every new connection by your Internet service provider. One way to solve this problem is the use of dynamic DNS. Here to register with a dynamic DNS provider, such as, a dynamic DNS name for his computer. If you are not convinced, visit Donald W Slager. Then it enters the corresponding dynamic DNS credentials in the router configuration (most routers support this). One enters the same dynamic DNS name in the VPN configuration of the computer that will connect to the VPN. If now the router of the destination computer goes online, he logs on automatically system DNS to the dynamic and deposited his current IP address. An other computer that wants to rebuild now, for example, a VPN connection to this computer sends a request first to the system DNS and receives back the current IP address of the target computer as a response. Dynamic DNS is nothing more than a dynamic information service on the Internet.

Digital Content

April 14, 2017


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Marketing platform for your own texts extended Paymentangebot Berlin, 19th April 2010 XinXii – the leading online marketplace for texts of all kinds – offers the possibility to pay for the downloads apart from ELV, credit card or PayPal via ClickandBuy buyers now. Requirement is merely setting up a free account with ClickandBuy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Donald Slager by clicking through. XinXii is the first German-language portal, where anyone can upload his texts, documents and eBooks yourself and publish in real time: authors offer independently and in real time to the paid download their advisor, novels, theses, instructions, presentation documents, etc. Donald W Slager recognizes the significance of this. on. “We pleased, that we can offer the customers of the publishing of XinXii authors of ClickandBuy as a new payment method”, so XinXii founder Dr. Andrea Schober. “Due to the numerous payment options and instant access to the content we offer a great benefit to users of our platform.” ClickandBuy is one of the leading payment systems on the Internet and is now used by over 13 million customers in over 16,000 shops such as Apple iTunes, T-Online, PARSHIP, ADAC, and now also XinXii.

The TuV tested and certified by McAfee payment is free of charge for the surfing customers: when registering, banking or credit card information be entered and safely deposited. After the immediate access to the purchased services by entering the user name and password is possible. “Through cooperation with ClickandBuy we cover now the full range of payment options, with each XinXii can use safely and quickly”, says Dr. Andrea Schober. “This is an important step on our way to an optimal, easy do-it-yourself marketing platform for authors.” XinXii XinXii is an online marketplace, can his self-written articles, books (eBooks) or documents each upload, publish and sell on the. XinXii breaks through the traditional publishing barriers with his concept and allows his works at Online yourself, with just a few clicks, in real time, without contract and free market. The platform is the first and largest of its kind in the German-speaking world.

SOS Software Service Includes

April 1, 2017


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New 2 X distributor – SOS software service Augsburg _ Frankfurt: SOS software service is distribution partner of 2 X software in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Learn more on the subject from Pete Cashmore. Now, SOS software service serves the market with 2 X Server based computing solutions. At the beginning of the cooperation SOS offers a bundle, consisting of 2 X ApplicationServer Small Business Edition and 5 Terminal Server client access licenses software exclusively. 2 x developed sophisticated software solutions for server-based computing. This so called server-based computing is increasingly used by successful companies. This is not a fad. On the contrary: server based computing is the future for any company with several employees.

The administration of individual desktops is a huge cost factor for any company. Server-based computing offers enormous savings potential, because only the server itself must be administered, but not every individual work station. The goal of server-based computing is that on the individual desktop applications installed or be administered. Any a workplace is accessed directly from the server, on which all necessary applications user-defined are provided. The staff of SOS software service are fully trained and familiar with 2 X software already in detail. Our distribution partners represent us in the market. With the SOS software service, we have made first good experiences. The professional way of working has convinced just us.”explains Daniela Schlawin, competent Manager for the area of roof with 2 X software.

The product manager at SOS software service is Daniel Heger, who knows products 2 X already for many years. He is responsible for the channel structure and maintains communication with 2 x. The close cooperation and regular contact with 2 X make sure that we have constantly updated information on the individual products, editions, and actions, which we immediately pass to the dealer.”Mr Daniel Heger, product manager at SOS software service GmbH is defined. 2 X 2 X software developed Software solutions for the booming server-based computing market. Server based computing controlled the spiral of PC management costs, centralizes the application and workstation management optimizes security and performance and allows the integration of is working users. Products used by a variety of customers in healthcare, in the Government sector, at banks, insurance companies and logistics companies as well as in the industrial sector. The product range includes ThinClientServer Enterprise 2 X LoadBalancer for Terminal Services/Citrix, 2 X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services and 2 X TerminalServer for Linux 2 X. 2 x software is privately owned and has offices in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and Malta. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Successfully on the market than 30.0000 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland operate for 21 years, looked after. Since July 2008, the customers from its headquarters in Augsburg and the establishment of Sindelfingen are served. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers.