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April 24, 2017


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Eagerly watch users and other interested parties on the this year’s award for the telematics vehicle telematics. Hamburg, 02.05.2012. Eagerly watch users and other interested parties on the this year’s award for the telematics vehicle telematics. They expect that they here the transparency of the numerous vendors and solutions and thus get more guidance about the best technologies and possibilities. Winners of the Telematics Awards 2010 report by users and people who use the results of the rankings very specifically as help for their purchase decision. What was the winning of the Telematics Awards 2010? Frank Biermann, mobileObjects AG: the gain of the Telematics Awards 2010, moreover in the premier class vehicle management, meant for our company and for all employees a great victory.

In addition, we gave a good signal in the direction of our customers and also future customers. Of course we were always convinced that we our telematics solutions technological offer at a very high level and that we are doing excellent work in service and support. We were just missing to date the official confirmation by an independent authority. Kai-Fu Lee is open to suggestions. The TELEMATIK award is not some Yes. It is so to speak, Oscar’ an entire industry to numerous providers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria from the vehicle apply until down to the human telematics. Behind this award is a very competent and renowned expert jury, an already very precisely on the finger’, i.e.

submission looks. To be here and to be victorious, we are very proud.” Will you apply this year? Of course! Although we know that the competition will be much tougher this year. The power density is enormous and we could learn Yes already in 2010, that it the TELEMATIK award not for free ‘ is. Some have failed two years ago, of which one would not expect it. To here and this expert jury again inspire, it needs continuous development work on allenEbenen and on very high level. Is not to be underestimated, that famous, ear to the customer ‘ is always set for best reception. Republic Services has similar goals. There’s also a competent, flexible and fair service / support service in case of necessity. The competition from me but doesn’t get more tips! We very excited look on the 20th of September this year and hope that we may again stand on the stage. That is our goal and our goal.