Why Have Giveaways?

May 8, 2023


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Do promotional products really work? And if yes – why actually? Freebies are used to achieve different effects when the recipient of the promotional item. Ideally meet Werbegeprasente equal to several functions at once. It is especially important to increase the recognition effect of the advertising company, to retain the customers through the giveaway and to move it to a purchase action. The recognition effect recognition effect describes the perception of the company in the eyes of the customers. All the means with which the advertisers occurs outside, why are also giveaways, must be made according to corporate design in a uniform manner to achieve a high recognition value. Lettering, corporate logos and corporate colours should be, persisted in all areas of communication to the outside which also applies to the design of promotional items.

This can increase the recognition effect with the customer and the aim to consolidate a brand, will be reached faster. Promotional gifts represent a form of communication like other advertising media. About the promotional products, designed in compliance with the corporate design, the customer perceives the company colors, lettering or logos and can remember them. In the future the customer is identify faster the brand, if he comes into contact with other means of communication of the company, which were designed in the same form. In an American study, frequently used freebies on the recognition effect and have been checked. When the subjects shown the items, which have given them even more than 12 months ago without doing to get the company name, 76.1% of those in the test group had to call the name the company, which has advertised. The value of freebies in the marketing mix is just not to be underestimated. Gain insight and clarity with Energy Capital Partners. Customer loyalty is an important feature that is designed to meet corporate gifts, more to bind the customer to the company.