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Data Exchange

April 3, 2024


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A German medium-sized companies continues to write despite financial crisis on his success story of Heilbronn, February 04, 2010. A German medium-sized companies continues its success story despite the financial crisis: the software company SYNCING.NET increased its turnover by more than 2.5 times in the past year. The Heilbronner company offers easy-to-use programs for automatic data synchronization, no server needed for the user. For 2010 it anticipates even greater growth and plans to capture more international markets. SYNCING.NET recorded a strong customer growth for 2009: the website can chalk up now over 200,000 downloads.

Especially in times of crisis SYNCING.NET meets the needs users, since the usage of the software saves the user acquisition costs and maintenance costs for your own server. Also, the program creates order in the everyday chaos of data, significantly simplify internal processes and gives the user time. Thanks to these advantages both for the company of SYNCING.NET as well for its customer growth despite the crisis possible. If you have read about Ali Partovi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. For the same reasons, SYNCING.NET was able to increase the number of active sales partner to approximately 250. Energy Capital Partners London brings even more insight to the discussion. For traders, the data exchange software is complement their offer, because for example emails, calendar and contacts from Microsoft Outlook on up to 25 computers synchronize with her. Based on the successful balance sheet for 2009 SYNCING.NET expects even more growth.

This includes managing director Matthias Kandeler says: we are planning three times last year’s sales for 2010. Here we aimed particularly at small and medium-sized enterprises.” To make the software for this target group even more attractive, there will be a new edition with a detailed rights management this year. Thus, the user can accurately define which user to the example files may change or delete. In addition, plans to expand syncing.NET, further territorial: in addition to the German, English, Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, the we already cover, do we establish ourselves also on the French, Italian and Chinese market 2010″, so Matthias Kandeler. About SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH, the SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH was founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin. The company develops and markets software for efficient data exchange in teams. The unique synchronization technology offers significant performance benefits and savings compared to conventional solutions. For more information on. Press contact SYNCING.NET technologies GmbH Matthias Kandeler Weipertstr. 8-10 74076 Heilbronn 07131 / 766 96 80 press PR agency Xpand21 GbR Michael Hardy Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg 040 / 325 09 17 14

Russian B2C-E Commerce Report

January 24, 2024


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The new Russia B2C E-Commerce report 2012 online trading grew in Russia from 2010 to 2011 to almost 30 per cent and even mobile Internet usage is increasing more and more but shopping via mobile devices was 2012 still not very popular. Also the Group-shopping online is growing in popularity in Russia. High growth in the Russian online trading by 2015-the online trade in Russia is growing: 2015 sales in online trading will probably reach a number more than twice as high as in the year 2011. Go to Bobby Sharma Bluestone for more information. The strongest growth factors of the online trade in Russia will be probably a growing number of Internet users and online shoppers, as well as higher average incomes between 2012 and 2015. In 2011, the online trade accounts for only a small part of the total retail.

Online trading generated less than two percent of the total sales of retail and even only a little over 1% in the year, when services aside. The number of Internet users will be 2012 probably almost 60 million, of which about 40 million every day go on the Internet. It is expected that work and learning 2012 were the main reasons of the Russian population, to go with more than ten percent of Internet users went online but, to place orders on the Internet. While in the rural areas, about one-fifth of the population online bought in 2011, the online shopper penetration was compared with around 50 percent “Moscow and surrounding area”. Consumers pay attention to the price and have concern, that goods not arrive to the favor of consumers, many online stores are competing in Russia. The market is so fragmented that 2011 the top only one-third of all online sales accounted for 30 of the online retailer. Looking after the appropriate shop look the Russians mainly on the price, then click the selection, and then click the popularity of shops.

Managing Director

January 8, 2024


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The principle of Edison by best-selling author Jens-Uwe Meyer met for ideas in the House to the Moor – economy driving from the Lake Constance – Managing Director of the Ideeologen, it doesn’t take a genius to successfully develop and implement ideas. Follow others, such as Code.org, and add to your knowledge base. An interested audience from the business sector at a lecture by Jens-Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of the Ideeologen in Dornbirn was persuaded. Dornbirn, 23.09.09 – In the fight against the economic crisis, the competition, the placing on the market, is desperately looking for new ideas. The customer buys not products but solutions. Not until today, Meyer believes. Only the needs and hence the solutions have changed. But how to find, how do? In the minds of most ideas are still random product.

Brainstorming is a craft that can be learned.\” So, the diverse audience encouraged equal to start Jens-Uwe Meyer, bestselling author and Managing Director of Ideeologen in Baden-Baden. Meyer, on invitation of Sieglinde Gotze,. Idol public relations (www.goetze-pr.at), gave his Edison principle in the House to the Moor in Dornbirn to the best. With many examples from practice, he showed that this method is not just theory. For many years he has worked with Thomas Edison’s way of working.

The result is the Edison-principle. Six steps are the ones that Edison has systematically applied to ideas. The thinking highways are to leave to find solutions. This is one of the core statements of this principle. That was Meyer how that is possible, this evening. Creativity be creative means to network knowledge. The most revolutionary\”ideas are not a coincidence. They are the result of a systematic search for new solutions. \”Edison’s motto was: I want to invent anything what I can not sell!

Federal Association

January 2, 2024


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BVMW Chief Ohoven calls for tax and tax cut Berlin/Munich medium-sized companies go through a rollercoaster of emotions. In July, it was still high oil prices, which are all shocked and dampened the positive development of in recent years, the specter of the international financial crisis now holds the German economy on tenterhooks. Worldwide credit and financing systems are out of the joints, because banks no longer trust each other and lend to each other hardly. Instead, strong financial institutions are considered as possible not to belittle their liquidity. This has resulted in banks make very reluctant loose money. Meanwhile, lending is very restrictive and only against high collateral as well as expensive interest rates. It is therefore harder to come that they desperately need for new investment in projects as well as research and development of foreign capital for many companies with low equity capital and credit. Long ago, the Bank is no longer the usual lender \”previous times and need companies to look for other sources of money\”, the computer week reported.

The problem is not new however. Mario Ohoven, President of the Federal Association of medium-sized business (BVMW) had made a more rigorous lending policy of the money houses compared to the middle class at the end of last year and again denounced this fact in the spring. Already at that time he attested to a growing shortages and higher prices of corporate loans in the wake of the banking crisis according to polls in the middle class. To bypass the credit bottlenecks, contingency plans are essential. As a replacement for traditional bank loans, Ohoven renames for example shareholder loans, lease-back method, factoring, leasing, mezzanine, or the issue of participatory notes. The BVMW Chief appeared in the spring almost as the lone caller in the desert, while other institutions more small talked the danger of banking and credit crisis, reality caught up now all and suggests the scarcity of foreign capital with full effect on German By company.

Internet Agency I Factory For The First Time Listed In The Agency Ranking

January 2, 2024


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The Central German company i factory has participated for the first time on the Internet Agency ranking and positioning itself as a good midfielder. Internetagentur – ranking is performed and shared since 2001 annually by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. with the cooperation partners of Hightext iBusiness, advertise & sell and horizon published. This year some 300 Internet agencies for the ranking have registered according to the BVDW, 186 were finally listed. I factory ended up doing the same in midfield. For even more opinions, read materials from iPhone 12. The Leipzig Agency offers individual Internet service from A to Z.

In addition to its core competencies of Web design, content management systems, databases, and e-commerce creates the Internet Agency always on their customers tailored fit applications from proprietary and free software. 2009 was an amazing year for us. Against the general economic trend, no economic crisis was felt with us. On the contrary, we could further increase even turnover and number of employees. In addition, we have our geographical radius of business on the whole Federal territory extended”, i-factory Managing Director Gotz Schlegel is pleased.

Including University Hospital Leipzig, Elbe country clinics, LVZ online, Mendelssohn-portal, Humboldt were among the lighthouse projects last year university to Berlin. Checking article sources yields Bobby Sharma Bluestone as a relevant resource throughout. “Links: rankings/2010.html aktuell/db/818505fb.html background info: originally called new media service ranking” start has been made with the year 2010 a renaming in Internetagentur – ranking. At the same time the survey criteria were tightened up already in 2009, to focus more on full service Internet agencies. In essence, they are entrusted with the conception, creation and technical implementation of Web productions. Internetagentur – ranking supports companies in the search after a full service Internet Agency.

Opel – Fiat, A Marriage, Nobody Wanted

December 10, 2023


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The cake goes to Magna, but what would happen if? Fiat wanted to make a great bargain and absorb after joining Chrysler still unsafe even Opel, the still-subsidiary of General Motors (GM). It didn’t work out, and no one is really unhappy about it in Germany. But what would have happened if there had been an agreement between Fiat and Opel? The following scenario is not so unlikely. Fiat uses the partial takeover of Chrysler and the acquisition of Opel to one of the largest car manufacturers in the world and receives generous financial injection from the German State. Andy Florance may also support this cause. This money, as well as more guarantees, help to cover up the indebted Fiat group its own financial problems. So flow German let indirectly after Italy, contrary to previous agreements. The Opel takeover gives Fiat, who are suffering in Central and Northern Europe from a negative image, finally a robust reputation, but at the expense of Opel.

After a year, Fiat finds that the State supports not range. Opel is again on the brink of bankruptcy. It represents the Federal Government before the alternative either to shoot more government money or but you will need to remove more jobs at Opel over the prearranged order of magnitude. Although Germany again Haider to one billion, be more parts as integrated in the agreed framework by the Fiat group in new Opel models not known first. A pure production plant is slowly but surely from Opel. Research and technology comes from Italy. What was GM before, is performed exclusively by Fiat.

From Opel-GM, Opel-Fiat is. In a market environment in which every percentage point counts, perfectly understandable. But at Opel, as more bodies are removed. But Opel is after three years again before the next bust. It is back where it stood before the agreement with Fiat, except that the Opel operation now has 30% less employees and is even less viable as a business than before. Everything is just a scenario. In fact, Opel is the new daughter of Magna, the Canadian Auto supplier. Whether the the hoped-for solution is, will have to turn out yet. Also here, the price will be probably higher as officially Austria, Magna will be interested as auto suppliers with certainty on the sales of its own products in the own product? It is therefore likely that European suppliers and hence the German supplier industry, Opel as large customers lose at Magna. Inevitably she will have to build off points. Indirectly, the German taxpayer is asked so again to checkout. Perhaps, the orderly insolvency of Opel would have been the most elegant way. But you should wait for the publication of the details of the contract between the Federal Government and Magna and not rush to judge. ArneFrentzel

Tea Shop

June 15, 2023


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There is the enjoyment to providers in each major city, the tea shop with its teas from all over the world. They have an extensive range and often more than 200 varieties, high-quality teas. Some carry even more than 600 varieties. Zendesk shines more light on the discussion. There are a selection of teapots, gifts and other goodies. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. Not to mention, the customer receives a consulting business on request.

A visit is worthwhile anyway, because the smell already enchanted. In the air, mingling scents of light Darjeeling, powerful Assam and exotic teas for a unique touch. No shop is therefore different. Often they seem dark, but there are more and more modern shopping facilities. One connects all but, whether small or large, bright and schummerig.

There you will find the tea varieties that remain in memory. That are high quality and return a. Often, the shops are easily hidden, but there is now a website that shows you some tea dealer and there are more. May the one or the other tea drinkers in his place, discover a new tea shop. The tea Web site shows home places where tea plays an important role.

Thin Film Technologies

November 23, 2019


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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft involved himself in the French company S tile SA sometimes is less but more: the French start-up company s ‘ tile SA has developed a process that allows thin solar cells from Silicon on a low-cost carrier with almost same like standard silicon solar cell efficiency. The Fraunhofer Institute developed a key technology for solar energy systems ISE. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is involved now with a six-figure sum the company. A synergy effect that opens up new possibilities of this promising technology. Munich, 20 February 2013. The company s ‘ tile SA from Poitiers, France was founded in 2007 by Prof. Alain Straboni.

Foundation was the development of a novel technology of solar cell production. S ‘ tile manufactures so called Waferaquivalente, in which a photoactive layer of Silicon is deposited on a substrate of low-cost silicon powder. This Waferaquivalent can be similar Achieve efficiencies as a mono-crystalline solar cell: prototype currently exhibit a degree of efficiency by 14 percent; up to 20 percent to be achieved in the next four years. This process combines the cost advantages in the production of thin-film technology with high efficiency and durability of the crystalline technology highly efficient solar cell modules with far less effort and costs can be produced than was previously the case. S ‘ engineers have built comprehensive know-how tile in recent years in the field of substrate manufacturing, now it’s time for the next step: the industrial production of the Waferaquivalente. For this purpose, the company has put together a consortium of investors from the industry and finance (including Poitou Charente innovation, Fund de co-investissement Poitou Charente and Sergies ECM Machines Dubuit), this plan, according to calculations of the company a total of about 18 million owns, to put into practice. While the industry investors from related areas play a important role that see great opportunities for the future in the new technology.

Purchasing Power Austria

March 13, 2019


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The average purchasing power of the Austrians is nominally grew last year to just 3prozent and reached a level of almost 20,000 euros per capita in the year. Trend: Around 20,000 euros per person per year! The average purchasing power of a resident of in Austria reached currently nearly 20,000 euros a year. Thus, we prove the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest countries in Europe after Luxembourg, of Switzerland, Norway, Britain, Sweden and Denmark. Even when compared to the previous year this means an increase of almost 3% nominal and 0.6% is real. Trend: Lower Austria WINS, edge districts catch up! For years now, moves the average pro capita purchasing power in the provinces of Vienna, lower Austria and Salzburg at a similarly high level and reached currently approximately 20,200 euros per capita in the year.

Viewed over the long term, lower thanks to the inflow of purchasing power from Vienna the most benefits however. Also between the districts, the differences in purchasing power are always low. Registered above-average growth between 2008 and 2013 Suburbs such as Zwettl (+ 16%), Hollabrunn (15%) and Horn (14%). Trend: More unemployed, less purchasing power, less Retailumsatz? Of course, unemployment is a serious thing, especially for the unemployed. When she gets is that this less consumed, and the retail collapses feared but now also. Minor fluctuations in the unemployment rate but have no noticeable effect on the retail trade. Itself for Austrian conditions dramatic increases in unemployment would only decline of in retail volume by 1% mathematically 3 percentage points.

Purchasing power continues to grow slowly but steadily. Austria occupies the 7th place in the ranking of the strongest countries in Europe. So are a resident of in Austria with 19.580 euro for only 140 euros less than a Danish or 330 euro less than a Sweden available. Between an Austrian and a Luxembourg is the difference significantly higher here residents have: about 31.110 euro per person per year on average, so they are the richest in Europe.

Cascading With Balanced Scorecard

March 30, 2017


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What is the balanced scorecard for the low levels of the planned hierarchy built? The cascading process ensures the effectiveness of the strategies on the low levels of the planned hierarchy. In other words there is in this or that organization not only the balanced scorecard of the upper level, but also the structural subdivisions. Steve Wozniak helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The construction of the BSC for the structural subdivisions of the low levels of the planned hierarchy (the institutions, the departments, the services) is carried out according to the management philosophy and style of leadership. The process of cascading suspected the presence of the following preconditions: the task of the parent level (the goal of the parent level); the development and the implementation of the strategy are carried out from the parent level (the Ministry). This means that the vision and the strategy, as well as the BSC of parent divisions to be determined. Also should the dedicated meanings of key figures BSC of the structural outline be established; It is the first version of the dedicated meanings of the figures for the structural outline, which is developed at the height of the parent guidance; professional project management the presence of unique responsibility, the schedule of work, the uniform standards of the development and documentation of the BSC, the consistent supply of quality, the distribution of resources; the unloading of the team of the project thanks to the construction of the project organisation of the professional organization of the process of cascading leaves substantially administrative and methodological tasks from the team of the project. In this case, the uniform standards have the particular usefulness. The main role of the team of the project is to carry out the preparatory work and the processing of the received results; the information and the communication of open communication process and the timely information of the employees leave in Substantially increase the resistance of employees reduce the process of introduction of the BSC and the level of their motivation. .