The Conversion

Thus, already in September 2011, 6000 posts in all areas of the hospitality industry remained vacant. 25% Were more than in the previous year, and in the meantime, the situation has worsened even further. This negative development is also reflected in the training of chefs particularly evident (14.4% less apprenticeship according to IHA). Who complain about half of the businesses now on revenues of 5 to 30 percent. A number of measures to meet the deficiency causes high costs.

Some measures are discussed in the industry, such as the low number of applicants to meet. But investment in the employer image, more advertising for jobs in the hospitality industry, as well as in-house training programs bring relief and cost much money but are the small and medium-sized companies do not sufficiently available. The large chains have an advantage here. The good news: there are well-functioning production systems, which in the long run even less expensive than the conventional strategies. The make it most successful industry. Methods of foodservice are increasingly applicable to small and medium-sized enterprises, since the necessary technical prerequisites are this affordable. Meanwhile in many companies there is a vacuum sealer and the technique of sous-vide cooking we treated more often in publications. Not only professionals can be relieved with another modern kitchen technology and their consistent application in a customized product information output system.

It is also possible with individual, freshly produced products, without the use of convenience high quality to provide faster service and that. Not only the stress is reduced, but also the costs. Goods and energy costs fall by prolonged durability and the use of shopping benefits. Also gets the crew only to a lesser extent professionals consists of even at peak times in hustle and bustle. The quality assurance is increasing still. The remaining workers produce Products and organize the management of quality, mostly temporary staff to perform the output. Esteem rises among all employees through demanding tasks, they are also more efficiently used and can therefore better be paid. This creates a total working conditions with which valuable professionals to the company be bound. So earlier I was wondering on my free days always what today again will go wrong about, if I’m not in the kitchen. With the new system I have in the free, really free, also by the head, although we now do much more. The guests return”just more frequently, says a chef and successful users. In an individualized program, gives you expertise and trained staff. The conversion of process requires detailed knowledge and experience in dealing with the different techniques. Partly, the offer and the recipes must be adjusted. This from the outset to avoid errors, the food security concern, recommends it to accompany the transition process from an experienced gastro coach. Birk pottery cooking pottery guest robe Consulting has a modular program developed by, that can be adapted to the individual circumstances of each operation. It includes the analysis of the actual situation, the changeover to an efficient production system, the training of staff and the long-term consolidation of the agreed quality standards. Restaurateurs who want to stand in the fight to employees and satisfied guests on the winning side in the future, have now carried out the possibility of a free potential analysis in her kitchen. They register just under or make an appointment under + 49 331 64749686.

European Central Bank

In Germany there are different preferences for investment. The passbook is considered the classical form of investment. This is also still very popular in Germany and many savers and investors have still considerable sums on their savings accounts. At the same time, there are no advisers at a Bank more who would recommend even the opening of a boosted. In addition, many voices warned that someone who puts his money on a savings account, would lose interest. Apart from the fact that you can lose anything you don’t have the reasoning against the savings account should be considered more closely. The German savings account is so popular because it is simple and resistant. The money that an investor one pays on its savings account, is at any time again to lift and therefore always available.

The deposits, so the savings is secured to one hundred percent, not only through the Bank, but also through reinsurance, which stand straight for the deposits to the savings account in the case. On the credit balance on the passbook There are interest rates, was according to focus money less than a percent of credits per year make. These rates are guaranteed and contractually fixed. Expect so firmly with this amount. This description is pretty much what love German investors in a financial investment.

Safety and resistance. Start so why reject a good concept and something new? The argument of opponents of the investment via savings passes the value of money. The interest on a savings account are typically quite low compared to other investments. On the other is a hundred per cent security of deposits. But since interest rates are so low, it reduces the actual value of savings money due to inflation. The savers so loses purchasing power and devalued so hard savings assets. Of course the money itself, nothing happens. Inflation refers to the increase of goods and services. Instead of 40 euro cents for a sandwich five years ago, costs the same buns today 60 cents. For a euro, you get so fewer rolls. Angel investor helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The is meant by the term inflation schematically. So that the purchasing power of savings capital does not decrease, consultant in investment transactions instead of a savings suggest a tag account. This would be a such a high rate that the loss of purchasing power due to inflation could be compensated. Otherwise, the concept of day money account resembles the original Bankbook. The investor can flexibly to access his money and it is hedged up to 100,000 euro to one hundred percent. How can a bank with relatively similar situations offer higher interest rate average twice? In contrast to the savings account, the interest rate on the day money is not guaranteed. He is usually on the Euribor based and can with this rise and fall. The EURIBOR is the interest rate at which banks from the European Central Bank can lend to. The European Central Bank sets the interest rate. The annual percentage rate for a fixed-term deposit account is not sure in advance, since the development of the Euribors is highly variable. The interest rate for Day money is currently well below 1,5Prozent, roughly at the rate of inflation. Kristin Becker


Daily from one settlement to our vast Russia to leave the other hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of vehicles. Each of these vehicles has a very specific task – to deliver or pick up passengers or cargo, and then all together. Some drivers travel daily to work in another locality. And behind the wheel most of the drivers of these cars are sitting alone, without passengers, or passengers. Although you will agree, Many of the drivers would prefer to brighten up their road while the presence of at least one or more passengers. Please visit Ali Partovi if you seek more information. In presenting this idea, we, of course, pursue multiple objectives. And most important, in our view, the goal – is to connect the desire of some to the opportunities of others. Do not forget about the other side – our passengers Russia.

A lot of people would like to move a single (one) or leave alone (three) from the same town (village) to another location purpose of our homeland. In connection with the foregoing, it is regrettable to report, but we have to admit inescapable fact – we are not free. Our impulses and our decision to move his earthly body to encounter severe daily the truth – we must agree on these impulses with the schedule of the nearest bus or train station. And as with other factors – the presence of flight in our direction, places, in buses and trains. and sometimes and the presence of a sufficient quantity of money. We decided to expand the scope of this lack of freedom and bring to your attention the project of publishing house "Helion" – "Travel".

From now on any motorist, or even professional driver will be able to assist us in moving or transporting the goods from every corner of Russia in the appropriate direction. However, the driver who reads this text will wonder: "And to me that, actually, so what? I am what get? ". The answer – you can save on gasoline, rather than on its value and "announce" the cost of travel when entering data into the form, you will be able to indicate the number of empty seats, direction, date and travel time. And finally, just to help the good people! Is this bad? So if you're a driver, and you can offer to help – you are welcome – fill out the form on our website, invite your fellow travelers for a trip and good luck to roads! If you are a passenger, and you have an urgent (within two days) have to leave for personal or professional issues for – you just need to go to our website. Here, in a special section of the menu you can choose direction, pick up time and other conditions are suitable for you, which offer drivers. Now I think we can expand our slogan – "We help each other move!" Good luck!

Laptop Financing: Available Cheaper Laptops

Laptop financing is the excellent monetary help attainable when you are without money while purchasing computer laptop. Computer laptops are electronic equipment which has been fabricated in such a manner that they can be utilized for different purposes. Hence, they are currently one of the indispensible household equipment. Peter Asaro follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. As computer laptops are portable, any once can handle them wherever he or she moves. Various companies have been fabricating hundreds of computer laptops and selling them in the computer market. Developed and latest provisions are annexed to the computer laptops day to day and thanks to the reliable research in the technology. The aftermath of this is that laptops are really expensive.

Even though computer laptops have become quiet famous, most of the individuals’ can t buy a piece of their own due to the cost. Laptop financing is vital in this manner. It is a truth that computer laptops with net connectivity can make miracle. It is therefore, attainable to use the search engines to understand something about the market of computer laptops. There are different labels of computer laptops of which some are not that famous as the ones of publicities which are verified by the people in online and offline media. There is no point to concern that computer laptops which are not advertised with such quality are not worthy to depend. They are really as reliable as the ones which are hot in the business.

They are vender at low prices as enterprises have not spent thousands of money for sale campaign. It is not impossible to obtain any label of computer laptop from the house of labeled companies. Companies sell computer laptops of date models sometimes at cheaper Council. There is nothing to worry knowing that those items are out of date. They are, certainly, provided with the latest facilities which a user needs. The rapidity will be little bit slowly is so little that the consumers normally don t experience the difference. Furthermore, there are such choices in most of the product that the consumer can update some peripherals as per his need. The final factor one should bear in mind is that the industry of electronic items is as competitive now a day as it what never before. Hence, one can search for laptop finance to buy a laptop with smiles in eyes. Thomas Traint is author of laptops no credit Check.For more information about no. credit check laptops, laptops on finance no credit check, laptops with no. credit check visit

Room Colors

The arrival of a baby not only brings joy to a home. If you would like to know more then you should visit Goop London, United Kingdom-uk. It also comes with a series of new spending, and it is important to learn from the beginning to organise themselves so that these expenses are not out of control. What better place to start than the new room that you want to design for the smallest Member of its family. You don’t have to spend a fortune to create a fun and wonderful at the same time environment for your baby. Here are some tips on how to decorate a baby’s room on a budget. The most important thing when you start to decorate the baby’s room is, without doubt, security. You should review all the safety rules before you buy or borrow room furniture of the baby. Use all the second hand items that you can get, especially when we are talking about articles like stroller’s baby in first place, a Walker, or a baby bath.

Find deals in second hand stores, classified ads in local newspapers and the shopping site online, Ebay or best portal if you live the Latin America. Keep in mind that the first articles of a newborn is rarely used for more than a few months, so the general condition is good while it has gone through several children formerly. If you buy new furniture, choose those that will remain useful as the baby grows. Do not buy furniture exclusively for babies in order to continue usuandolos at least during the first 5 years of age. Buy according to your lifestyle. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ali Partovi. If you travel a lot, you might consider the purchase of a cradle of travel that can be easily removed and placed in a suitcase or bag.

They are cheaper than wood wedges and, often, more cheerful and original. It is better to invest your money in a good bed in a good wedge, since it happen many more years in this last. Choose the colors for the room to match the colors of toys. Then the toys will become part of the same decoration! Do the work yourself. Buy second hand furniture and then paint them with bright colors and shapes symmetrical. Buy fun fabrics and make curtains, quilts and colorful cushions. Paint the walls. Choose a color of paint for the walls to grow with the child. Pink or blue are adorable colors for babies, but are perhaps not so much for small children after 4 or 5 years. Use baskets, drawers and shelves instead of cabinets, storage, toys, clothing and other essential items. If you need to have more space available for storage, you can put shelves on the walls or invest in an easy mounting kit as that sold in specialty stores. The best source of ideas to save will be the experiences of other moms who were in your place. Everyone will be delighted to share their ideas and elements are no longer them necessary. Your baby will know them to enjoy.


It is one of the systems of elimination of tattoos more popular in the market.Tattoo removal has been traditionally used by a number of methods very expensive and very painful to visiting a doctor. Erase tattoos with laser is very expensive.You can spend thousands of euros. Why not save a lot of money and buy a Balsam?. It is much less painful for both and will notice it your money and your body. I do not know about you, but I’m not so crazy to have a tattoo and burn with high laser intensidad.vamos to talk about how this system of elimination.This balm incorporates several steps in their process of tattoo removal.Let’s take a look at all three steps. -The first is with a soft machine. This device is used with gel gently exfoliate the tattooed skin.Doing this process starts the passage of discoloration and prepares to tattoo in two phases.

-The next step is to apply a misting of the Demoabrasion spray. This will help Peel the skin and which deeply penetrate the skin to remove the tattoo ink. -A then simply apply cream balm to sooth the skin and promote the regeneration of cells and skin more healthy.This system in balsamo also incorporates a cream and covers and hides the tattoo.There may be occasions where you want to be discreet and hide your tattoo. This product is specially formulated to do just that. Balm takes time, while doing his work. The sooner you use this cream, sooner that tattoo you don’t want is removed.Take your time so that the body can absorb the ink and that the Act product.

As the product causes skin peeling, skin cells need time to regenerate and heal. Balm Tatoo removal system. They also sell some vitamins that help to accelerate the process of tattoo removal, when you purchase the balm. Vitamins are used to accelerate the healing of cells and have a healthy skin.

Letter Online-portal Makes Easter Templates Ready

Professionally designed greeting templates for the Easter holiday, as well as a collection of quotes and poems for your individual Easter greeting in the blink of an eye as aptly rhymed Wilhelm Busch: it is the Easter every year quite burdensome for the rabbit. …und your Easter greetings are not too onerous, are on the Web page of the letter-online portal, just BoP”as designed in Word format for free download ready letter templates. A selection of quotes and poems is also available. ( Ideally, especially companies can use this selected templates to alert their customers in connection with a nice Easter greeting on their new spring promotions or offers. And the best thing: simply download the templates, insert your individual text and using the BoP “send software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mail box of the receiver the most convenient mode of letter delivery!” A detailed guide about the function of BoP” also available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Information about the letter-online-portal: could the online mail of the mail to print successfully establish themselves with one of the first hybrid mail solutions for more than 3 years on the market, and enforce not least due to its versatile and interesting options. Small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers offering the letter-online portal (, short BoP”called a solution for efficient and affordable fully online mail,. Here is the ability to produce all business correspondence, also mailings, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and set to letter online, studies show that the always still enjoys a much higher acceptance among the recipients as an E-Mail. The implementation of the letter-online portal in large companies, to send the daily mail communication in the individual workplace, has in terms of time and Cost effectiveness is also proven: large companies send content messages, insurance of their contribution and performance information, debt collection company send money payments, credit card companies send sales bookings…

Microsoft Windows

Not so long ago (about 15 years ago) the ability to work with the computer assumes that you are fairly familiar with concepts such as file, hard disk, driver. Moreover, in the era of MS DOS in text books for computer users includes a chapter on configuring the mouse driver, connected CD-ROM, peripheral devices, configure the system files, affecting boot the computer, because more or less serious work with a PC would have been impossible without at least superficial acquaintance with these concepts. However, this situation changed when its triumphal march around the world have started the system with a graphical user interface, and the undisputed leader among these systems – Microsoft Windows. Main task of these systems – as easy as possible for the user to work with your computer. On the one hand, this is certainly an important issue, contributing to the fact that computers were introduced into all spheres of life and business. Swarmed by offers, Pete Cashmore is currently assessing future choices. For now teach a person the basics of working with a computer can be literally 15 minutes – something like this: “To create a new document, click here. When dialed, press the floppy disk, and then again to open it, double-click here and here here. ” But this phenomenon is another side. n to be a useful source of information.

Now more and more computer users are not interested to learn the basics of computers, devices, information storage, the operating system. Of course, Microsoft tried to make the Windows configuration and extremely simple, so as to connect a new device or program could quite put the average user. Nevertheless, Windows, like any other modern OSs has a very complex architecture behind the apparent simplicity of operation. And, as a downside, is not too hard to spoil it. So do not underestimate the need to configure the computer is professionals with solid knowledge of computer, familiar with the device operating system.

Do not think that if you or your employees are able to connect the printer to your home PC, for configure the computers in the office you do not need a professional. Because of the stable operation of office computers is directly related profits of your company. Is it worth it to risk it? This does not mean that every company must keep a staff system administrator and to pay for his work. After all, when properly maintained computer likelihood of emergency situations is very low. Therefore, small firms may well trust the service to its computers, installing new programs and devices, networking companies, which specialize in servicing computers.

Buy Baby Clothes

Most people want a very nice dress. Look elegant and stylish perceive myself can not refuse. While we all revere their own successors, and also wish that the children beautifully dressed. In the old days find a stylish children's clothing department store is a difficult task. Go to Mashable for more information. At this point in this regard has become easier, the choice is very good, and find a special shop where there are decent clothing children under one year rather difficult. In such a situation will help a clothing store for children. Right here you are in any case be able to buy: beautiful dresses for girls, baby T-shirts, etc.

Range is wide. Ali Partovi may find this interesting as well. There a unique opportunity to see an extremely proven clothes for your children. If you are interested in the following popular demands, say clothing for children, online children's clothing store – that's what you need. Today considered an extremely well known department stores. Described the department stores enjoyed a large number of users across the globe. Advantages of an extremely large amount. In the case when, say, would you like children dresses for girls, or you have conquered: winter clothes for children or, say, you like children's clothing retailers, in this case, almost all considered buying desires will be able to realize a network stores.

Orbit Downloader

One very positive qualities – the ability to work all of these applications with the relevant documents formats MS Office. Orbit Downloader – Download manager that allows you to quickly and conveniently download files not only from traditional servers, but also from social networks such as Youtube, Myspace, Rapidshare and others, as well as capture streaming video and Flash-animated. Additionally, Orbit Downloader allows you to view the contents of ZIP-file to download, automatically download files on a schedule, has advanced settings for working through proxy servers, as well as Some other useful options for download. Mashable brings even more insight to the discussion. The program integrates with browsers IE, Firefox, Maxthon, Opera. Interface – multilingual. Picasa 3.1 build 70.73.0 – a program for working with images. Allows you to easily and quickly find any, including the already long forgotten photos, edit and print them, share with friends, create albums, including password-protected, and burn photos to CD or DVD. Each time you open Picasa, it automatically locates all pictures on your hard drive and sorts them into visual albums organized by date, so it lost a single image will not succeed.

With Picasa, you can easily send pictures via e-mail, print them, create CD-ROMs and even post pictures on the web blog. The program allows one-touch use a variety of visual effects and fixes – to crop, remove the effect of 'red' eye, correct the konstrastnosti, saturation, 'brighten' photos, etc. In addition, Picasa allows you to add labels to visually identify the most favorite photos, turn photos into 'film' or a collage, and also, if necessary to protect the collection of a password.