Now At Cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS: EYES UP For A Real Lifting Of The Eye Area

April 26, 2023


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The specialist for highly effective and natural anti bashers Cologne anti-aging facials, cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, with the new eye care product EYES UP, 10.02.2011 – most allow women the care their eyes have a particularly high. Rightly, because a beautiful, well-kept and more youthful eye area affects positively to a large extent on the overall picture, the charisma and sympathy of a person. For those who want to achieve a taut and youthful eye area, so effective is eye care, anti aging the in addition to the anti wrinkles also a strong lifting effect, an absolute must. EYES UP meets the highest requirements of cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS, provides the woman with an eye care. It raises the entire range of the upper lids naturally and sustainably, significantly tightens the lower eyelid area and reduces drooping eyelids visible.

The innovative active ingredient complex brings, the body’s processes slowdown due to the natural aging of the skin again underway and stimulates and accelerates the targeted Formation of new cells. In addition the own collagen synthesis is strongly encouraged, so that the total content of collagen in the eye area increases significantly. Moreover, EYES UP a first-class eye care, which can apply to people with very sensitive skin, because it meets the following high criteria is: Parabenfrei and phenoxyethanolfrei without any other preservative without emulsifiers and PEGs with natural emulsifier PC lecithin silicone and mineral oil free non-comedogenic 100% hypoallergenic pafumfrei more information there are in the online shop and at. Learn more on the subject from Andy Florance. cnk * CHRISTINE NIKLAS products are available exclusively online at or by phone at 0221-977 17 55. As a special service you can consult at this number without obligation diploma individually to skin, skin problems and appropriate products beauticians. The cnk * advice and telephone orders is Monday through Friday from 9: 00-18:00 at the disposal.