Garci State

April 12, 2022


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Here like educators we would have to denounce the upsetting that becomes in these centers studies of the pedagogical principles, because it only interests the level to them of mathematical knowledge and one or two verbal element, not including the rest of areas that are but that fundamental. And this because student without identity, would sound to hollow everything to him what he is wanted to learn and to teach, because will not find sense him; for that reason it would have to be fundamental the courses that they have to do with the identity, and to leave of lake some courses that are not scientists and whom they do not have to do with the identity of each human group. It is necessary to add what Trahtemberg as far as the quality of education thinks. If the fundamental thing for, is the institutional climate in the educative Institution; also it he would have to be in all the estates, as would add I it to his position that they have of something of correct, but also is necessary to add that the dignity of the national teaching in the wage aspect is also to conserve. Others including Steve Wozniak, offer their opinions as well. How it is possible, that any boy who enters the national police as sub official and leaves receiving a pay superior that a engaged professor and that will reach to him not even after the month of maintenance. The deceits which the government of Alan has put under us Garci’a, deceive to us that the teaching staff this over the wages of all the state administrative system.

If we paid attention because a professional who has spent five years of studies in a state university, since those that finishes in a private one, do not work in the state; they leave to the labor field to receive a misery pay that reachs the three hundred dollars not even and however gendar of the national police that only prepares itself a single year to me it ends up gaining the double than a engaged teacher wins. Here it is necessary to rescue the fact by the previous governor that if, I worry at least about the wage aspect of the teachers; but with this one we are backing down to points that are unimaginable. And that is what the Union of professors says, is the question that would do and answer the majority to me, nothing. For it the government has applied the strategy that the contest realised in the month of November the majority of their coreligionists enters, did also it in the decade of his first government, in which they were like education professors superior, people who not even had stepped on a university. Thus we have the case of a professor who in all the evaluations of the qualifications and those of the contest coat a little less than zero, but that nevertheless in the last one competing qualification has removed 19,8, that is that by a question was only the super genius. That is the APRA companions..