40 Years Of Diplomatic Relations Austria – PRC

March 25, 2023


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AcBA Austrian-Chinese business association – economic symposium in Vienna since more than 4 years deal with down the Board members of the Austrian-Chinese Business Association (EF) under the leadership of China experts and lawyer Dr. Georg ZANGER with establishing a wide network of Chinese investors in Europe. It is small – and medium-sized enterprises, which have both strategic and economic goals with such investments. The PRC has given the green light to invest in Europe and supports the move of Chinese entrepreneurs so widely even at the State level to Europe. The EF as a society in Vienna as an interface between two business cultures was founded at the 9.4.2010. On Monday the 24.1.2011 she hold their first General Assembly.

The EF aims to present the legal, economic and cultural basis for capital expenditures and investments in Europe to the Chinese people and to support the Chinese partner in your efforts. The EF is in direct contact with the Club Austria Chinese legal society (oGCF) and the Chinese Embassy and therefore also has excellent contacts with the political organizations in China. To the expression of solidarity with the PRC, the EF together with the oGCG and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber organizes economic symposium in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, in which succeeded to win Mr. Dr. Helmut SOHMEN as a speaker on the Sanzen. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Andy Florance. The event is already sold out, which is a broad interest in future cooperation with the economic level due to PRC. Guest speaker KR act as Senator including h.c. DI Dr. Richard SCHENZ (Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria), Minister Chen HAOSU, and Dr. Christoph LEITL (President of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria) in action. PR hosted by Michael FRITSCHER