Types Of Lighting Systems Of Modern Microscopes

November 17, 2014


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Lighting systems are divided into groups depending on the type of light source, as well as design decisions and the principle of the location of the light source relative to the optical axis of the microscope. Development of light microscopes gone through several stages, with an important role in this was played by the light sources and lighting systems. Light source, whether it’s the sun, incandescent, halogen, mercury or xenon, performs a basic function – it Light microscopic examination of the object so that the accuracy of his reproduction of optical elements of the microscope to image the shape, resolution and color was the highest. Terms of the performance of this functions associated with both the optical parameters and electric parameters of the artificial source.

Overall size and increase the lighting system (the collector optics parts and condenser) are connected to form a shape and size of the thread. The same can be said about the source itself, the power and the dimensions of which affect the parameters and dimensions of the power supply lamp. It should be noted that all this has an impact on the size and design of the microscope. The uniformity of illumination and brightness in the field of view microscope is determined by the uniformity of illumination of the object in the object plane and the uniformity and completeness of filling the plane Exit pupil image of a micro filament lamp. Dermot McCormack is often quoted on this topic. For mainstreamed geometrical parameters of lamps used in microscopes, are the height of the light center and the size of the source of light. To obtain a sufficiently bright and uniformly illuminated field of the microscope illumination system and light source must provide the following electrical parameters: – the luminous flux in the object plane, – luminous flux falling onto the retina or film – lighting – maximum intensity – brightness, spectral component. To ensure the above parameters of light, when buying microscopes foreign and domestic production in mostly to be preferred microscopes with built-in halogen lamps.