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Russia Waste

October 2, 2020


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According to the plan’s oldest Biosphere Reserve is divided into two parts: 18.000 acres located in the region, and 13.000 in the Lipetsk region. Therefore, defending the land environmental services of the two regions. Ministry of Nature Russia asked about this in the General Prosecutor’s Office, there to give a legal assessment to this document and the incumbent governor in this part. In the Ministry noted that the decision may cancel and the governor himself. Or is it may be withdrawn in the judicial order, or by the prosecution on appeal. Note that now all the reserves of Russia – it is Federal property, to dispose of it only the government can. At the slightest change status it will affect all the reserves of Russia. By now 101. But even with such numbers, the map of Russia, they look like just small dots Russia has accumulated more than 2 billion tons of toxic waste on Friday at the official site was made public ftp ‘National System of Chemical and Biological Safety of Russia “for 2009-2013. Main figure, voiced in the paper, it looks daunting: two billion tonnes of toxic waste accumulated in Russia at present. And, unfortunately, cost-effective technical solutions for recycling and disposal are not yet available. Technology for processing of hazardous waste are often based on the method thermal degradation, the use of which is associated with an additional air pollution.

Dewey Social

July 13, 2016


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The function of the educational apparatus does not have to be ade to teach, but to create learning conditions. In the cognitiva area, techniques computational models estosendo used to investigate as the knowledge are produced and representadopela mind. In the field of ' ' intelligence artificial' ' the computers simulate intellectual osprocessos, organize and hierarquizam the information creating, thus, new knowledge. Computer science and the telecommunications come transforming omundo human when making possible new forms to think, to work, to live to econviver in the current world, what it will modify instituiesescolares significantly and innumerable other organizations. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. To educate for a new economic and social organization, for umanova distribution of the work, one ' ' it was of informao' '? How to prepare osindivduos to answer to the challenges of the new instrumentations techniques, to dialogue with the life, its world, its reality? Comofamiliarizar the educandos with the use of scientific models in tarefasescolares, with resources that collaborate for the expansion of the cognition human being, paraproduo of knowledge and its handling of creative and critical form? To learn making, acting, trying is the maisnatural, intuitivo and easy way to learn. This is more than what a estratgiafundamental of education/learning: it is a way to see the human being that learns.

It learns for the active experimentation of the world. For Dewey (1979), all experience human being is social and elapses deinteraes, where they are involved external conditions, or objective, internal econdies. Thus, it considered the social environment and the education comofatores of progress, has even so not emphasized the historical perspective dedesenvolvimento of the individual. However, it accented that the actions of the people socontroladas for the global situation where they participate and they act, cooperatively, inside of the community. The school constitutes a community when the citizens quedela participate have the chance to contribute with the work, feeling-seresponsveis for the execution of the shared activities.

Internet Chains

December 30, 2015


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Chains in the Internet the Internet is something wonderful, therefore if used of correct form it is a tool of information, formation, entertainment and many other easinesses in our day the day. We find of everything in the Internet, either good or bad. Another utility importantssima of the Internet is fast and efficient dissemination of information and communication. With the massificao of the Internet the email if has become each time plus an agile and efficient media. So agile and efficient that has been used for the dissemination of the celebrities ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘. We have ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ of all the types: to gain money, to divulge photos of disappeared people and religious messages. ‘ ‘ correntes’ ‘ that more they circulate and of bigger number, without doubts, they are the religious ones.

With certainty you who now are reading this have received almost that daily ‘ ‘ visita’ ‘ of Jesus Christ, Ours Lady, or some another saint or saint. For my calculations in the year of 2010 I must have received one 365 ‘ ‘ visitas’ ‘ of Jesus Christ and plus others as much of Ours Lady or some another saint or saint. Here I want to abide ‘ more; ‘ chains religiosas’ ‘. These chains normally contain one appeal very emotivo and use of artifices that they search to make with that the people send these messages ahead. The sufficiently common artifices are of that if you do not have shame to assume God you must pass to a number X of contacts or all its contacts. These formadores of ‘ ‘ chains religiosas’ ‘ they use of a way that can very be compared with the blackmail. Yes blackmail and what it is worse uses the name of God to chantagear the people.

Donetsk Coal

December 28, 2015


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Gone are the gold rush era, with easy pickings in the form of large nuggets, long ago exhausted the Klondike. Not better things in the mines and nonferrous metals. Prices for copper, zinc, chromium and other metals is growing by leaps and bounds. Where can I get these metals without risk to life, the financial risk and investment? We have developed and tested high technology energy-saving and cost-effective equipment for production of precious and rare metals from waste. Industrial landfills, dumps enterprises, waste rock piles and lagoons with muddy water, become a new Klondike for a new generation of thin technologies of extraction equipment. Already well known on the 32 elements contained in the Ashes of Donetsk and Krivoy Rog basin. One ton of coal or uglezoly contains: 462 grams. Yttrium, 595 Rb, 287 silver, 177 tantalum, 156 , 103 Tb, 86 Lu, 27 gold and so on. The rate averages Annual production of Donetsk coal in coal is contained by today’s prices, precious metals valued at 20 times the total figure from the sale of coal. It turns out that these wastes have been engaged today. Studies show that they all, without exception, no less rich in elements of the periodic table.

No less saturated by ions of heavy metals and industrial waste chemical, electroplating, leather, cardboard and paper and other industries. Where does this wealth? Yes to the poisoning of the environment. We set ourselves the task: using the design company to create a complete workflow and complex equipment, allowing a minimum of energy and consumables, to achieve 65% extraction of metals. Further development resulted in a completely new composite materials “AISAKS (amorphous ion-exchange stabilizitsionno-active composite structures), with unexpected for us, allowing the properties of a completely different look at the nature and future direction for the creation of composite materials. After receiving new materials and technology changes, we have virtually all the samples of industrial effluents, especially mine waters, it was possible to extract up to 91% of metals at small investment of time and energy. We would like to see our equipment acquired not only foreign companies but also our domestic as well if they have any difficulties or questions that we are always ready to discuss everything and go to the meeting. Equipment is mounted on a full cycle: getting metals, and separation of each metal from the total ingot.

Web Service

December 28, 2015


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Each standard and protocol execute a function and inside possessed a distinct job of the architecture Web Services. In summary, it can be affirmed that the exchange of data between the supplier and the consumer of the Web Service is carried through through protocol SOAP. The services are described using language WSDL. The publication process, searches and discovery WS is carried through by the UDDI. Finally, the HTTP is defined as used protocol more as transport canal. In the stack of protocols and standards Web Services it is distinguished language XML.

Standard is about the language used in this context for transference of information between the applications. It is through it that systems you go off obtain to communicate between itself, of flexible and dynamic form. (IT HISSES, 2001). The XML reveals widely executable and easy of being developed, being considered of great importance in the Internet and great intranets, therefore to provide interoperao with computers. With it, applications can be constructed and be brought up to date more quickly, allowing multiple platforms of visualization of the structuralized data. (IT WOULD MAKE, 2005). According to Jorgensen (2002), the XML is quickly if becoming the universal protocol for transference of information. The trend is that it is each time more used to transmit, to change and to manipulate given.

Aiming at to strengthen the study of the thematic one, an interesting example of an application that uses Web Services and XML, it would be the communication between systems of the securitrio environment. Where, for commercialization of insurances it is necessary integration between different systems. In ample direction, the study of the technology Web Services and XML they possess great relevance to the market of distributed applications, is considered the ideal solution for integration of systems. Its base formed for protocols and formats of data standards favor the communication between resident systems in multiple platforms, with distinct models of objects and different programming languages.


December 23, 2015


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This can facilitate, much, the services of the specialist, at the same time where it diminishes the possible risks and relative costs to the transport of the patient and/or the image of diagnosis. The systems of communications, as the videoconferncia and the e-mail, allow the doctors of diverse specialties to consult colleagues and patients more frequently, and to keep excellent resulted of these consultations. The telecirurgia or the electronic contribution between places on telecirurgia makes with that surgeons with advising and the aid of experienced surgeons. The continuous advances of the technology create new systems of assistance the patients that they will extend the edge of the benefits that offers the Telemedicina much more of what it exists now. Ademais, the Telemedicina offers a bigger access to the education and the medical research, in special for the students and the doctors who if find in distant regions. World-wide the Medical Association recognizes that, the spite of the positive consequences of the Telemedicina, exists many ethical and legal problems that if present with its use. In special, when eliminating a consultation in a common place and the personal interchange, the Telemedicina modifies some traditional principles that regulate the relation doctor-patient.

Therefore, it has certain norms and ethical principles that must apply the doctors who use the Telemedicina. Rank that this field of the Medicine is growing so quickly, this Declaration must be revised periodically in order to assure that if it deals with the more important problems most recent and. Types of Telemedicina: The possibility of that the doctors use the Telemedicina depends on the access to technology and this are not the same in all the parts of the world. Without being exhausting, the following list describes the uses most common of the Telemedicina in the world of today. An interaction between the doctor and the geographically isolated patient or that if it finds in a way that does not have access to a local doctor.

English Through Music

December 22, 2015


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Since simple research the karaokes of musics lowered of web. The technologies are each time more integrated in the process teach-learning and of easy access for professors and pupils. The professors of languages can and must use musics as part of its repertoire in classroom. The songs contain authentic language, easily are gotten, supply grammatical vocabulary, slight knowledge, cultural aspects and diversion the pupils. They can supply valuable forms of speaking, hearing and to practise the language inside and outside of the classroom.

1.1 The IMPORTANCE TO TEACH ENGLISH WITH MUSIC Before preparing a lesson, all the professors, whichever the content that lecione, always would have to hear a music. Awaken music sensitivity and the creativity so that it can plan its action in accord with the reality of the pupils. The pupils are always singing, dancing and touching musics in the ones in its cellular ones, ipods and mp4 and even though creating sounds with the penxses, wallets and too much objects that they have in the classroom. Musics create a comfortable environment and are something that the pupils are accustomed in its day the day. Music can define the mood and really strengthen the good feelings of a group, when its use will be planned and conscientious, knowing that the objective biggest is the learning. Through the accompaniment and of the repetition of the letters, the pupils go learning music and the correct pronunciation, exactly that not yet the words in its native language understand all. 1.1.1 An ADEQUATE VOCABULARY INTRODUCED THROUGH MUSIC Aiming at to stimulate the useful vocabulary of the students with phrases and expressions, the professor must be intent to the content of musics that it selects to present the pupils, having the care not to transform this negative and constrangedor resource into something.

Building A Culture

December 18, 2015


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To grow with technology is a type of very special experience (1987 p.80 apud Lynn 2004 p.45) ‘ ‘. The industry of the games if firmed in a period where the young searched new forms of entertainment and the industry of the cinema, one of great the responsible ones, passed for a crisis where films that relieved little ticket office moved away the young from the cinemas. was at this moment that the industry of the games if launched, making possible a new form of diversion, that stops the period was in lack. It was the initial point of the formation of the culture of the electronic players, who they started to saciar its headquarters for new features and diversion.

2.1 It was Atari With the sprouting of the Atari, in 1977, we start to witness what many affirm nowadays as being first ‘ ‘ Age of Ouro’ ‘ of the video-games where playing it leaves of being a restricted thing to fliperamas (rcades) and invades the residence of the people. Atari 2600 reigned during much time and per one decade if it became the registered mark of the culture of the electronic games. With the weakness in the sales of the Atari (to see Figure 1) and the lack of headings that called the attention the players, in 1982 it enters in decay of the age Atari and if it locks up the first age of gold of the games. In short, the players were tired of the simplicity of the games and wanted something that provided more interatividade to them or that they offered more diversion to them. The end of the age Atari acts as landmark of certain form, with the end of the first part of the culture of the games, where we had few apreciadores.


December 12, 2015


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When a product to the consumer is announced, this announcement can stimulate its consumption for a necessity or a premade use desire already in the mind of the consumer. These necessities and desires can be identified by the marketing, that, according to Kotler and Keller (2006, P. 4), aims at ' ' to know and to understand the customer that the product or service is adjusted it and if sales so well sozinho' '. The same he is described for Shimoyama and Zela (2002, P. 4), that they affirm that the companies ' ' they look for to inquire itself of what its customers desire and offer accurately what they querem' ' , and this it offers is carried through always before its competitors and form differentiating the products, becoming them more attractive its customers.

The authors affirm despite this attitude is responsible for fidelizar customers by means of the satisfaction of desires. So that the actions of marketing are efficient, Kotler and Keller (2006) affirm that it must be used the tools of mix of marketing – the product, sales price, point and promotion, that also are known as 4' Ps. 2.2 Mix de composed Marketing Also called marketing, the mix of marketing consists of the 4 P' s, that, for Wools Houses (2006), is determinative factors of action and marketing strategies to be used for satisfaction of necessities and desires of the consumer. Analyzing the price, Kotler and Keller (2006) they cite that it can suffer variations how much to the market demand or when is vendido in international market, for the distribution and the valuation of taxes that vary of a square for another one. Moreover, the plant price could be increased of costs as of transport, taxes and the profit of the importer, the wholesaler and the storekeeper. Kotler and Keller (2006) still cite that the price has functioned as part-key in the choice of the purchasers, being able to be necessary to adopt a promotion strategy, since whom it is not for drawn out periods, not to devaluate the product.

PHP Service

December 10, 2015


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Some companies have good price, but they sin in the quality of the service, therefore they offer a resource very cheap and they finish not forming a structure of quality due to the low profits with the offered service. We know still more that to have good price nowadays it is very important, in the branch of lodging of sites that is very concurred, but the question that is; it is possible to have good price and excellent quality at the same time? What she occurs is that some companies who offer this type of cheap service and not so trustworthy finish weaving itself in suppliers in the exterior where the cost is more in account and also the acquisition of lodging servers is less bureaucratic. This does not mean that the companies of the exterior do not offer a trustworthy service, but yes some choices for suppliers finish thus being not so careful and with this they finish making responsible supplying that it does not have a good quality in the attendance and/or the offered resources technician. Ali Partovi has compatible beliefs. I believe that the reply for the question: ' ' He is possible to have good price and excellent quality at the same time? ' ' it is Yes, and it can be given observing some lines of direction of necessity. I will cite the main ones soon below: * Speed of the server in processing pages not superior the 250 milliseconds (PING); * Access to the panels of management of the account protected by safe protocol SSL (); * Option of protection of data as backup and when necessary restoration (Minimum of 3 days of backup kept); * Not inferior traffic of monthly the 2 data GigBytes; * Resources available, necessary in accordance with the type of site to house as support PHP, managers of WordPress content, Joomla, Forums among others; * Efficient support and atenciso for solution of problems and exclarecimento of doubts in the maximum with answers of tickets and emails of contact between 6 and 12 hours; (In some cases the availability of chat for contact is important) Some companies who offer lodging of site for customers in Brazil have its servers in other countries with high technology security enviable being able yes to offer a good and cheap service. Its profit is gotten in accordance with the amount of customers and also with adjustments in the administration having made with that the service if keeps cheap also. Dermot McCormack pursues this goal as well. Plus a thing it is very important to point out, reasonable price and lodging in servers in Brazil does not mean that the service is good and efficient, therefore has many companies for there treating its customers badly, leaving sites are of air and not answering its customers of form respectable joust and. Summarizing now, I can say that to choose a company of good and cheap lodging it is necessary research and consultation detailed for not repenting itself later. It is mine there I hug to all! – Lodging of Sites.