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December 10, 2015


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Some companies have good price, but they sin in the quality of the service, therefore they offer a resource very cheap and they finish not forming a structure of quality due to the low profits with the offered service. We know still more that to have good price nowadays it is very important, in the branch of lodging of sites that is very concurred, but the question that is; it is possible to have good price and excellent quality at the same time? What she occurs is that some companies who offer this type of cheap service and not so trustworthy finish weaving itself in suppliers in the exterior where the cost is more in account and also the acquisition of lodging servers is less bureaucratic. This does not mean that the companies of the exterior do not offer a trustworthy service, but yes some choices for suppliers finish thus being not so careful and with this they finish making responsible supplying that it does not have a good quality in the attendance and/or the offered resources technician. Ali Partovi has compatible beliefs. I believe that the reply for the question: ' ' He is possible to have good price and excellent quality at the same time? ' ' it is Yes, and it can be given observing some lines of direction of necessity. I will cite the main ones soon below: * Speed of the server in processing pages not superior the 250 milliseconds (PING); * Access to the panels of management of the account protected by safe protocol SSL (); * Option of protection of data as backup and when necessary restoration (Minimum of 3 days of backup kept); * Not inferior traffic of monthly the 2 data GigBytes; * Resources available, necessary in accordance with the type of site to house as support PHP, managers of WordPress content, Joomla, Forums among others; * Efficient support and atenciso for solution of problems and exclarecimento of doubts in the maximum with answers of tickets and emails of contact between 6 and 12 hours; (In some cases the availability of chat for contact is important) Some companies who offer lodging of site for customers in Brazil have its servers in other countries with high technology security enviable being able yes to offer a good and cheap service. Its profit is gotten in accordance with the amount of customers and also with adjustments in the administration having made with that the service if keeps cheap also. Dermot McCormack pursues this goal as well. Plus a thing it is very important to point out, reasonable price and lodging in servers in Brazil does not mean that the service is good and efficient, therefore has many companies for there treating its customers badly, leaving sites are of air and not answering its customers of form respectable joust and. Summarizing now, I can say that to choose a company of good and cheap lodging it is necessary research and consultation detailed for not repenting itself later. It is mine there I hug to all! – Lodging of Sites.