Building A Culture

December 18, 2015


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To grow with technology is a type of very special experience (1987 p.80 apud Lynn 2004 p.45) ‘ ‘. The industry of the games if firmed in a period where the young searched new forms of entertainment and the industry of the cinema, one of great the responsible ones, passed for a crisis where films that relieved little ticket office moved away the young from the cinemas. was at this moment that the industry of the games if launched, making possible a new form of diversion, that stops the period was in lack. It was the initial point of the formation of the culture of the electronic players, who they started to saciar its headquarters for new features and diversion.

2.1 It was Atari With the sprouting of the Atari, in 1977, we start to witness what many affirm nowadays as being first ‘ ‘ Age of Ouro’ ‘ of the video-games where playing it leaves of being a restricted thing to fliperamas (rcades) and invades the residence of the people. Atari 2600 reigned during much time and per one decade if it became the registered mark of the culture of the electronic games. With the weakness in the sales of the Atari (to see Figure 1) and the lack of headings that called the attention the players, in 1982 it enters in decay of the age Atari and if it locks up the first age of gold of the games. In short, the players were tired of the simplicity of the games and wanted something that provided more interatividade to them or that they offered more diversion to them. The end of the age Atari acts as landmark of certain form, with the end of the first part of the culture of the games, where we had few apreciadores.