Simply Shoot Prices Starting From

May 12, 2022


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New customers can make calls simply for 5 cents and send SMS. With the slogan simply shoots the prices”advertises discount simply the prepaid currently to new customers and this slogan is not even inappropriate. Only 5 cents to pay new customers from simply during this action for mobile calls and SMS, which simply on a strike becomes the cheapest prepaid providers on the market, still 9 cents per minute and SMS are common among the cheapest suppliers. But where’s the hook for this offer, because such a decline is of course more than unusual? Simply not permanently lowers prices, but limited this EM action”up to September 30, 2008 and thus for about four months. Exactly this means: new customers who order a prepaid card from simply up to June 30, 2008, until September 30, 2008 for 5 cent phone calls to send SMS, as of 01.10.2008, the usual charges apply again. In the short term this offer for anyone who’s worth is because cheaper phone calls and text hardly possible. Who is ready for the next three to four months to use a different SIM card to go back to the old, can really save by this offer.

Would you however continued to take the simply prepaid card, so it is necessary first of all the usual simply prepaid tariffs look at. Simply offers this two, the tariff simply easy”is aimed especially at those who mainly with the mobile phone and rarely send SMS, because for this tariff for a minute of conversation are very cheap 8.5 cents, for they are comparatively expensive SMS at 15 cents in this tariff. The second offered tariff called simply partner”and actually has a rather outdated rate structure. For calls and SMS 13 cents fall discount stores here consistently, even significantly more than at other prepaid. The advantage of this tariff is located in the provider’s internal talks, because the callee uses a simply prepaid card, also the minute costs just 3 cents. Who be prepaid cell phone often uses can save substantial costs through this offer because there is no contract, you can use an other prepaid card again from the 1, and there is no coercion the card even after the action continue to use. Who already mainly with the mobile phone and rarely send SMS, for a savings to the usual costs will arise well after the Sept. 30 by using this prepaid card.