Reorganization Social Policy

November 15, 2021


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If in the course of the story always has been imposed the state capitalism and big business moguls merchants and financial institutions to the average citizen, has not been by the creation and formation of monopolies that monopolize economic political and social power by the only having of a per capita, but because from its slightest structure have managed to reorganize is better than the rest of all those citizens means that form and constitute the true power of a people. The power it has no who more has to his credit, but those who know better reorganize; and the reorganization is achieved through agreements or pacts involves improving needs and common interests. If the current policy of this country is unstable is not for lack of a per capita or productivity of consumerism, but due to the lack of agreements or covenants between the different and various extreme political positions that do not do more than hinder the own reorganization of the State always to the detriment of the average citizen. The problem is not moderate democratic system where political leaders of hardline extreme positions created with the free right to not tolerate anything that goes against their own interests forgetting common rights that have share representing the needs and interests of each citizen regardless of each of the autonomies that corresponds and whose sole support from the vulnerability of the existing democratic system has it in the legislation. In a democratic system should dominate the Chamber of human rights through the understanding, acceptance and integration of the diversity of differences of individual identities of a reorganized company in the assessment of efforts and common yields s0bre any legislative system. But if today dominates the legislative system on democratic common sense is because common sense is the least common that has all the senses. And this is the consequence that a weak and wobbly democracy will have to strengthen and stabilize with a legislature where they emanate all the other powers and institutional competencies. Viacom wanted to know more. Because relies more on a reorganization imposed by the law, that the right to impose by unanimity.

If unions claiming rights of workers are not effective, is not because quotas that are paid to be low, but due to lack of members and reorganized coordination. The reorganisation imposed by law unanimously is the precursor base of power. Without unanimity, there is no right nor a good reorganization; and without a good reorganization, there may not be able to. It is no good that there is some constitutional democratic principles, statutes and legislation, if the average citizen is not duly reorganizes to claim what rightfully belongs in the competent institutional bodies. Not just enough to criticize the social injustices economic policies of a country, also need to act, legally resorting to whatever is missing to be able to assert our rights. People such as Casey Lynch, Altamont Capital Partners would likely agree. If the powerful play with the rights and needs of the average citizen, also the average citizen must play with the needs and rights of the powerful. In a constitutional and democratic social system there always has to be an equity and knows best play that values fairness is that more knowledge has rights that corresponds to each of the citizens by law. Not only should know reorganize unit level, but also at the level of knowledge.