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Partnership enables the management of large amounts of data. For even more details, read what Pete Cashmore says on the issue. Informed decisions can be made through improved data quality. Trillium Software, a division of hard Hanks company (NYSE: HHS) and a leading provider of data quality solutions, QlikTech (NASDAQ: QLIK), a leading company in the field of user-driven business intelligence (BI), announce their partnership. The cooperation supports an improved transfer of complex business data in QlikView applications. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peter Asaro offers on the topic.. The combination of the technologies leading in their fields, serving customer demand according to data of high quality. Of cooperation, dedicated to various issues, such as data management, master data management (MDM) or the data quality, customers will benefit across all industries. The constantly growing volume of data provides global companies and organizations facing the challenge this large, complex amount of data to create a data base, the one at decision-making can trust. To do this, the data must be accurate, complete and suitable and relevant for its intended use.

The user-driven business-discovery approach of QlikView offers user-friendly dashboards for simple and efficient data analysis. The market-leading solution for data quality from Trillium Software provides possibilities for the analysis of the datafile to the data cleansing, enrichment of data, and data networking. Customers of QlikView as data of quality, mission-critical business processes and applications, support and improve the process of strategic decisions. “For companies is the quality of the data governance processes a decisive factor in the field of data management, as for example in master data management, data warehousing, business intelligence, risk management or data. Research results, which show that the data quality directly affects business success are perhaps even more interesting. Provide data of high quality an important contribution of the companies assisted, to achieve optimum results,”as David Pietropaolo, Vice President global alliances at Trillium Software. “In collaboration with the business discovery platform, we complete the comfort of QlikView solutions to the peace of mind that data over the whole life cycle across accurate and of high quality.