Peter Tagtgren

July 19, 2018


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Other 'classic' industrial groups, such as 'SPK' and 'Einstuerzende Neubauten', also went on the 'new strategy'. There were also completely new projects. The post-industrial music has become less aggressive, but all that resulted in a radical and unprecedented inventiveness experiments. Now, post-industrial musicians combine old industrial approach other areas of music: dance, folklore and ritual. In today's post-release several sub-genres indastriale: 1. EBM (Electronic Body Music) – the most popular style is now a post-industrial music. The sound is a looped synth melodies with danceable rhythms and copious use of samples.

The term EBM was coined by musicians of the Belgian group 'Front 242' in conjunction with the project participants 'Die Krupps', which are now considered founders of the style. The most typical representatives: 'Front 242', 'Nitzer Ebb'. Elements of EBM with a fair amount elektro also present in the music solo project known Swedish musician, composer, producer and leader of 'Hypocrisy' Peter Tagtgren 'Pain'. 2. Elektro (Electro-industrial) – this concept is not original. Rather, Elektro can be classified as a type of EBM.

Compared with the EBM, this music is more dense and atmospheric, but at least dance. Often used in the distorted vocals. In the framework of this style with difficulty is one of the most influential industrial groups 'Skinny Puppy'. The most typical representatives: 'Wumpscut', 'Skinny Puppy', 'Front Line Assembly' (early work). 3. Filed under: Ali Partovi. Power Noise (Rhythm'n'Noise) – this style is sometimes confused with the name Power-electronics, however, these styles have little in common. Power Noise actually not even true to the styles of Noise-music.