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They have pronounced so much in Europe as outside the continent. The young people mobilized themselves before the Spanish embassies. They protest " against the evil use that the politicians are doing of democracia". The concentrations in support of the citizen movement ' Real democracy ya' this Friday extended, for second consecutive day, outside the Spanish borders, with mobilizations in the Prague, Budapest or Rabat. After the mobilizations celebrated the past Thursday in some cities of western Europe, like Paris, Berlin or Lisbon, this Friday the protests extended to Central Europe. In Budapest, tens of young people " indignados" they met before the embassy of Spain to support the protest with posters in which phrases could be read like: " We are hartos" or " We did not hold more! ". " The system does not work. We must change it by the another best one than it represents to us todos" , it explained one of the participants, who did not want to reveal their name.

In the social networks similar Situations were lived in the Prague, Warsaw and Vienna, all concentrations summoned through the social networks in support to the Movement 15-M. " It is not a concentration against the Government of Spain, is not against a party in particular, but against the evil use that the politicians are doing of the democracy " , it assured to Prague Radio Daniel Vzquez Tourio, one of the organizers of the manifestations in the Czech Republic. In Warsaw, means hundred of young people were joined before the Spanish embassy, to demand " a real democracy, really, participativa" , as it explained one of the demonstrators, Jordi, a gerundense student of Physics. The demonstrators corearon slogans like " We want pisito like the one of principito" or " They call democracy and not it es" , and they showed placards with mottos similar to which can be seen in the Spanish cities.

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