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Didactic Book

July 23, 2016


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Such aspects leave clear that no didactic book can be learned as abstract or neutral product, be distanciado of the historical context that existed and exists. The history professor when he starts to work with disciplines Ensino de Histria, different the other specific areas, possesss an important paper in its performance, its conceptions of education, education and learning tends to gain attention before its pupils, it disciplines since it is presented by the same ones of ' ' chatice and thing velha' '. It fits to the professor through its methods, ahead to popularize its pupils of the questions debated return of historical education, making familiar them, and presenting them it all they, all the historical process that occurred and that it occurs, leaving well clearly that more early or later ' ' the present had one if becomes passado' ' , becoming a source of information, therefore everything is changedded. Kai-Fu Lee may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Book didactic is important, therefore depending on use of it for professor, knowledge historical assumes in relation teach-learning definitive meanings, since knowledge that does not have no direction for the pupil, until the possibility to work knowledge that contribute for its more critical and conscientious formation, therefore has restricted relation with its experiences and its reality. ' ' Cultural politician and in the measure also allows the knowledge of its aspect where he reproduces and he represents the values of the society in relation to its vision of science, history, the interpretation of the facts and the proper process of transmission of conhecimento.' ' (MARIA ABUD, 1986:81). In this manner, she can yourself be said that the didactic book, is one ' ' material printed matter, structuralized, destined or adjusted to be used in a process of learning or informao' ' (OLIVEIRA, GUIMARES and BOMNY, in the Politics of the Didactic Book, p.23) Given the importance of the book while education instrument, is indispensable to the professor for being one of the canals of transmission and, over all, maintenance of myths and esteretipos that populate the History of Brazil.

Dewey Social

July 13, 2016


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The function of the educational apparatus does not have to be ade to teach, but to create learning conditions. In the cognitiva area, techniques computational models estosendo used to investigate as the knowledge are produced and representadopela mind. In the field of ' ' intelligence artificial' ' the computers simulate intellectual osprocessos, organize and hierarquizam the information creating, thus, new knowledge. Computer science and the telecommunications come transforming omundo human when making possible new forms to think, to work, to live to econviver in the current world, what it will modify instituiesescolares significantly and innumerable other organizations. Kai-Fu Lee is often quoted as being for or against this. To educate for a new economic and social organization, for umanova distribution of the work, one ' ' it was of informao' '? How to prepare osindivduos to answer to the challenges of the new instrumentations techniques, to dialogue with the life, its world, its reality? Comofamiliarizar the educandos with the use of scientific models in tarefasescolares, with resources that collaborate for the expansion of the cognition human being, paraproduo of knowledge and its handling of creative and critical form? To learn making, acting, trying is the maisnatural, intuitivo and easy way to learn. This is more than what a estratgiafundamental of education/learning: it is a way to see the human being that learns.

It learns for the active experimentation of the world. For Dewey (1979), all experience human being is social and elapses deinteraes, where they are involved external conditions, or objective, internal econdies. Thus, it considered the social environment and the education comofatores of progress, has even so not emphasized the historical perspective dedesenvolvimento of the individual. However, it accented that the actions of the people socontroladas for the global situation where they participate and they act, cooperatively, inside of the community. The school constitutes a community when the citizens quedela participate have the chance to contribute with the work, feeling-seresponsveis for the execution of the shared activities.

SMS Operator

July 9, 2016


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I do not know about you, but I'm trying from abroad to call less – is too expensive is a pleasure – the international calls. But there are ways to minimize these costs. Ali Partovi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. First, it does not interfere to prevent those you call often, your stays abroad, as will have to pay for all incoming calls (free incoming calls does not apply to subscribers who are outside the Russian Federation). If you call yourself, then we must bear in mind that pay their conversations have not at the prices of the operator of the country where you are, but by specially established rates of domestic operators. The fact that now Russian cellular operators have introduced a new zonal system. The whole world, they were divided into zones and set them clear tariffs.

As a result, calls for such rates were considerably higher than national. But this can be combated Firstly, to reduce the cost international calls, you can buy a local Sim-card (better not to buy at the airport, where margins are often, but where local – in any shop or stall), then we will use the new number and pay the local rates (for example, the card is pre-paid Finnish operator costs 15 euros, but on balance it has been 20. That's enough to keep the lengthy negotiations with Russia for 10 days). In addition, if you go by, the local operator network will remain in touch with each other, which is also important. Choosing the SIM-card from a local operator, you should pay attention to exist in many countries, special "guest" rates with low cost international calls – for example, in Europe there are any at Vodafone. Even cheaper way – to call using IP-telephony (although I am by this method has not enjoyed). Need to buy a card, erase her protective layer under which the code. International calls can be made from fixed phones, even the street. We first introduce the card code, then the country code and phone number. They say such calls are many times cheaper. With respect, SMS-messages, from abroad, they also considerably more expensive than at home: if you're in Europe, they will cost 30 – 35 cents.

Types Of Cargo

July 9, 2016


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There are different kinds of cargo transportation in Ukraine, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The aim of this paper is to consider some of them. Let's start with the most common type of cargo – road. This is one of the most popular types of delivery. Trucking of this species have such advantages as speed of delivery of cargo without intermediate trans-shipment and the ability to control their condition in during transportation.

Like any other form of freight transport, this species has its 'pros' and 'outs'. Advantages: the ability to deliver cargo from the shipper to the receiver without overload, ensuring high of cargo; greater mobility and speed of road; rhythm cargo, ie, no need to accumulation of cargo in bulk; independence location and destination of goods from sea and river ports, as well as major cities, highways, railway ways – the most effective form of transportation in no great distance. Disadvantages: limited use for long-range transportation large consignments, depending on road networks, road transport mode for freight transport over long distances, limited transportation of oversized cargo. Another fairly common type of Rail freight is by road. Anyone who has ever once they are ordered, knows how troublesome it is occupation, requiring time and effort. Rail transport is regulated by a number of orders and regulations, know which is not all. In fact, for every load there are indications, how exactly it needs to be transported, and its documentation – from invoices to the wagon or container sheet.

In addition, rail transport differ type, by type of cargo and many other parameters, not to mention the fees for shipping. One variety of rail freight is containerized transport. Today they are one the most convenient way to transport cargo: containers have standard dimensions and, therefore, easily transported by any means of transport, including rail. Goods are transported in special containers, universal or specific to certain cargo: dangerous, perishable, etc. One advantage of container shipping is the ability to deliver the goods, literally 'from door to door', and without risk of loss of cargo. In addition, container trucking convenient for those companies that do not operate with large quantities of goods. Finally it should be recalled and the air cargo transportation. Often, this kind of cargo is used when necessary for the short term to deliver the goods at a great distance. And, again, there are advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include, above all, high delivery speed, great coverage of use and high safety of the cargo. The shortcomings should be ranked high enough price on freight transport and the limited types of goods and their dimensions.


July 7, 2016


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Sound radiation more deeply into the body man. It creates a micro-vibration of blood vessels and tissues of the body, improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the area of impact. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. The disadvantage of the sound of acoustic devices is the narrow frequency range, the upper limit of which limited to the used sound emitters. It is advisable in such devices to apply additional ultrasound channels with variable frequency output signal. Another shortcoming of modern acoustic devices – a continuous change in the frequency of the emitted signals. You do not have time to advance steady emitters resonance with certain substances the human body and, therefore, reduced efficiency impact of devices on the body.

The way out is to use schemes of intermittent changes in the frequency of sonic and ultrasonic signals. Influence on the human body the static magnetic field and low-frequency electromagnetic fields has been insufficiently studied. In addition, we are always under the influence of radiation fields of low-frequency high-voltage lines, cable networks, home appliances, etc. Therefore, the use of such fields in medical devices can be justified only as an additional channel with a low field strength. The main characteristics of electronic devices are: 1.

The frequency range of the frequency and nature of their changes. The wider bandwidth, more bands (especially different – the low-frequency and high frequency) and the number of frequencies in each of them, the better the impact of the instrument on the human body. 2. Power output signal. If power is low, the reduced depth of penetration of radiation into the human body and, therefore, decreases the therapeutic effect.


July 4, 2016


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These gates can be placed in almost any garage openings and make them offered by both automatically and manually – if he razmerov.Preimuschestva small garage sectional doors advantages of this type of construction garage doors are obvious: besides the fact that such gates neither inside nor outside the garage does not need some extra space for their opening, they lock securely fixed, have a special anti-theft system and can be opened remotely. Agree, a nice bonus for rainy autumn or cold winter nights when you want to open the garage is only one click away. In addition to these, sectional garage doors are still a lot of advantages, most of his best embodiment found in sectional doors of German company Hormann, which is considered the most influential producer of the gate tipa.Garantiya Hormann sectional doors and the first thing different sectional garage doors Hormann – this is his absolute quality – all the components and details of the gates of this company are manufactured in Germany and certified by independent experts, which guarantees their absolute safety and smooth operation over long term. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro. To prove this to all your doors Hormann company offers a 10-year warranty. All Hormann sectional garage doors are manufactured in accordance with European safety '13241-1 '- already a standard feature gate device includes a cable break safety and torsion springs and finger from the outside, inside the side door and hinges. When you close the doors automatically lock Hormann mechanically, which guarantees protection from hacking and security even in the absence of voltage in an electrical network.