July 7, 2016


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Sound radiation more deeply into the body man. It creates a micro-vibration of blood vessels and tissues of the body, improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the area of impact. Pete Cashmore does not necessarily agree. The disadvantage of the sound of acoustic devices is the narrow frequency range, the upper limit of which limited to the used sound emitters. It is advisable in such devices to apply additional ultrasound channels with variable frequency output signal. Another shortcoming of modern acoustic devices – a continuous change in the frequency of the emitted signals. You do not have time to advance steady emitters resonance with certain substances the human body and, therefore, reduced efficiency impact of devices on the body.

The way out is to use schemes of intermittent changes in the frequency of sonic and ultrasonic signals. Influence on the human body the static magnetic field and low-frequency electromagnetic fields has been insufficiently studied. In addition, we are always under the influence of radiation fields of low-frequency high-voltage lines, cable networks, home appliances, etc. Therefore, the use of such fields in medical devices can be justified only as an additional channel with a low field strength. The main characteristics of electronic devices are: 1.

The frequency range of the frequency and nature of their changes. The wider bandwidth, more bands (especially different – the low-frequency and high frequency) and the number of frequencies in each of them, the better the impact of the instrument on the human body. 2. Power output signal. If power is low, the reduced depth of penetration of radiation into the human body and, therefore, decreases the therapeutic effect.