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Warsaw Convention

January 2, 2024


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When buying a ticket, we, in fact, conclude a contract with the carrier on the conditions of our flight and luggage transportation. What are its basic components? Rules for air travel based on such basic documents as the Warsaw Convention of 1929 and the Hague Protocol of 1955. All services provided by the carrier and accepted by the passenger shall be as specified on the ticket terms and tariffs set by the carrier. Name of airline ticket, usually abbreviated as indicated. Its address is the airport, where flight is carried out.

Even if the transportation does different carriers, the ticket is a single document for transportation. When placing luggage each passenger is given a luggage tag. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Rayden. It is also the reason for the baggage claim. If the baggage is damaged, you must make a written statement to the carrier no later than seven, and in some cases – 21 days from the date the baggage was delivered. The purchased ticket has a lifetime of use – one year. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. Are sometimes real and other conditions. However, tariffs on shipments may vary. In the case of an increase tariffs and underpaid passenger, he may be denied transportation.

According to the agreement to purchase the ticket carrier must do everything in his power to trip the passenger and his luggage. However, the time specified in schedule may be changed. The carrier may, for various reasons, to transfer the passengers of other airlines, change the type of aircraft, and, if necessary – cancel the landing at airports that are listed on the ticket. Passengers are obliged to comply with all air travel and the states from which they fly and where to arrive, have the necessary documents, visas, pass passport control and monitoring for safety, as well as in time arrive at the airport to pass the necessary formalities. Sometimes, the arrival time is set by the carrier and indicated on the ticket. But often it does not install. Contract between the airline and the passenger about the flight nobody has the right to cancel – no air ticket sales agents, or representatives of the airline or airport employees. It can only observe. Upon closer examination of these rules, whether we like them or not, it becomes clear that their main goal – ensuring the safety of passengers during the flight. During the purchase of air tickets should carefully study these rules. Information about them can be easily obtained from the offices of airlines and their agents or internet sites.


January 2, 2024


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Puppets – (or Pupi as they are called in Sicily) are a typical puppet of folklore and folk theater, which originated in Naples and Rome, where he created and developed during the first half of the nineteenth century, although major development Pupi got it in Sicily. Repertoire of opera houses puppets Catania basically 'inspired' invasion of the Normans in Sicily in the twelfth century. Stories of battles between the Normans and later the Arabs, with local residents – stalosrazu popular among the Sicilians, and then grew into a national heritage, where puppets have become symbols, heroes – bearers of the moral values of European civilization, which contrasts with the Islam, therefore, represents a collision of Sicily zavosevatelyami. Each story was told with cycles, which extend from the evening in the evening. Viacom contains valuable tech resources. In the ads pasted on performance has traditionally been picture of the main stage and a brief description of 'the program'. Catania pupi – puppets, in contrast to the traditions of Palermo, were about 1.30 meters in height and weighing from 15 to 35 kilograms. Because of the size they must be used exclusively in the theater, for this reason were also made pupi 80 inches, suitable for all usloviyay and places.

Materials that make up the basic structure of puppets: wood for the head, hands and forearms, chest and legs, metallic compounds, which adhere to the feet and hands. The most difficult was always head puppets that could be made of wood or clay. In the past, this was a special expert craftsmen, of which elects one, which subsequently have always trusted the puppet-do, and then restore the head. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bobby Sharma Bluestone offers on the topic.. Lick puppets Catania was written in the style of the iconography of the sixteenth century. Summing up the creation of puppets, it should be noted that the battle armor and clothing puppets in strict accordance with the strict canons, and eventually appeared as a puppet very beautiful – with a clear face and a hand-decorated armor, well-chosen garments. Catania puppets operated by top specialists manevrovschikami that using just two thin metal rod, connected with the head of a puppet and her right hand, put a puppet on your lap or on one knee, forced her to move on their feet, fight with swords, creating the illusion of a living teatra. puppets with the help of the speaker. Now the tradition has remained a tradition, many adults and children come to watch performances, but eventually bygone euphoria of the puppet theater was lost among television, radio and computer games.

SMS Operator

July 9, 2016


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I do not know about you, but I'm trying from abroad to call less – is too expensive is a pleasure – the international calls. But there are ways to minimize these costs. Ali Partovi helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. First, it does not interfere to prevent those you call often, your stays abroad, as will have to pay for all incoming calls (free incoming calls does not apply to subscribers who are outside the Russian Federation). If you call yourself, then we must bear in mind that pay their conversations have not at the prices of the operator of the country where you are, but by specially established rates of domestic operators. The fact that now Russian cellular operators have introduced a new zonal system. The whole world, they were divided into zones and set them clear tariffs.

As a result, calls for such rates were considerably higher than national. But this can be combated Firstly, to reduce the cost international calls, you can buy a local Sim-card (better not to buy at the airport, where margins are often, but where local – in any shop or stall), then we will use the new number and pay the local rates (for example, the card is pre-paid Finnish operator costs 15 euros, but on balance it has been 20. That's enough to keep the lengthy negotiations with Russia for 10 days). In addition, if you go by, the local operator network will remain in touch with each other, which is also important. Choosing the SIM-card from a local operator, you should pay attention to exist in many countries, special "guest" rates with low cost international calls – for example, in Europe there are any at Vodafone. Even cheaper way – to call using IP-telephony (although I am by this method has not enjoyed). Need to buy a card, erase her protective layer under which the code. International calls can be made from fixed phones, even the street. We first introduce the card code, then the country code and phone number. They say such calls are many times cheaper. With respect, SMS-messages, from abroad, they also considerably more expensive than at home: if you're in Europe, they will cost 30 – 35 cents.