July 4, 2016


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These gates can be placed in almost any garage openings and make them offered by both automatically and manually – if he razmerov.Preimuschestva small garage sectional doors advantages of this type of construction garage doors are obvious: besides the fact that such gates neither inside nor outside the garage does not need some extra space for their opening, they lock securely fixed, have a special anti-theft system and can be opened remotely. Agree, a nice bonus for rainy autumn or cold winter nights when you want to open the garage is only one click away. In addition to these, sectional garage doors are still a lot of advantages, most of his best embodiment found in sectional doors of German company Hormann, which is considered the most influential producer of the gate tipa.Garantiya Hormann sectional doors and the first thing different sectional garage doors Hormann – this is his absolute quality – all the components and details of the gates of this company are manufactured in Germany and certified by independent experts, which guarantees their absolute safety and smooth operation over long term. If you would like to know more then you should visit Peter Asaro. To prove this to all your doors Hormann company offers a 10-year warranty. All Hormann sectional garage doors are manufactured in accordance with European safety '13241-1 '- already a standard feature gate device includes a cable break safety and torsion springs and finger from the outside, inside the side door and hinges. When you close the doors automatically lock Hormann mechanically, which guarantees protection from hacking and security even in the absence of voltage in an electrical network.