Types Of Cargo

July 9, 2016


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There are different kinds of cargo transportation in Ukraine, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. The aim of this paper is to consider some of them. Let's start with the most common type of cargo – road. This is one of the most popular types of delivery. Trucking of this species have such advantages as speed of delivery of cargo without intermediate trans-shipment and the ability to control their condition in during transportation.

Like any other form of freight transport, this species has its 'pros' and 'outs'. Advantages: the ability to deliver cargo from the shipper to the receiver without overload, ensuring high of cargo; greater mobility and speed of road; rhythm cargo, ie, no need to accumulation of cargo in bulk; independence location and destination of goods from sea and river ports, as well as major cities, highways, railway ways – the most effective form of transportation in no great distance. Disadvantages: limited use for long-range transportation large consignments, depending on road networks, road transport mode for freight transport over long distances, limited transportation of oversized cargo. Another fairly common type of Rail freight is by road. Anyone who has ever once they are ordered, knows how troublesome it is occupation, requiring time and effort. Rail transport is regulated by a number of orders and regulations, know which is not all. In fact, for every load there are indications, how exactly it needs to be transported, and its documentation – from invoices to the wagon or container sheet.

In addition, rail transport differ type, by type of cargo and many other parameters, not to mention the fees for shipping. One variety of rail freight is containerized transport. Today they are one the most convenient way to transport cargo: containers have standard dimensions and, therefore, easily transported by any means of transport, including rail. Goods are transported in special containers, universal or specific to certain cargo: dangerous, perishable, etc. One advantage of container shipping is the ability to deliver the goods, literally 'from door to door', and without risk of loss of cargo. In addition, container trucking convenient for those companies that do not operate with large quantities of goods. Finally it should be recalled and the air cargo transportation. Often, this kind of cargo is used when necessary for the short term to deliver the goods at a great distance. And, again, there are advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include, above all, high delivery speed, great coverage of use and high safety of the cargo. The shortcomings should be ranked high enough price on freight transport and the limited types of goods and their dimensions.