2.Thuringer Groomertage – Groomerschule Saeed

March 24, 2022


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Training seminars for pet groomers at international level the profession of the groomer, dog hairdresser called a basic knowledge requires work on the live animal in terms of dog care to carry out a successful and .fachgerechte. Much responsibility will be transferred to the groomer. The basis for the exercise of this profession, should be a thorough education, but also always regular Fort, – u.Weiterbildungen are required. You may wish to learn more. If so, Mashable is the place to go. Mrs Anke Schafer of pet grooming & Groomerschule Saeed in Thuringia, Germany, in May 2008 the Thuringer Groomertage in life called, which should offer the possibility of training the dog hairdressers. The Thuringer Groomertage are discharged at a high, international level and carried out over approximately 2-3 days. International speakers are loaded, it offers a varied and informative program. Due to the success of the 1.Thuringer Groomertage in May 2008, Ms.

Schafer put after Anke, organizer of this event, and organized the 2.Thuringer for the 22./23.November 2008 Groomertage. Speakers from the Switzerland and Belgium, among others with Corina Verschuren as top groomer will be present. That the event interested, as evidenced by the already 3-fold higher registration figures to the 1st event, where colleagues from the Switzerland as participants will be arriving. Anyone can register like until the etiquette of 2008. More info: Tel. 036428-13135 0173-56 59 653 H.Helmrich