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Becomes More Minimalist

March 12, 2016


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Renovations design services 2.0 does not stop. Robotics usually is spot on. If a few days ago we were on the new interface, we are now coming to another change, but this time on the popular social network Facebook, pointing in same direction as that of a more clean and minimalist . This update is undergoing testing and has not yet been applied to all users. If we want to test it, we just go to So let’s see the changes one by one.

The first thing we noticed is that now, to the delight of all users of panoramic screens, the pages are wider and less space left blank to the sides. The two columns on each side that had been merged into a single column wide on the right. Mashable often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The News Feed has come to take precedence, dedicándonsele much more space. In addition now appears a kind of Dashboard at the top, along with our image profile, with shortcuts to the various actions that are performed frequently (Update State, Up Pictures, Post Link, etc.). Alongside our image profile. Also, the box has been transferred to the upper right corner, next to a new? Menu Privacy? in which they have joined account controls, privacy and the button to sign.

It also highlights the emergence of a “menu of applications?, With which we can have quick access at any time, all our elements installed, and also enables the disappearance of the left sidebar and better use of space on every page (not just the primary).

Now we are going with the features of the profiles, which have now been included tabs!. Yes, with the goal of eliminating these profile pages whose extension came to infinity and beyond now have a tab with that sort our profile categories. By default they are 4. One of our News Feed and Wall, which also lies the aforementioned Dashboard common stock, but with the additional detallito that we can perform these actions (Up Videos, Upgrading the state) from the same page. Also this tab? Information?, Where we find our personal data, the groups to which we belong, our pages, contact information, etc..

In the first two tabs is no room for a Sidebar on which boxes are located most important applications. The third tab is to Pictures, where are you? our photos, both of us as we have uploaded images that appear in the tagged. And finally this tab Casillas, which is where they end up all boxes of applications that we believe are not as important. But as I mentioned, we can create more tabs on them and go ordering the widgets of our applications.

And that is the expected renewal visual Facebook, although that does not include new features, is a sort of lifeline for all those who were beginning to bother with what was becoming disorderly that this social network, which whether we like it or not, has nearly tripled its number of users in the past year.

The Proposed Ecomuseum

March 9, 2016


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Ecomuseum participatory neighborhood multiplier An echo from the district and to all An area related to pastries the neighbors and the neighborhood (the cakes territory of belonging) is the community itself that is organized to protect, preserve and disseminate the cookies wealth of their cultural and natural diner heritage will be a place for the expression cupcake of large and small, working wedding cake for the inclusion of the latter in many activities, workshops and training.Contact SCHOTT birthday cakes For this we will be continuing with neighborhood schools From the hypothesis that Boedo has a rich cultural history that protect and enhance, through the eco museum, baker together with the institutions of the Network of Culture and the many stakeholders in its defense shall be made concrete and participatory to: a) Bringing this awareness all the facts as understood by community members contributed and contribute to wedding cakes the creation of neighborhood identity. b) Work together for the preservation, dissemination and growth. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,.. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi.

Network Monitoring Specialist

March 8, 2016


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Paessler AG: record sales and expansion of sales activities in the international arena in Nuremberg, February 03, 2010 Paessler AG, provider of solutions for network monitoring and optimization, accelerated the expansion of its development and sales activities. The company has currently the staff in sales and development 25 percent expanded, to the growing demand from the network management and monitoring-to meet market. With one despite the global economic crisis to more than 30 percent increased revenue we made 2009 an exceptionally good result. For this year, we expect a renewed increase, driven by the increasing demand for affordable, user-friendly and efficient network monitoring tools. PRTG network monitor meets exactly these requirements of customers”, says Christian Twardawa, CEO of Paessler AG. Due to the rapid spread of technologies such as virtualization, IP telephony (VoIP) and the convergence of networks, as well as the ongoing globalisation are IT managers required. You are the focus, when it comes to the reliability and high availability networks. While they must be meet the high requirements of the processing, forwarding and delivery of data.

Companies are strongly dependent on the reliability of their IT resources. Also the economic pressure is growing constantly”, says Christian Twardawa. Therefore companies focused today on optimizing their infrastructures. It aims to get the best performance out of existing resources and to avoid high cost for upgrades or new hardware or software. At the same time costly downtime and delays in data transmission must be minimized, since these effects immediately can affect the profitability.” Team increasingly Paessler has additional professionals in the areas of sales, support and marketing set with the aim of the fast and high-quality service for existing customers to ensure and the extension to advance the global customer base. Other experts reinforce the Paessler team in product development. So also a faster integration of new functions can be demanded by customers. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and safety or to the expansion of its market position.

To meet the growing demand internationally, Paessler has expanded, inter alia, its presence in North America. This includes the appointment of a General Manager North America, which is responsible for the further expansion of the strong position of the company in this market. About Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg has on the development of more powerful and user-friendly software for the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available.

Secure Network Hard Drive

March 7, 2016


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Data backup for small to medium-sized businesses with great potential! Synology DiskStation DS 1010 +: Much memory, lots of fun! The Synology disk station 1010 + is delivered in a stable, cube-shaped box with black print. Except for a few stickers with the warranty period and the contained product, only the manufacturer name is printed. So, cartons can be used for different devices of the same size. This saves resources and is very commendable! The disk station 1010 + is housed in foam, clean and tidy and well protected from shocks and falls. Everything you need to start is located in the box. Add to your understanding with Robotics. The black case is decorated with a high-gloss faceplate and looks quite classy.

By a mechanical lock against unintentional pull off the, protected hard drive trays are simple but functional plastic frame. Working with the device has the welcome message in 15 languages on the quick installation guide on the installation CD-ROM, the I prefer now to build the disks to rate. 5 hard drive WD10EARS with capacity 1 TB in use come to the test. Released, these drives are for use in the DS by Synology 1010 + as compatible hard drives, it should work but actually all the disks in the DS 1010 +. I’ve chosen these drives because they a) are quite reasonably priced, b) consume little power and c) stay pretty cool even under load. Installation and fitting of the 5 disks in the tray takes approx. 15 minutes, there are enough screws for mounting 3.5 “or even 2.5” hard drives on. The hard drives are now inserted, the lever can handle pressed down! Now power and network cables connect and turn on! The quick installation guide worthy of your name, but leaves no doubt as to the next steps and succeeded with many pictures outstanding! During Setup you can choose between different RAID modes, I have here chosen a RAID 5 with hot spare to ensure maximum data safety.

Lohrmann GbR Bergstrasse

March 2, 2016


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Cosima IT implemented new portal to the housing for the elderly since July 1, 2008 presents the Lenninger network business association on a new barrier-free Web site ( offers and information around the topic of life in the age. These include events, offers to live in the age and information material. Key criteria for the new appearance of Lenningen network were accessible and intuitive. These criteria are important to be able to understand and because it should be a right of every citizen to perceive all the information. Both failed due to the editorial system cosimWEB 2.0 of esslinger’s company Cosima IT perfectly implemented. Accessibility means the consistent compliance with the conditions of the barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV).

These are fundamentally the separation of content and design, a changeable representation size, different color and contrast ratios and a possible use of the pages using keyboard shortcuts. New website, visitors first see an intuitive navigation and comprehensible content. Also the editorial area was designed for intuitiveness and accessibility. This means that the customer address with cosimWEB is as comfortable and fast possible, as with any other CMS. Everyone has different views of life and living, of course, or especially in the age. You ask the individual, he has but no detailed ideas, only “independent and self-employed, without being dependent on foreign help”, so many of us want to live it. To fulfill this wish, the Lenningen network on its Internet site offers lots of information and events.