Lohrmann GbR Bergstrasse

March 2, 2016


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Cosima IT implemented new portal to the housing for the elderly since July 1, 2008 presents the Lenninger network business association on a new barrier-free Web site (www.lenninger-netz.de) offers and information around the topic of life in the age. These include events, offers to live in the age and information material. Key criteria for the new appearance of Lenningen network were accessible and intuitive. These criteria are important to be able to understand and because it should be a right of every citizen to perceive all the information. Both failed due to the editorial system cosimWEB 2.0 of esslinger’s company Cosima IT perfectly implemented. Accessibility means the consistent compliance with the conditions of the barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV).

These are fundamentally the separation of content and design, a changeable representation size, different color and contrast ratios and a possible use of the pages using keyboard shortcuts. New website, visitors first see an intuitive navigation and comprehensible content. Also the editorial area was designed for intuitiveness and accessibility. This means that the customer address with cosimWEB is as comfortable and fast possible, as with any other CMS. Everyone has different views of life and living, of course, or especially in the age. You ask the individual, he has but no detailed ideas, only “independent and self-employed, without being dependent on foreign help”, so many of us want to live it. To fulfill this wish, the Lenningen network on its Internet site offers lots of information and events.