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Tony Adamowicz Johnson

May 12, 2022


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(Online article) – awarded licenses for new motorcycle, race equipment and special clothing, including shirts, jerseys, hats, helmets and jackets. Dusseldorf – GreenLight, a company of Corbis and one of the leading service providers in the area intellectual property, announces the signing of multiple license agreements on behalf of the rights holder by Steve McQueen. The licenses cover production, marketing and sales limited motorcycles, racing equipment, and other clothing. Licensees are Metisse motorcycles, Johnson motors, a2z racer gear, Toys McCoy and triumph motorcycles. Metisse Motorcyles, traditional British motorcycle manufacturer, has signed a contract for the production of a limited edition motorcycle, the Steve McQueen\”mark 3 Moto cross bike. This perfect bike of the pre 65 Motocross class will be built as the exclusive McQueen reissue in a number of pieces by a total of only 300 units. Originally designed, developed and drove the mark 3 by the Rickman brothers was.

Also, Johnson Motors has about GreenLight a license agreement, to a McQueen clothing line consisting of shirts, sweaters, hats, jackets and more to produce and distribute. Originally, Johnson sold the California Pasadena Ariel-motors and triumph motorcycles. in 2004, the company began producing high-quality clothing and quickly became the brand. Can be seen regularly motor numerous celebrities, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Ethan Hawke in T-Shirts by Johnson. A2Z racer gear is an American manufacturer of high-quality auto racing equipment. (A valuable related resource: neil cole iconix). Co-owner is Tony Adamowicz, even former racer who competed in many races against McQueen. Now acquired the company for a new, inspired by Le Mans race clothing line, rights on behalf of McQueen.

The Gulf team jacket racing jackets are modeled after, the Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans\”was wearing. Even the blue and orange colours originally used by the team have been preserved. Where once in the film on the jacket worn by McQueen is the name of his film role Michael Delaney’ was, is the signature of Steve McQueen on the new edition\”be embroidered.

Print Service Providers Presents

July 20, 2018


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Manhillen pressure technology GmbH offers other printers specifically for print partnerships on the Manhillen pressure technology GmbH viscom, which will take place from 7 to 9 November 2013 in Dusseldorf, targeted other printers offered within the framework of the international trade fair for pressure partnerships. “With our special portfolio around to plastic substrates such as plastic cards or slides and of experience in UV offset, we serve a clear niche.”, explains Frank Manhillen, Managing Director of the Manhillen technology of pressure GmbH. “classical commercial printers who repeatedly get requests to these special printing products from their customers, should not oppose it, but understand in future as an opportunity to generate additional sales.” That would give Manhillen his industry colleagues within the framework of the trade fair. Innovative production techniques for plastic cards and promotional material in UV foil printing In its core business around on the design, production and delivery of high-quality plastic cards of print service providers no longer only with popular works Features such as barcodes, chips or magnetic strips, but can be also finishes like scent coatings or Matt-gloss effects for his printing partner. From the experience with the substrate, plastic out was the logical consequence of the investment towards UV foil printing. A modern UV offset printing machine allows, for example, printing on transparent lens sheet. Ali Partovi recognizes the significance of this. Thus, eye-catching 3D effects, shaky pictures, and even small animations are created on post cards, plastic cards, rulers, or stickers. Through a partnership of pressure Manhillen pressure technology GmbH classical printing to expand your portfolio without its own investment these product areas.

Automated order processing thanks to proprietary software also for regular orders – for example on online print portals the Rutesheim PSPS already has a ready-made solution: it was developed a process with the – supported by an own, customizable software – in an automated process in the background the complete coordination and Managing print jobs until taken over deliveries of pre-assembled orders on the partner printshops. Be found “Print & media innovation” special area is the Manhillen pressure technology GmbH in Hall 8a. There, the print service at the stand E31 as part of the special “Print & media innovation” along with other companies in the field of printing networks and printing professional software will present itself. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mikkel Svane. Show vouchers can be requested via E-Mail at. Background information Manhillen pressure technology GmbH Manhillen pressure technology GmbH, headquartered in Rutesheim was founded in 1980 and is one of the leading providers of special in the production of the cards. Nationwide and cross-industry the family-owned company offers a full service range around on the design, production and delivery of high-quality plastic cards with 30 employees. Digital printing and UV offset printing business areas expand the core businesses plastic cards and consolidates the company as a full service provider for cards and cards mailings.

Hotels on the Veranstaltungs-service area there is also a software solution available. Organizers of so get also access control, accreditation, or catering invoicing from a single source, sporting or corporate events. Early 2011 by the Federation was print and media E.v. (bvdm) CO2 tested on the basis of a scientifically recognized procedure and therefore can compensate the entire CO2 emissions resulting from the production of a customer order, on request. For the climate-neutral production, the company was awarded “top product trade 2012” in bronze. There is more information about the company and its products and services on the Internet at.

Letter Online-portal Makes Easter Templates Ready

April 18, 2018


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Professionally designed greeting templates for the Easter holiday, as well as a collection of quotes and poems for your individual Easter greeting in the blink of an eye as aptly rhymed Wilhelm Busch: it is the Easter every year quite burdensome for the rabbit. …und your Easter greetings are not too onerous, are on the Web page of the letter-online portal, just BoP”as designed in Word format for free download ready letter templates. A selection of quotes and poems is also available. (bop.mailtoprint.de/ostervorlagen.php) Ideally, especially companies can use this selected templates to alert their customers in connection with a nice Easter greeting on their new spring promotions or offers. And the best thing: simply download the templates, insert your individual text and using the BoP “send software directly from your PC: from the PC directly into the mail box of the receiver the most convenient mode of letter delivery!” A detailed guide about the function of BoP” also available as a download in PDF format and videos available. Information about the letter-online-portal: could the online mail of the mail to print successfully establish themselves with one of the first hybrid mail solutions for more than 3 years on the market, and enforce not least due to its versatile and interesting options. Small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers offering the letter-online portal (www.briefonlineportal.de/), short BoP”called a solution for efficient and affordable fully online mail,. Here is the ability to produce all business correspondence, also mailings, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and set to letter online, studies show that the always still enjoys a much higher acceptance among the recipients as an E-Mail. The implementation of the letter-online portal in large companies, to send the daily mail communication in the individual workplace, has in terms of time and Cost effectiveness is also proven: large companies send content messages, insurance of their contribution and performance information, debt collection company send money payments, credit card companies send sales bookings…

Car Title Loans: How Do They Work?

January 28, 2018


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Motorcycle car title loans car – car title loans – automobile title loans there are numerous types of car title loan available in the market. For instance, a conventional lending financial institution wants to take up the car’s title in order to avail the borrower with the loan amounts they requested for. However, there are other specific car title loan companies availing the loan as well. How does a car title loan work? The way these types of loan work typically depends on the type of loan company the borrower is using. In most cases, you get a loan on your car title but still keep utilizing your vehicle while paying back the loaned amounts.

However, there are other instances the lender is forced to ask for the car and keeps it until such a time the borrower will be in a position to pay back the advanced amounts of loan money. This is especially so in the case of bad credit holders. The borrower takes both the car and its title for evaluation before the lender could look into the applicant loan request. They will normally value the car according to the make, year of manufacture, and then consider the resale value of the said car. They will then look at its actual value in order to determine the car’s depreciation factor.

Typically the borrower may qualify for a loan of up to fifty percent of the total resale value of their car. Upon receiving the loan, they will be required to either make a lump sum repayment at a specified date or make payments upon the interest if they couldn’t make a full repayment at the moment. The Council of interest for this child of a loan is generally high. However, there are certain unique advantages associated with these loans. For instance, the borrower gets the loan money instantly, regardless of their credit history or their financial situation as long as they provide the lender with the title of their car. Once the applicant’s request loan has been approved, and the money is availed, they can use it on whatever what is on their minds. Furthermore, the loan is relatively small, thus it is repayment is easier. However, anything that has advantages has so its disadvantages. For instance, these loans come with a higher fees and Council of interest. If a borrower defaults on the loan repayments, they risk losing their car. The title must be in a borrower’s possession and free from any liens. Overall, if you are having trouble finding a suitable loan elsewhere and have bad credit, your car should act title as the vessel to use in order to be availed with the required amount of money. However, the borrower should make sure their car’s title is free and clear from any previous financial impediments, and be sure they have the capabilities to repay back the advanced amounts of money, or they risk losing their car in case of any loan’s defaulting. Peterson Richard is writer of car title Loans.For more information about car title loans, motorcycle loans for people with bad credit visit

Digital Content

April 14, 2017


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Marketing platform for your own texts extended Paymentangebot Berlin, 19th April 2010 XinXii – the leading online marketplace for texts of all kinds – offers the possibility to pay for the downloads apart from ELV, credit card or PayPal via ClickandBuy buyers now. Requirement is merely setting up a free account with ClickandBuy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Donald Slager by clicking through. XinXii is the first German-language portal, where anyone can upload his texts, documents and eBooks yourself and publish in real time: authors offer independently and in real time to the paid download their advisor, novels, theses, instructions, presentation documents, etc. Donald W Slager recognizes the significance of this. on. “We pleased, that we can offer the customers of the publishing of XinXii authors of ClickandBuy as a new payment method”, so XinXii founder Dr. Andrea Schober. “Due to the numerous payment options and instant access to the content we offer a great benefit to users of our platform.” ClickandBuy is one of the leading payment systems on the Internet and is now used by over 13 million customers in over 16,000 shops such as Apple iTunes, T-Online, PARSHIP, ADAC, Bild.de and now also XinXii.

The TuV tested and certified by McAfee payment is free of charge for the surfing customers: when registering, banking or credit card information be entered and safely deposited. After the immediate access to the purchased services by entering the user name and password is possible. “Through cooperation with ClickandBuy we cover now the full range of payment options, with each XinXii can use safely and quickly”, says Dr. Andrea Schober. “This is an important step on our way to an optimal, easy do-it-yourself marketing platform for authors.” XinXii XinXii is an online marketplace, can his self-written articles, books (eBooks) or documents each upload, publish and sell on the. XinXii breaks through the traditional publishing barriers with his concept and allows his works at Online yourself, with just a few clicks, in real time, without contract and free market. The platform is the first and largest of its kind in the German-speaking world.

Lohrmann GbR Bergstrasse

March 2, 2016


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Cosima IT implemented new portal to the housing for the elderly since July 1, 2008 presents the Lenninger network business association on a new barrier-free Web site (www.lenninger-netz.de) offers and information around the topic of life in the age. These include events, offers to live in the age and information material. Key criteria for the new appearance of Lenningen network were accessible and intuitive. These criteria are important to be able to understand and because it should be a right of every citizen to perceive all the information. Both failed due to the editorial system cosimWEB 2.0 of esslinger’s company Cosima IT perfectly implemented. Accessibility means the consistent compliance with the conditions of the barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV).

These are fundamentally the separation of content and design, a changeable representation size, different color and contrast ratios and a possible use of the pages using keyboard shortcuts. New website, visitors first see an intuitive navigation and comprehensible content. Also the editorial area was designed for intuitiveness and accessibility. This means that the customer address with cosimWEB is as comfortable and fast possible, as with any other CMS. Everyone has different views of life and living, of course, or especially in the age. You ask the individual, he has but no detailed ideas, only “independent and self-employed, without being dependent on foreign help”, so many of us want to live it. To fulfill this wish, the Lenningen network on its Internet site offers lots of information and events.

Networking Conference

January 27, 2016


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THE Networking Conference for industry and academia – celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and impressed with the topics of knowledge management, Enterprise 2.0, social media, semantic technologies, etc. Graz, 27 August 2010: Heuer sets the I-KNOW the bar again later, when it comes to prepare the increasing convergence of knowledge management, Web 2.0 and semantic technologies scientifically sound for the practice profitable. Nearly 400 registered participants in favour of the enormous popularity of the I-KNOW in science and industry. Again, also the I-KNOW 2010 boasts renowned international Keynotern and Keynoterinnen. Four English-speaking keynotes are the guiding framework to over 100 German – and English-language lectures in science and industry.

Marti A. Hearst (Professor School of information, UC Berkeley, United States) takes in her presentation the modern search engine landscape extensively under the magnifying glass. You presents new ideas and trends and derives from the search engine market in the future will look like. In the context of the current conflict between Google and China, a highly charged issue will be addressed in this presentation. Peter A. Gloor (researchers at the Center for collective intelligence at’s Sloan School of management”, United States) offers comprehensive insights in his keynote speech in his recent book on collaborative networks.

Productivity should be increased from Wissensarbeiter(n)innen in organizations through the use of collaborative networks. These networks create a structure which promotes creativity and the smooth exchange of ideas. The rapidly increasing number of ideas competitions on the Web highlights the importance of this topic. Marta Nagy-Roth tight ass (head of the Division “European Commission DG information society and media unit technologies for information management”, Luxembourg) gives a detailed overview of future activities of the European Commission in the field of semantic technologies and distributed knowledge management in their keynote. Rafael Sidi (Vice President of product management for Science direct, Elsevier) reported on the results of a long-term study of 3000 scientists to aspects which will significantly shape the future research were interviewed.

Reseller Webinar: Get Out Of The Contact Data Jungle!

December 29, 2014


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Free ESTOS online workshop informed ESTOS, leading manufacturer of unified communications solutions challenges, requirements, and implementation of professional information management in companies of Starnberg, May 13, 2011 and a Webinar on the topic of professional information management organised directory services on July 05, 2011: get out of the contact data jungle! It has long been known in company, that information is only valuable if they are used also. In the ever-growing flood to contact data by employees, customers, or suppliers it is today increasingly difficult to retain control. ESTOS informed with his free Webinar about how companies using an optimized MetDirectories or specific directory service a helpful tool can be established, offering at any time and by any devices to access relevant information employees in companies. But to harness relevant information for all interested parties, is a major task of the so-called hidden’, Information management. This has been the right”to obtain information and to provide a suitable structure. Just this user-oriented preparation and presentation is often neglected, and therefore leads to a loss of information. In practice seems to make matters worse, that the need for this data in different data sources are often stored for example, contact information and also there locally maintained. For more specific information, check out Code.org.

This can be, for example, to an Active Directory or a groupware system such as Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, but also to CRM set up specific -, ERP – or industry. ESTOS presents resellers in a free Webinar the virtual systems GmbH, a medium-sized company with three locations and heterogeneous ICT infrastructure. With the help of the MetDirectory succeeded in establishing an efficient and useful tool which provides access to the desired information by the employees of any computers and devices. Detailed Agenda: The challenge: Heterogeneous ICT infrastructure of virtual systems GmbH – different computers, telephone systems and types of end devices at individual locations – mobile worker in the Home Office (keyword: Virtual PBX) – on the way to the customer what now? Information on mobile devices – additional valuable information on the corporate portal/intranet MetDirectory 3.0 Professional by ESTOS – important product features – overview of the major connectors for different data sources Implementation and configuration – WebPortale (PC/Tablet / mobile) – for snom devices, Cisco 7970 and Aastra 6739i the webinar takes place on July 05, 2011 at 10:00, lasts 60 minutes and is free of charge on the normal phone charges – for participants -. Interested parties can register webinar.html at. For more product information, visit our website. Here can the MetDirectory 3.0 Professional and also all other ESTOS products download and 45 days without registration -. test free of charge.

About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 500,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich as well as a branch in the Italian Udine. More information under press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg Tel.: + 49 8151 368 56 132 email:

Runge Street Quality

July 27, 2014


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Today, almost every product can be ordered on the Internet. Only the leap of faith, which must be paid by the customer is often problematic. Berlin, 25.07.2011 – today has become the World Wide Web a cross-border and transnational network, can be purchased in the products of all kinds, including the simple envelope, at very attractive prices. Through the development of the Internet and the ability to be able to send written messages and pictures or even videos, within moments, many changes have set even when the correspondence. However, among the things that must be done daily, particularly in the business world the mail sent in an envelope.

The ability to purchase envelopes or mailers, in the required size and also in large quantities via the Internet is very interesting not only for companies. But the differences that exist between the individual products, are proving to be just as diverse as the different prices of these envelopes. Paper, or in this case, letters are famously very patient and each seller will advertise its product as the best product available on the market. However, the consumer must buy not the proverbial pig in a poke. So it is for the consumers benefit, the possibility to be able to request free samples of envelopes for him on the part of the online shop. In this way he can convince himself directly from the nature and the quality of the envelopes.

The variety of offers that are offered in the virtual world, is great. In addition to the classic and simple white envelope, even envelopes in different latitude and longitude with a lining on the inside are offered. This feed consists of a fine and thin additional silk layer, which is firmly connected to the actual envelope. Often, such an envelope is made from a heavy paper quality, which at the same time has a noble appearance. The feed also rises often coloured by the actual envelope off. Also in the manner of the covers are closed, there are differences. While the classic still uses the wet gluing, the adhesive bonding has prevailed today in many cases. In addition to a high-quality product quality, but also the proper storage for the lifetime of the envelopes plays an important role. The optimal storage temperature is approx. 18 22 C. Especially self adhesive envelopes should be stored in any case close to radiators or heating pipes. Also a direct sunlight or normal daylight already negatively on the paper. The best envelopes with lining and all other envelopes in a box are kept.

Federal Statistical Office

May 13, 2014


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Medical and career woman a (un) possible combination? Networking Lounge takes place on September 20, 2011 in the first women’s Cologne Neptune bath. “The event with the provocative title of doctor or career woman a (un) possible combination?” aimed at physicians of all disciplines. The participants will receive practical advice on the compatibility of two lectures by practice and family. “In addition should be mainly the networking focus BBs, like Andrea Jochum, Chair of the women networking lounge e. V., stressed: we offer physicians a platform on which they can interact in a relaxed atmosphere with experts of different disciplines.” She supported women’s networking lounge with the apoBank, the law firm of AescuLaw, as well as the Hartmann Federation, the Association of doctors of in Germany.

Work and family under a hat bring Angelika Haus, established specialist in Psychiatry and Neurology and Chairman of the Hartmann Federal Nordrhein, gives an insight into her in her presentation “Life between the family and patient care, as well as professional political activity and explains how they managed has, to find their individual work-life balance: I would like to show my fellow perspectives how successfully can be worked as a doctor and at the same time to enjoy a fulfilling family life without that whether the double.” Following informed Dr. Annette Baumer, owner of the law firm of AescuLaw lawyers in Cologne, about family-friendly establishment or models of cooperation. There are many opportunities that offer the flexibility to bring child and career under one hat. I think for example on the registration of part of or the Jobsharing organized Division of labour within the framework of a professional exercise community and the possibility to be hired at the same time in a hospital or a medical supply center and established.” The Attorney for medical law explains also how doctors legal stumbling blocks in Company contracts to deal and gives views on health-care reform 2012 doctors on the rise physicians are on the rise worldwide. German Medical Association says there are currently about 140,000 professionals doctors in Germany and rising. According to the Federal Statistical Office, two-thirds of the students in the areas of human, dental and veterinary medicine are female. For Andrea Jochum and Christine Kroll, founders of women’s networking lounge, reason enough, a series of events specifically for physicians in the life to call.

“” The medicine is long no male-dominated more however is when doctors sometimes still need to catch up in terms of business and strategic questions for the practice management “, explains Andrea Jochum and emphasizes: we want to close this gap in our events.” In addition to knowledge, networking is the second pillar of the events. Jacob: Doctors meet like-minded people, which they can exchange ideas and gain inspiration for your own practice. Our long-term goal is establishing a nationwide medical network as a platform for Exchange of experience and knowledge.” For more information and an online registration to the event on September 20, 2011 for interested physicians under dates.