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Federal Statistical Office

May 13, 2014


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Medical and career woman a (un) possible combination? Networking Lounge takes place on September 20, 2011 in the first women’s Cologne Neptune bath. “The event with the provocative title of doctor or career woman a (un) possible combination?” aimed at physicians of all disciplines. The participants will receive practical advice on the compatibility of two lectures by practice and family. “In addition should be mainly the networking focus BBs, like Andrea Jochum, Chair of the women networking lounge e. V., stressed: we offer physicians a platform on which they can interact in a relaxed atmosphere with experts of different disciplines.” She supported women’s networking lounge with the apoBank, the law firm of AescuLaw, as well as the Hartmann Federation, the Association of doctors of in Germany.

Work and family under a hat bring Angelika Haus, established specialist in Psychiatry and Neurology and Chairman of the Hartmann Federal Nordrhein, gives an insight into her in her presentation “Life between the family and patient care, as well as professional political activity and explains how they managed has, to find their individual work-life balance: I would like to show my fellow perspectives how successfully can be worked as a doctor and at the same time to enjoy a fulfilling family life without that whether the double.” Following informed Dr. Annette Baumer, owner of the law firm of AescuLaw lawyers in Cologne, about family-friendly establishment or models of cooperation. There are many opportunities that offer the flexibility to bring child and career under one hat. I think for example on the registration of part of or the Jobsharing organized Division of labour within the framework of a professional exercise community and the possibility to be hired at the same time in a hospital or a medical supply center and established.” The Attorney for medical law explains also how doctors legal stumbling blocks in Company contracts to deal and gives views on health-care reform 2012 doctors on the rise physicians are on the rise worldwide. German Medical Association says there are currently about 140,000 professionals doctors in Germany and rising. According to the Federal Statistical Office, two-thirds of the students in the areas of human, dental and veterinary medicine are female. For Andrea Jochum and Christine Kroll, founders of women’s networking lounge, reason enough, a series of events specifically for physicians in the life to call.

“” The medicine is long no male-dominated more however is when doctors sometimes still need to catch up in terms of business and strategic questions for the practice management “, explains Andrea Jochum and emphasizes: we want to close this gap in our events.” In addition to knowledge, networking is the second pillar of the events. Jacob: Doctors meet like-minded people, which they can exchange ideas and gain inspiration for your own practice. Our long-term goal is establishing a nationwide medical network as a platform for Exchange of experience and knowledge.” For more information and an online registration to the event on September 20, 2011 for interested physicians under dates.

Marketing Director

May 3, 2014


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More amplification in the commitment to protection against burglary and fire protection for protection against burglary and fire protection the nonprofit network is home safely”a. The Hartmann safes AG combines both topics with their products. What is so obvious to combine with social commitment to safety as our security standards for safes? “, says Christian Fretter, Marketing Director of Hartmann safes AG. So both burglar-proof and fire-proof safes include safes range by Hartman. Additionally, including industry-specific security solutions and exclusive, custom-made are Designtresore available.

Protection against burglary and fire prevention are societal tasks, the successful solution of which requires commitment and proven security technology. “With Hartmann safes AG we have gained a new partner, which brings both the one and the other”, Carolin Hackemack, Managing Director of the network would be home safe “. Risk and consequences of Be misjudged often collapses and fires. Every four minutes is broken into an apartment. The fire brigade in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2012 alone moved out to over 37,000 fire missions. The consequences are often dire for those affected. Burglars steal valuables, memorabilia, and the feeling of security their victims.

Fires can destroy an existence and even kill. Burglar-resistant Windows and doors, electronic security systems, certified safes and smoke detectors belong to recommended practice by police and fire departments. “The network home safe” combines the use of police and fire brigade with the commitment of professional craftsmen and companies from industry, trade, services and insurance industry. Together the network partners offer an escort on the way to the safe home citizens from police security advice on the expert advice and installation of the companies the prevention of plaque.

IBM Magento

April 27, 2014


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Paynova Payment services are integrated into the E-commerce platform Magento Paynova, a leading provider of national and international online payment services, and network best, one of the leading providers for the outsourcing of IT services and business process optimization on the German market, have agreed to integrate the Paynova Payment services in the E-commerce platform Magento. By integrating Active dealers of Paynova in Magento on the European market now also benefit from Paynova’s comprehensive payment solutions. To take advantage of Paynova AB and AC best GmbH join forces to provide European Magento merchants, the diversity of the Paynova Payment services through the Magento Paynova cartridge”. According to the existing and proven Paynova interfaces (cartridges) with leading E-commerce platform providers, such as Intershop, IBM, WebSphere Commerce, oxide and epages, the Paynova Payment services on the Magento platform are available. Paynova merchant will be through the cooperation of the Experience of network best GmbH with well-known companies in the E-commerce market benefit.

(The new Magento Paynova cartridge”is services such as online payment solutions (E.g. visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, discover, Maestro and Visa electron), online banking solutions (such as Directebanking/Sofortbanking, iDeal (NL)), online banking payments (SE, NE, FL, DK)), ELV (direct debit DE) as well as provide solutions for advance payments by customers; all of this complemented with Receivables Management and debt collection services, conducted a comprehensive customer management system. The following services are components of the payment services: risk management services for credit and debit cards (such as fraud screening”as well as full PCI level 1 certification) for ELV – and invoice (such as black/white Listing” and bank account validation (ELV)). We are proud of the fact that we through the partnership with network best customers the long-term Experience of network best GmbH and their proven solutions for system integration and business process optimization can offer. This ensures a reliable and optimum integration of the Paynova Payment services in the Magento E-commerce platform”so Paynova CEO Simon Thaning. The unique integration Paynova with leading E-commerce platforms and their dealers served as an inspiration for the development and operation of Magento Paynova cartridge”, in which we have put our many years of experience as a provider of systems integration and business process optimization, explains Sebastian Hafa, Managing Director of network best GmbH. About Paynova, Paynova is a leading provider of online payment services.

The company’s solutions are aimed primarily at large online retailers and include also a variety of optional services such as advanced solutions to protect against fraud in addition to the basic services. Furthermore, Paynova offers its customers a comprehensive range of services, including Payment solutions throughout Europe enabling online retailers to offer their products on the Chinese market. Is the company on NGM Equity since February 2004. For more information, see. About network best GmbH, the network best GmbH with seat in Berlin was founded in 2008 by Holger Sorg and Sebastian Hafa. The company specializes in the technical implementation of E-Commerce and online solutions and supports customers of from different industry or size of the medium-sized companies to international corporations. Customers such as the PSI AG and Nestle have for years on successful cooperation with the Berlin Web specialists.