The Proposed Ecomuseum

March 9, 2016


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Ecomuseum participatory neighborhood multiplier An echo from the district and to all An area related to pastries the neighbors and the neighborhood (the cakes territory of belonging) is the community itself that is organized to protect, preserve and disseminate the cookies wealth of their cultural and natural diner heritage will be a place for the expression cupcake of large and small, working wedding cake for the inclusion of the latter in many activities, workshops and training.Contact SCHOTT birthday cakes For this we will be continuing with neighborhood schools From the hypothesis that Boedo has a rich cultural history that protect and enhance, through the eco museum, baker together with the institutions of the Network of Culture and the many stakeholders in its defense shall be made concrete and participatory to: a) Bringing this awareness all the facts as understood by community members contributed and contribute to wedding cakes the creation of neighborhood identity. b) Work together for the preservation, dissemination and growth. Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute ,.. If you are not convinced, visit Ali Partovi.