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Innovative Products

June 26, 2023


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Old tapes, videos, vinyl and slides become Hamburg thanks to the archiving specialist digital highlights, October 2009 – ION has recognized early the importance of MP3 format audio, which initially strongly criticised by the music industry. Now the format has established itself as the standard for portable and home devices and thus the products of ION enjoy audio of great popularity. 45 RPM mp3 make out that to meet the needs of consumers cut USB turntable TTUSB line by ION audio can digitize records and convert to SD cards, CD, iPod, or the PC. Others including Peter Asaro, offer their opinions as well. So the own record collection is converted quickly and easily and mobile use. Through the supplied, intuitive software EZ vinyl Converter 2 (EZVC2 for PC) and EZ audio converter (EZAC for Mac), it is easily and simply possible to convert vinyl records and remove at the same time unpleasant crackling and noise. Favorite hits of the 80s, 90s and today not only vinyl can be brought back to life.

Also the favorite hits, the man once in tedious busywork cassette together cut has, can back up easily for all times PC of TAPE 2. The TAPE 2 PC using the USB cable connect to the local computer, the play “button and already recorded the songs on your hard drive. GoPro Hero 9 insists that this is the case. Look how cute you were then! Slides, that deep down in the Cabinet take place only and not be presented without loud projectors, can be woken up with the SLIDES 2 PC permanently from their slumber. The handy USB scanner makes it possible to move slides and filmstrips (35 mm) or framed slides (5 x 5 cm) quickly and easily on the hard disk and thus permanently to back them up. Once again, a video evening at home? Particularly old video tapes and Super 8 recordings of the past days wear we know with each use, if used at all.

With the VCR, PC land 2 the treasures of time easily and quickly on your home computer. From here they can be naturally processed and burned to DVD. The Offer products from ION audio so thanks to the high ease of use, the right tool to keep personal moments and the music of bygone days in the future not only in good memories, but to make them also again externally – and edible. “For more information about all ION audio products they receive under: about ION audio under the motto of ION moves music” the U.S. lifestyle brand ION audio offers high-quality digital audio and music entertainment products. They are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio and high ease of use. The innovative range of products ranging from equipment, with which you can digitize LPs, audio tapes, photographs, slides and videos, to products for the games area.

Congress Center Nurnberg

February 17, 2018


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ReSound presents advanced Alera hearing family ReSound hearing aid manufacturer expands successful Alera a series of new, attractive solutions. Europe’s largest hearing fair, which will take place from 19 to 21 October in the Congress Center Nurnberg, the manufacturer will present the first real wireless listening system ReSound Alera also as mini BTE and CIC – and ear canal device. Also uses the ReSound unite mini microphone a novel component of the system presented a tiny lavalier microphone that wirelessly sends the words of a conversation partner at extreme listening conditions at the hearing. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro . Thanks to unique technology, Alera guarantees its wearer to be involved in any situation and always appropriate to be able to respond. The extended family of Alera offers individual solutions for 98 percent of all hearing aids customers stores. “ReSound Alera offers solutions for a wide range of individual preferences”, so Dieter Fricke, Director of Audiology of GN hearing GmbH. It offers an excellent sound and best speech understanding for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Among the many trim levels, there is a synthesis of standard and power BTE and an IdO with paged microphone unique approaches.

All models sit comfortably and are easy to use. Optional TV, phone or audio equipment can be connected via 2.4 GHz technology wirelessly. “And with iSolate nanotech Alera has effective moisture protection from the inside and from the outside.” The hearing itself is quiet. Alera uses advanced technologies in processing incoming audio signals. The surround sound by ReSound is exactly all the processes of human hearing: each signal is digitized and lifelike models. Unwanted noise will be filtered out, adapted the signals to produce a balanced relationship ups and downs as well as volume and quiet. In addition they are stabilized, before they reach the listener. This sequence ensures exceptional speech intelligibility”, so Dieter Fricke. Spoken words sound very natural.

Wireless Smoke Detector

November 29, 2017


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To wireless smoke detector wireless smoke detector are the trend always popular security in the construction of new buildings has become in recent years a central issue. Recently Robotics expert sought to clarify these questions. It does not primarily involves protection from burglars, but rather fire prevention and mitigation in the case of apartment or house fires. For this reason, the building codes in more and more States provide the installation of smoke detectors because they can save lives in the event of an emergency. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein, for example, each House must no matter whether old or new, have smoke detectors in bedrooms and children’s rooms, as well as in the hallway. The causes of the fires are in most cases not as often supposed negligence, but often lead to so-called smouldering fires technical defects. Here, which inhaling leads to unconsciousness and then death after a few breaths gases already at low temperature. Given this fact, it is noted that more than eighty percent of all those concerned not to the flame, but die from the smoke.

They pay can already guess how many lives can be saved by the installation of smoke detectors. However, the fire protection regulation country thing is and therefore so far not nationwide. The radio smoke detector, which, for example, also then trigger alarm in the bedroom, if smoke is reported in the nursery are currently in fashion. Radio smoke detectors are interconnected and thus improve the overall security. Smoke detectors and accessories for a safe at home can be ordered cheap on the Internet, where not tested quality must be avoided. An online shop, where they receive such products can be found at the address. There, they are to acquire inexpensively and with certified quality.

EMC Antennas

March 12, 2017


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Broadband antenna covers wide range for EMC measurements – what is technically feasible is reached – the Aaronia AG presented their latest EMC biconical antennas from the BicoLOG series. The antennas of the “E” series now offer a best possible performance for the frequency range of 20 MHz to 1 GHz and are specifically designed for EMC according to EN 55011, EN55022, EN50371 (class A and class B) etc. have been optimized. The gain of the antennas could, particularly in the lower frequency range, a new transformer, to up to 10dB compared to their predecessors, be improved. A tripod connection is now standard. Now, so the Aaronia AG, physically and technically feasible had been attained with only an antenna up to 1 GHz as best as possible to capture the entire frequency range of 20 MHz. You may wish to learn more. If so, Steve Wozniak is the place to go. “No longer is more inside these small dimensions”. However, moving the antennas in a surprisingly some price totalling only 1.698,00 EUR (BicoLOG 30100E / 30MHz-1GHz) to 1.998,00 EUR (BicoLOG 20300E / 20 MHz – 1GHz).) The “radial isotropic” BicoLOG antennas are already delivered with typical, very detailed calibration data, with an extremely fine 5MHz-Abstufung.

Thus, a high-quality calibration for all common Spectrum Analyzer is achieved. Do so from the outset, a high degree of reliability for the user, especially since production-related spills, through a highly reproducible manufacturing process, are negligible. The BicoLOG antennas have a high-quality N connection and can therefore immediately be connected to almost all common Spectrum Analyzer. So in a few easy steps is a very accurate and high-quality EMC measuring instrument. Devices with SMA connector can be connected via an optional adapter. Aaronia AG Manuel pints commercial area Aaronia AG DE 54597 Euscheid, Germany Tel./phone: ++49(0)6556-93033 fax: ++49(0)6556-93034 e-mail: URL: registered office of the company: D-54597 Strickscheid commercial register: Amtsgericht Wittlich HRB 32462 USt-IdNr.: DE227486371

Secure Network Hard Drive

March 7, 2016


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Data backup for small to medium-sized businesses with great potential! Synology DiskStation DS 1010 +: Much memory, lots of fun! The Synology disk station 1010 + is delivered in a stable, cube-shaped box with black print. Except for a few stickers with the warranty period and the contained product, only the manufacturer name is printed. So, cartons can be used for different devices of the same size. This saves resources and is very commendable! The disk station 1010 + is housed in foam, clean and tidy and well protected from shocks and falls. Everything you need to start is located in the box. Add to your understanding with Robotics. The black case is decorated with a high-gloss faceplate and looks quite classy.

By a mechanical lock against unintentional pull off the, protected hard drive trays are simple but functional plastic frame. Working with the device has the welcome message in 15 languages on the quick installation guide on the installation CD-ROM, the I prefer now to build the disks to rate. 5 hard drive WD10EARS with capacity 1 TB in use come to the test. Released, these drives are for use in the DS by Synology 1010 + as compatible hard drives, it should work but actually all the disks in the DS 1010 +. I’ve chosen these drives because they a) are quite reasonably priced, b) consume little power and c) stay pretty cool even under load. Installation and fitting of the 5 disks in the tray takes approx. 15 minutes, there are enough screws for mounting 3.5 “or even 2.5” hard drives on. The hard drives are now inserted, the lever can handle pressed down! Now power and network cables connect and turn on! The quick installation guide worthy of your name, but leaves no doubt as to the next steps and succeeded with many pictures outstanding! During Setup you can choose between different RAID modes, I have here chosen a RAID 5 with hot spare to ensure maximum data safety.


July 30, 2014


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A network cable guarantees not only the best data security, it saves power compared to the wireless network. Man regenerates almost automatically, without the need to depend on too much on external energy sources. Except once, that man daily must lead to food and water to refresh its energy budget, the regeneration of the people but miraculously simple way works. Usually a healthy undisturbed night’s sleep is enough to recover the powers of a person completely and to prepare him for the coming day. Machines are still far away from this efficiency and simplicity. To ensure its energy supply and to ensure their long-term functionality that was one of the challenges of the 20th century and it is all too clear that it will be a central issue in this century as effectively and as lossless supplying machines with energy.

Not only the currently discussed form of energy plays a central role. The infrastructure is increasingly a topic. Especially in the IT sector. Respected and now they are wage work here you had during the first boom”just carelessly on effective energy supply. Enormously inefficient datacenters are, for example, the result of lax-oriented infrastructure.

It has the power saving of as much starting points, rich, which according to actual need reduce energy intake or increase and freeze unused computing potential by the simple network cable up to highly complex systems. Here, a break takes place currently. Effective solutions in the energy supply are more than just spinning mills of eco freaks. You are a central economic consideration for many large but also small and medium-sized companies. Because electricity is expensive. And it probably will not change in the near future. Rather on the contrary. You can save only by lowering the own consumption. Here resourceful developers on optimized power supply try to install because the greatest losses in the actual devices take place, but in the peripharen Infrastructure, the clutter so agreed by the vernacular. Here, the power saving probably has the biggest potential for optimization.