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Plating Power Supply Elements

November 30, 2016


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Technique works on the network adapters, zealous owners use batteries, but all the same number of different batteries is so high that the choice sometimes turns into a flour. This partly contributes to appropriate advertising 'storm'. Commercials, colorful brochures, magazine articles breathlessly touted certain batteries and power supplies, using plenty of superlatives. Stunned and blinded by the mass lost and the buyer often chooses for himself batteries, not based on technical parameters, and suitable price. But the expensive batteries are not always the best and the cheapest is not always the worst. It confirmed by tests, both domestic and foreign independent research. Actually, strictly speaking, the name of 'batteries' are not entirely correct, more precisely – 'galvanic cell', but in everyday speech is rarely using the correct technical terms. Often translated from foreign languages do those who do not have the technical (professional) language.

The total number of basic concepts and parameters and their abbreviations in power supplies for domestic radio is small. They recommended the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the underlying standards of various countries. Terminology manufacturers is much more extensive, and the root cause of this is primarily a desire to dissociate itself from its competitors, giving their minor improvements shade of novelty and originality, to win the market and pocket the buyer. Familiar with correct terminology and other theoretical issues and technical specifications can and must be in reference books. By the way, you'll find such an important characteristic of a galvanic cell (hereinafter GE), as Capacity – inverters. Knowing the capacity and power consumption, you can see the duration of the ET of a particular manufacturer and choose the most suitable. History of the ET comes from the Italian scientist Luigi experiments Galvani held since 1780 A. Volta, the world's first GE with electrodes made of copper and zinc and use as an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid (at the turn of 1799 and 1800), put the electricity in the service of man there which still could not reach the wire plants.

And in recognition of A. Volta is now in the International System of Units SI voltage measured in volts. How to choose the right ET, and in the presence of known species share of confusion. This is due to different standards. Hear other arguments on the topic with Don Slager. For example GE used as a power source for the player (uninterruptible power supply) could be labeled as part of AA on the U.S. Standard ANSI (American National Standards Institute) or R6 – designation, as recommended by the IEC. In the domestic GOST such an element is referred to as A-316. There are also refer to UM, AM3 and commercial name MIGNON. Such the situation for the rest of the ET occurring in the market. A little easier choice is that the device itself and / or in the manual to it always specified size to use the power supply. Except sizes, different electrochemical ET system, which, in general, and defines parameters such as capacity, shelf life, etc. In the domestic market, the most common manganese-zinc ET, and depending from use of the electrochemical system, they are divided into salt, chloride and alkaline. In all three types of electrodes are used as zinc and manganese dioxide.

Russian Prince: Steel Doors

November 24, 2016


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The company "RUSSIAN PRINCE" in the market selling prefabricated steel doors for 5 years, earning the trust of residents of St. Source: Ali Partovi. Petersburg and the region by installing more than 100 thousand doors, it is said that more than a thousand residents monthly trust their safety and security of their property in our products. Retail network there is not so long ago, but rapidly evolving. We already occupy a leading position in the market, and six stores in the city – it's just beginning. The company "RUSSIAN PRINCE" offers two classes of doors: the class of "protection" and class "Prestige". Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. In the class of "Protection" perfectly combines exciting design finds and increased Burglar.

On the door A complex safe locks, crossbars which will open in three directions, in headroom, and the threshold of the castle-metal frame. Locks are hidden under two sheets of stainless steel of 1.5 mm, blade made welded-bending way. Additional protection is provided by the armor – lining. Locks are equipped with closing no key (keyless), and lighting. Of course, a lock will not stop the perpetrator, but the two make up a large problem in case of burglary. All our doors are equipped with additional locks, they can be as basic lock cylinder and can be lever type. The most serious instance of the class "Protection" is the model RC-TWIN: thickness of the door 100 mm, solid protivosem, four hidden adjustable hinges, and most importantly closing systems COMPLEX CASTLE TWIN . TWIN is located parallel to the two locks, one by one, united one cylinder.

Technical Regulation

November 21, 2016


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Most often these benefits are specific requirements for the footnotes of the university, departments, often – very arbitrary. A related site: Pete Cashmore mentions similar findings. This situation has, until recently, was due to that act on various footnotes, and scattered among them, state standards applicable to different fields. Accordingly, the universities themselves formed for themselves and their students those requirements to the footnotes, which seemed to them, for whatever reasons, the most acceptable. Fortunately for all writers, April 28, 2008 Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of its Order 95-station adopted the National Standard of the Russian Federation GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic reference. It is not something Steve Wozniak would like to discuss. General requirements and rules for compilation.

" He was the first in domestic practice Standardization establishes general requirements and rules for bibliographic references called basic kinds of footnotes, footnotes indicate the structure, its composition, location in the documents. The national standard, either directly indicated in the text applies to the references used in the published and unpublished documents in any medium, and is designed for authors, editors and publishers. These guidelines can be interpreted in such a way that the standard, which is a national, mandatory for use in all print media, publications, including university studies. Don Slager oftentimes addresses this issue. Student work – is, of course, work copyrights, and the universities are the publishers of scientific organizations, student activities and publications. In other words, today, finally, we received a national standard, which solved the problem of registration of footnotes! Remains expected, probably in the near future that the guidelines will be adjusted according to university this standard.

This will lead to the expected long-uniformity and student theses and term papers, make clear procedure for processing options in accordance with their views, embodied in the National Standard. However, it appears that the Russian national standard GOST R 7.0.5-2008 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules of making "should be some way to promote, in the language of marketing," promote "a great mass of writing. Up until now, despite the fact that this standard has been in almost two years (from January 1, 2009), mentioning it almost never occur. Higher education continues to reissue the old manuals, and Internet users to ask space network, in essence, the same question: "How to draw a footnote?". Yes, that's so dear, as set called the National standard! Read it and learn how to draw up a footnote in your degree and coursework!

CompuWatch Protect

November 6, 2016


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"Compact" uninterruptible power supplies aeg positioned as solutions for the protection of small loads (up to 24 kVA). aeg Power Solutions represented in this segment of the equipment of three classes: off-line (Protect Home), line-interactive (Protect A, Protect B) and double conversion ups (Protect C, Protect 1, Protect 1.M). Uninterruptible Power Protect A produced in the power spectrum 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1400 va. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue. These ups single-phase output created using the line-interactive Technology that allows support automatic voltage regulation. The updated line of Protect A ups is equipped with very clear led on the front panel for models 500 and 700 va and informative lcd display showing the input and output voltage, battery voltage, load level, while autonomy for models 1000 and 1400 va. The structure models Protect A includes overload protection and intelligent charger. Potting not serviced the batteries are protected against deep discharge by a special circuit. Protect A ups is equipped with usb ports, and RS232.

Included with the equipment supplied and communication cables, software CompuWatch (for Windows, Mac os, Linux and other OS) on cd, including including – one license for remote monitoring over a network. The proposed monitoring system provides tracking not only the current status of the ups, but also to pass parameters to the state of the environment, reading them with sensors temperature, humidity, smoke, motion, etc., and even the status of third-party equipment in common with the ups network. Each package "compact" ups is a set of software needed for the closure of five servers. For aeg ps is characterized by the highest standards of quality and continuous improvement of equipment and the proposed service. This is one of the few manufacturers in the world to develop devices for both systems, backup ac power supply and for direct current. It should be noted that along with the traditional characteristics peculiar to the equipment of this class, "compact" ups aeg have the possibility of parallel redundant systems (Protect C, Protect 1, Protect 1.M). Moreover, in line with the present decision a very long backup – Protect CS


November 2, 2016


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Lead Gen / Petitions or records This second type of web sites that base their business in generating Leads (records or requests for information) are surely the most games can be drawn from an AdWords campaign and Web analytics. At sites Leads Generation the most important metrics to analyze are: volume of leads generated, click conversion rate to Lead, revenue generated per lead, cost per lead and benefit of each visit. Most of the information we need is offered by AdWords own once we have properly set up conversion tracking, but as in e-commerce sites, there are additional campaign information (e-mailings, banners, links purchased on other sites, etc …) that we can only get with Analytics. It is even possible to know the quality and profitability that generate free search engine results (SEO) versus Pay campaign results in search engines (SEM). A common error many AdWords campaigns is to focus only on the CPC cost per click instead of cost or number of Conversion Lead. What else gives us pay 1 Euro per click if we get 5 Euros customers and our product is sold at a price of 50 Euros? Is not it more cost effective than a campaign from CPC to $ 0.50 but not just Leads generated or generated an exorbitant price? The ratio of conversion and the final cost per Lead is the most important data in such campaigns.

Advertising based sites model sites that base their business on advertising is simple: they must get the maximum number of pages viewed by users and sell their advertising space to get the best possible price to maximize their income. Given this model we should follow the objective is a campaign with a low CPC. The metric that we consider in a site based on advertising are: profit, revenue, average page views per user, average cost per visit and average profit per visit. In such places, the Google content network can help you get clicks at low cost and generally offers a lower CPC, but still check the number of pages viewed by each user and campaign information we will Analytics.

Point Mugu Naval Air Station

November 1, 2016


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Experts in environmental health and cardiologists at the University of Southern California, recently demonstrated for the first time what until now was just a suspicion of atmospheric pollution in large cities affects cardiovascular health. It was found that there is a direct relationship between the increase in particulate air pollutants in the city and the thickening of the inner wall of the arteries (the intima media “), which natural gas is a proven indicator of atherosclerosis.
The continuing effect of polluting the atmosphere, in a process of quiet years, ultimately leads to the development of acute cardiovascular diseases New York City such as heart attack. Andalusia inspire environmental particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers, enter the airways smaller and then irritate the artery walls. Researchers found that for every increase of 10 micrograms per cubic meter of such particles, the alteration of the half wall intima gas of the arteries increased by 5.9 . Smoke and snuff which generally comes from the exhaust New York State of energy service company the cars produce the same amount of these particles. Clean air standards will contribute to better health effects on a large scale.
Another effect is the weakening of the ozone layer which protects living things from ultraviolet radiation of the Sun, due to the destruction of stratospheric ozone by green energy Cl and Br New York from pollution or the greenhouse effect accentuated by the increase the concentration of atmospheric CO2 and other greenhouse gases that are generated in the combustion of fuels.
Deteriorates more and more to our planet. Threatens the life of plants, animals and people. Generates physical damage to individuals. natural gases are available throughout New York from Becomes a non-consumable water. In contaminated soil can not be seeding.

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When I was a part of a Navy air crew stationed at Point Mugu Naval Air Station in Ventura County, my
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Under the frozen plains of eastern Montana and Wyoming, the largest coal reserves in the world enough utilities to last the United States ESCOs more than a century the nation of the current burn rate. The NY fuel discharges literally from the ground where stream electricity banks cut in … the leading ESCO in New York,
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But the only thing that disappeared in the year following the PM’s grand gesture was the federal government’s credibility on fighting global warming the earth, while stimulating the economy to environment a carbon-free future. The ineffective policies on climate change Mr Rudd conjured can be partly attributed to corporatised greenies – the Climate Institute, Clean Energy Council, WWF and the Australian Conservation …