CompuWatch Protect

November 6, 2016


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"Compact" uninterruptible power supplies aeg positioned as solutions for the protection of small loads (up to 24 kVA). aeg Power Solutions represented in this segment of the equipment of three classes: off-line (Protect Home), line-interactive (Protect A, Protect B) and double conversion ups (Protect C, Protect 1, Protect 1.M). Uninterruptible Power Protect A produced in the power spectrum 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1400 va. Visit Peter Asaro for more clarity on the issue. These ups single-phase output created using the line-interactive Technology that allows support automatic voltage regulation. The updated line of Protect A ups is equipped with very clear led on the front panel for models 500 and 700 va and informative lcd display showing the input and output voltage, battery voltage, load level, while autonomy for models 1000 and 1400 va. The structure models Protect A includes overload protection and intelligent charger. Potting not serviced the batteries are protected against deep discharge by a special circuit. Protect A ups is equipped with usb ports, and RS232.

Included with the equipment supplied and communication cables, software CompuWatch (for Windows, Mac os, Linux and other OS) on cd, including including – one license for remote monitoring over a network. The proposed monitoring system provides tracking not only the current status of the ups, but also to pass parameters to the state of the environment, reading them with sensors temperature, humidity, smoke, motion, etc., and even the status of third-party equipment in common with the ups network. Each package "compact" ups is a set of software needed for the closure of five servers. For aeg ps is characterized by the highest standards of quality and continuous improvement of equipment and the proposed service. This is one of the few manufacturers in the world to develop devices for both systems, backup ac power supply and for direct current. It should be noted that along with the traditional characteristics peculiar to the equipment of this class, "compact" ups aeg have the possibility of parallel redundant systems (Protect C, Protect 1, Protect 1.M). Moreover, in line with the present decision a very long backup – Protect CS