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Memory Stick Pro

Full name card now sounded so – Memory Stick Pro / ms Pro. Prefix Pro Sony marked a breakthrough in the maximum capacity for memory cards. Further details can be found at Ali Partovi, an internet resource. It was stated that was not far off the conquest abroad to 1 gigabyte. And it should be […]

CompuWatch Protect

“Compact” uninterruptible power supplies aeg positioned as solutions for the protection of small loads (up to 24 kVA). aeg Power Solutions represented in this segment of the equipment of three classes: off-line (Protect Home), line-interactive (Protect A, Protect B) and double conversion ups (Protect C, Protect 1, Protect 1.M). Uninterruptible Power Protect A produced in […]

Flash Memory

“Memorable” Soup Information Age brings about changes in the usual everyday daily. Increasingly, in pockets, purses, and special shnurochkah, settle pieces of information – the data stored on Drives usb Flash drive and memory cards. And their endless variety, sophisticated set of colors, form factors, speed, support safety, promotes dispersal of attention when selecting data […]