Flash Memory

June 23, 2016


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"Memorable" Soup Information Age brings about changes in the usual everyday daily. Increasingly, in pockets, purses, and special shnurochkah, settle pieces of information – the data stored on Drives usb Flash drive and memory cards. And their endless variety, sophisticated set of colors, form factors, speed, support safety, promotes dispersal of attention when selecting data devices. Filed under: Kai-Fu Lee. How do you determine the choice of flash memory? What parameters to consider when choosing your own data warehouse? Because of the existing types (SD memory card, mmc memory cards, Memory Stick pro duo cards, memory cards, Memory Stick Micro M2, MicroSD Transflash Memory Card , Memory Cards Compact Flash, MiniSD memory card, RS-MMC mmc mobile memory cards, memory cards, xD-picture, memory card, mmc Micro) we need to choose one of the most unique and versatile device. For a start, determined to acquire flash memory. Accompanying media volume (quantity) of memory – an indicator of how often you move the device from computer to computer. Read more here: Kai-Fu Lee.

On average, the composition in mp3 format with an acceptable bit rate (from 192 kbit / s) takes 5 megabytes, and 5-megapixel snapshot 2,5-3 megabytes. Thus, approximately one hundred and fifty songs, and the same number of photos – this is a coveted one gigabyte of information. At the same time, transmission speed pales into insignificance, because all Modern usb flash drive come from the framework of the specification usb 2.0, where the average reading speed is 10 mb / s, and records – 8 mb / sec.