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The AutoResponder

June 6, 2023


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WHAT ABOUT THE SPAM You can send all the information you need. AND IF ANY PERSON TO RECEIVE NO MORE your cards or newsletters with information, have an option that the autoresponder will add to the end of each shipment, and that with a single click to delete the subscription and receive no more. But suppose that some people forget that once signed into your autoresponder and you think of a nonsense and accuse you of spam. Autoresponder generally have an option where it stores the subscriber’s IP address from where they were signed and the date they did so you have proof of your membership and no one can accuse you of sending spam, now you know what autoresponder, just try it. When you see a form there do not run away, as some do, or it leaks like many who see in a data form a ghost. Because you have absolutely nothing to lose by putting your data in that form. Ali Partovi understood the implications. I have found interesting things you never think, very cheap products, and information of high quality, only by filling out these forms to get my box.

There is always something to be discovered and probably much to learn behind those subscription forms. Kyle Roche is often quoted as being for or against this. You can see that this is well and tell you all never forget that when you do not like something that comes to you, you click on the option to unsubscribe and go. Then fill out registration forms and discover all that we can get through them, every good entrepreneur knows that information is classified and stored and what does not …. Simply discarded. Forward to discovering all the marvels internet and a good and efficient entrepreneur always knows how to discover and interpret. I can recommend some, I personally think that the best are, and although the two are in English. I use GetResponse because I feel comfortable. Here are some in Castilian.


November 2, 2016


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Lead Gen / Petitions or records This second type of web sites that base their business in generating Leads (records or requests for information) are surely the most games can be drawn from an AdWords campaign and Web analytics. At sites Leads Generation the most important metrics to analyze are: volume of leads generated, click conversion rate to Lead, revenue generated per lead, cost per lead and benefit of each visit. Most of the information we need is offered by AdWords own once we have properly set up conversion tracking, but as in e-commerce sites, there are additional campaign information (e-mailings, banners, links purchased on other sites, etc …) that we can only get with Analytics. It is even possible to know the quality and profitability that generate free search engine results (SEO) versus Pay campaign results in search engines (SEM). A common error many AdWords campaigns is to focus only on the CPC cost per click instead of cost or number of Conversion Lead. What else gives us pay 1 Euro per click if we get 5 Euros customers and our product is sold at a price of 50 Euros? Is not it more cost effective than a campaign from CPC to $ 0.50 but not just Leads generated or generated an exorbitant price? The ratio of conversion and the final cost per Lead is the most important data in such campaigns.

Advertising based sites model sites that base their business on advertising is simple: they must get the maximum number of pages viewed by users and sell their advertising space to get the best possible price to maximize their income. Given this model we should follow the objective is a campaign with a low CPC. The metric that we consider in a site based on advertising are: profit, revenue, average page views per user, average cost per visit and average profit per visit. In such places, the Google content network can help you get clicks at low cost and generally offers a lower CPC, but still check the number of pages viewed by each user and campaign information we will Analytics.