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Social Networks

October 29, 2014


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Majorities, reach, repercussions Definitively, rapidity whereupon Internet have propagated is extraordinary in a globalised world very active, and that through her, already there are distances no not to be found out the world-wide events that they occur in the countries that compose this planet Earth and to communicate to us with different people who live in distant countries to ours. It is perceived like every time, one occurs to the birth and reaffirmation of the relevance of the social networks in topics that involves common interests, friendship, relations, interchanges among others, obtaining until the moment a great height that cannot be ignored. It is known and it remembers Wikipedia to us, that a social network is a social structure composed of people (either organizations or other organizations), who are connected by one or several types of relations, such as friendship, kinship, I interest common, economic interchanges, sexual relations, or that share beliefs, knowledge or prestige. Tmese in account, that the social network analysis has been used in epidemiology in order to help to understand how the landlords of human contact favor or prevent the propagation of diseases like HIV in a population. The evolution of the social networks sometimes can be simulated by the use of models based on agents, providing information on the interaction between the communication norms, propagation of rumors and the social structure. The social network analysis also can be an effective tool for the massive monitoring – for example, the Information Total Awareness Information Awareness realised a thorough investigation on the strategies to analyze the social networks to determine if the EE.UU citizens were or political nonthreats. The theory of Diffusion of innovations explores the social networks and their roll in the influence of the diffusion of new ideas and practices. The change in the agents and the opinion of the leader often has a more important paper in the stimulus to the adoption of innovations, although also inherent factors to the innovations take part Very interesting when one comments in addition, that social network analyses study this social structure applying the Graph theory and identifying the organizations like " nodos" or " vrtices" and the relations like " enlaces" or " aristas".

The Mission Of The IT Outsourcing

October 29, 2014


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Implying the concept of it outsourcing in business today? First of all, is the transfer of a specialized company-related functions in one way or another with information technology. To date, this type of services is becoming the norm for many local companies, and every day there are more players in the market, providing such services, thereby reducing their costs and improve quality. In the world, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), Outsourcing of information technology used by more than 70% of companies. So what's needed an it outsourcing company? What is his profit? The answer here is simple: not all business units are profitable, but each of them spends finances, at least for staff salaries. Thus, we can identify potentially profitable divisions (if the company is profitable) and supporting units and services that do not bring profit, but necessary for maintaining the organization's work. Potentially profitable divisions called profit centers, and support – cost centers. For cost centers traditionally include: maintenance department, security, marketing, accounting, it department (if specialization firm is not associated with technology). For profit centers typically include: sales, production or provision professional services.

If the formation of profit centers, usually determined by the mission and vision of the company's business, the cost centers are typically created as needed. In fact, it's hard to imagine that mission has been formulated, like so: "To be the market leader in the field, such as furniture manufacturing with first-class maintenance department", although any company, particularly aspiring to become number one, not interfere with harmonious maintenance department. Profit centers make money, so submit them outside the company contrary to common sense. Thus, most businesses takes on outsourcing as centers of expenditure, provided that it will not only reduce the cost of this department, but also to keep the required level or even improve key performance indicators. In this regard, it is also important to recall that, As a rule, almost all departments in the company's use of computers and office equipment, and of course there need laying the network. To date, it is not just setting a local network, but also setting a series of complex, modern communications, allowing companies to interact with the outside world. When selecting a contractor for it outsourcing companies often impose a number of requirements, such as: – the quality of work – the speed of their performance – providing the necessary level of information security. Many companies are afraid to resort to it outsourcing as well as with staff outside organization generating subscriber services computers access their content.

This is usually not taken into account that the staff, system administrators have the same access and can read the correspondence e-mail users. Protect sensitive data allows the information security policy, if employees are fairly strictly by its provisions. Therefore, before using it outsourcing and should consider measures of information security and enforce them. The main advantages of Professional Qualifications outsourcing company is usually higher than that of established professionals. For non-compliance of the results of the work performed to expectations customer, unless otherwise specified contract, the outsourcing company must correct the deficiencies at his own expense. If the job is performed by staff, the elimination of errors will require additional work, entailing the unplanned expenses that can not affect the overall financial situation at the company. Outsourcing helps to ensure quality work at fixed costs, and simplify some task management and technical staff, in particular the problem of motivation. Highly qualified not only require a decent compensation, but also opportunities for professional growth and career development, which employer is not always able to meet.

Ivan Petrovitch

October 28, 2014


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The head is inclined to fix on things, predicting disaster. You sit in the office, runs your accountant: hair disheveled, gasping for air like a fish in the eyes of madness. Catching his breath shouting – a disaster! Well, then, if the picture is exactly how I drew, you can yawn and lazy to go check what happened there. I assure you – will fall a few phone calls. Or one. But most managers respond pale face, his hand stretched over validol, voice, uttering: "What what happened to Ivan Petrovitch? "will somehow kinked, etc. And it is precisely this fear prevents an adequate assessment of the situation, which is really dangerous, just as traffic cop on the road. Well, yes, it is unpleasant.

Well, we had to pay a fine (or not have). Well, lost two minutes or five. He died that someone from this? None. If you're white business – take all the checking and politely send in the foot erotic journey, if they are not scrupulously follow the Procedure for verification. Since you're white and fluffy, you must know him very well because it is your main defense against lawlessness.

After all, lawlessness – the only thing that can make a white business. If you have a professional business – just let another bribe. You will still sit or go broke sooner or later, so that the seven woes – one answer. Such is your share, kriminalschikov: Stole – drunk – in jail. The more you give the bribe, the more likely that you have for them the same and go to jail.

Jonny Walker

October 23, 2014


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It is often difficult to find the right medium at the most and the customers are best achieved. But any Advertising has its advantages and disadvantages. So are fast and inexpensive to create flyers or handouts, but usually read this not all customers and immediately throw it in the trash. Another disadvantage is that the amount of the customers to be achieved is limited. Many have not yet understood the possibilities and the capacity of online marketing.

Choose the online advertising there are many advantages that you have rather less for other ways of advertising. So, the location of the business or the company is not at all relevant in the online marketing, i.e. it saves itself the high rent for a convenient location. Another reason which speaks for the online marketing is that you can reach interested customers worldwide. Has you can contact on specific firms interest in online marketing. These create a website individual commercials tailored to directly on this.

Each of these companies has its individual style. Walker online marketing want to use as the whisky manufacturer of Jonny he used the method of the Viral marketing and also brought the game Moorhuhn on the market. Within a short time, everyone had this game and Jonny Walker was on everyone’s lips. You’re at a specialist company in terms of online marketing in the best hands, because this sure at first that the Web presence just lands on one of the best rankings in the various search engines in various. Also, the possibilities for a Web page are almost immeasurable. It depends on the used programming language and of the creativity of the creator. Would you use online marketing, you should be clear to himself that it costs some money.

Custom Relationship Management

October 20, 2014


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Certainly, almost every head of the company, sales manager, director of marketing and not only faced with the concept of customer relationship management (CRM – Custom Relationship Management), but still has baggage of unresolved issues with regard to it. Various sources are full of definitions of this concept, which she attributed not only that, ultimately, confuses the reader even more strongly. What this concept is to Really? The study of this issue for three years at least greatly confused me. But interestingly, the answers to your questions were just still in the very same sources that as it may seem at the beginning, and not irrelevant to the issue. So, studying the philosophy of China (5 century BC), I ran into the following interesting facts. Eloquent Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu advocated a management model that places emphasis on obedience, rules-savings in the cost of collectivism.

Defend these views in our time not even worth it, everyone thinks about their own benefit, forgetting about their opponents. However, in those days there was cause for dispute. Can not low. "When a noble man sees opportunity to profit, he thinks of righteousness" – Confucius said. The dispute has allowed me to see the sources of the current corporate codes of ethics (which directly relates to CRM). Are business ethics, perhaps to seek the most beautiful, harmonious, fair decision, and not cost effective.

Unfortunately, such ideas are not popular. So much for the concept, be virtuous, so to speak "Noble men of" in relation to their clients. And those who watched the case from a particular competitor drastically went up the hill, I advise you to think, is not the philosophy of your company is your personal gain. I will add one thing, that in our time, given the multidimensionality of the business and its performance without excessive technology, namely, the software can not do. His first steps in the crm, you can start with the free version of CRM-software Quick Sales.

Best Lock

October 13, 2014


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Keep in mind that the proof safes are divided into 10 classes, depending on how much time it takes to break them. Safes third and fourth grade are installed in bank vaults. 5th and 6th grade are in demand by jewelers. But the 1st and 2nd perfectly accommodate in your home. In assessing the fire safe experts consider two parameters: time minutes, during which the temperature inside the enclosure exceeds a critical value for the storage object (marked safe, this criterion is expressed in numbers – 30, 60, 90 or 120) and the type of object storage, lettered (B – banknotes, paper documents, D – all of the above plus magnetic discs, tapes, films and film; DIS – the same and floppy disks). Misunderstanding the fourth.

Safe with key lock – the best. Electronics and mechanics often break. In fact, problems can arise with any lock. In particular, and with a key, which has several shortcomings. Chief among them – the possibility of losing a key or access to a stranger. In addition, the manufacture of new key takes time. Availability of safe combination lock (mechanical or electronic) eliminates these problems. However, for the opening of a four-mechanical lock of a four-digit numbers, need to make 10 turns the disk with four fixations, which takes at least 30 seconds. Another problem that often face holders safe with combination lock (whether mechanical or electronic) – or forgotten declassified by another person code. That a safety net for some of the most forgetful and short-sighted citizens of record …

Modern Wood Flooring

October 12, 2014


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All modern wooden flooring originates from magestik floor-Solid wood flooring. More recently, in apartments on the board changed and linoleum flooring and a floor board using only the construction of huts and lodges. But now the board has returned to the home as a high-end flooring. Massive board – it's oiled solid wood flooring as opposed to – the construction of several layers, tightly bonded to each other. From its predecessor, it is different way of manufacturing and quality of wood drying. Equally important is the fact that manufactured magestik floor mainly of fine wood, which in turn turn makes it possible to vary the colors. For a dense joining of the floorboards are special technological features, such as tongue and groove, which greatly simplifies the installation of the floor. The advantages of this material are evident: excellent thermal insulation, vysokayaprochnost, elasticity, light weight.

Properties of Solid wood flooring is directly dependent on the species of tree from which it is made. Most e resistant to extremes of Temperature and humidity are wood species that contain natural oils, such as oak. The majority of light wood and fruit wood (cherry, black cherry, pear) are very sensitive to humidity room. By the size of solid wood is different: in length from 0.5 to 3 meters in width from 10 to 20 cm in regard to thickness, and in this case there are no rigid standards, but is itself running 18, 20 or 22 mm. Board thickness is directly related to its mechanical strength.

Before starting to lay solid wood in the room, it must be acclimatised in the room at least 72 hours. Package with no need to open. The room has to be installed windows and doors, as the temperature fluctuations should be negligible. The walls and ceiling also has to be trained – are aligned, dried, as moisture in the room should not be high (45% -65%).

Metal Rolling

October 1, 2014


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This article focuses on the story about the main types of metal. Although we usually do not know about that sort of thing, and are unlikely to recognize that the most metal-roll in the final product, but a variety of rolled products are a very significant role in our lives. Convince yourself – zelo this indispensable product, and benefit from it a lot. Metal-roll, as a phenomenon has arisen in parallel with the advent of powerful steam engines, which made it possible fast processing of large amounts of metal. This happened in the xviii century, and in the first half of the xix century appeared the first technology that allowed soon to produce large pipes, gun barrels, steel plates, etc. Active development of industry led to the rapid economic growth in Europe and the U.S., because metal products to show their best side. Since then rolled finds applications in various fields – in engineering, construction, laying communications, insulation and cladding, and even sculpture. This is because the steel structure is and remains one of the most affordable and durable materials in the world, and metal products is the most suitable type of most designs for a variety of works.

Neither branch of the economy today is not without metal products. Of course, somewhere used high-tech alloys, somewhere may be applied and more primitive metal. Nevertheless, here take at least a conventional pipe – where they do not apply! This long-distance pipelines and oil pipelines. This communication network the big cities – water, sewerage, central heating, the shell for various kinds of cables, both electric and telephone, optical, television, and many others.