The Mission Of The IT Outsourcing

October 29, 2014


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Implying the concept of it outsourcing in business today? First of all, is the transfer of a specialized company-related functions in one way or another with information technology. To date, this type of services is becoming the norm for many local companies, and every day there are more players in the market, providing such services, thereby reducing their costs and improve quality. In the world, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), Outsourcing of information technology used by more than 70% of companies. So what's needed an it outsourcing company? What is his profit? The answer here is simple: not all business units are profitable, but each of them spends finances, at least for staff salaries. Thus, we can identify potentially profitable divisions (if the company is profitable) and supporting units and services that do not bring profit, but necessary for maintaining the organization's work. Potentially profitable divisions called profit centers, and support – cost centers. For cost centers traditionally include: maintenance department, security, marketing, accounting, it department (if specialization firm is not associated with technology). For profit centers typically include: sales, production or provision professional services.

If the formation of profit centers, usually determined by the mission and vision of the company's business, the cost centers are typically created as needed. In fact, it's hard to imagine that mission has been formulated, like so: "To be the market leader in the field, such as furniture manufacturing with first-class maintenance department", although any company, particularly aspiring to become number one, not interfere with harmonious maintenance department. Profit centers make money, so submit them outside the company contrary to common sense. Thus, most businesses takes on outsourcing as centers of expenditure, provided that it will not only reduce the cost of this department, but also to keep the required level or even improve key performance indicators. In this regard, it is also important to recall that, As a rule, almost all departments in the company's use of computers and office equipment, and of course there need laying the network. To date, it is not just setting a local network, but also setting a series of complex, modern communications, allowing companies to interact with the outside world. When selecting a contractor for it outsourcing companies often impose a number of requirements, such as: – the quality of work – the speed of their performance – providing the necessary level of information security. Many companies are afraid to resort to it outsourcing as well as with staff outside organization generating subscriber services computers access their content.

This is usually not taken into account that the staff, system administrators have the same access and can read the correspondence e-mail users. Protect sensitive data allows the information security policy, if employees are fairly strictly by its provisions. Therefore, before using it outsourcing and should consider measures of information security and enforce them. The main advantages of Professional Qualifications outsourcing company is usually higher than that of established professionals. For non-compliance of the results of the work performed to expectations customer, unless otherwise specified contract, the outsourcing company must correct the deficiencies at his own expense. If the job is performed by staff, the elimination of errors will require additional work, entailing the unplanned expenses that can not affect the overall financial situation at the company. Outsourcing helps to ensure quality work at fixed costs, and simplify some task management and technical staff, in particular the problem of motivation. Highly qualified not only require a decent compensation, but also opportunities for professional growth and career development, which employer is not always able to meet.