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October 13, 2014


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Keep in mind that the proof safes are divided into 10 classes, depending on how much time it takes to break them. Safes third and fourth grade are installed in bank vaults. 5th and 6th grade are in demand by jewelers. But the 1st and 2nd perfectly accommodate in your home. In assessing the fire safe experts consider two parameters: time minutes, during which the temperature inside the enclosure exceeds a critical value for the storage object (marked safe, this criterion is expressed in numbers – 30, 60, 90 or 120) and the type of object storage, lettered (B – banknotes, paper documents, D – all of the above plus magnetic discs, tapes, films and film; DIS – the same and floppy disks). Misunderstanding the fourth.

Safe with key lock – the best. Electronics and mechanics often break. In fact, problems can arise with any lock. In particular, and with a key, which has several shortcomings. Chief among them – the possibility of losing a key or access to a stranger. In addition, the manufacture of new key takes time. Availability of safe combination lock (mechanical or electronic) eliminates these problems. However, for the opening of a four-mechanical lock of a four-digit numbers, need to make 10 turns the disk with four fixations, which takes at least 30 seconds. Another problem that often face holders safe with combination lock (whether mechanical or electronic) – or forgotten declassified by another person code. That a safety net for some of the most forgetful and short-sighted citizens of record …