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Bavarian State Ministry

Two-day event on the current procurement practice and case-law Berlin, 06.03.2013 – on 18 and 19 April 2013 is in Berlin abacus Tierpark hotel by the municipal education factory e.V. organized Conference on public procurement law under the title the current public procurement law in practice and case law instead. This event has become in […]

Boletus Gruzdev

In addition to such a walk can hardly prepare intelligently: if you mix up with Boletus Gruzdev, then the “birthday boy” will be able to show off their knowledge. And if your mushroom-hunt “is over eating strawberries, then no one because this does not get upset, right? 🙂 Dream come true from childhood can be […]

Gardens and Moles

Walked on a few forums gardeners, florists and gardeners, and found interesting thing: the problem of fighting with moles rather urgent, but almost never seen repeller moles, as a means to control moles. And not only is not considered, but not even being discussed. That is, I want to say that it is not found […]

Paessler Software

New version of PRTG with additional monitoring functions and simplified licensing model Paessler launches PRTG network monitor 8: all inclusive-monitoring for networks of all sizes of Nuremberg, September 29, 2010 the new version 8 of PRTG network monitor is available now. The network monitoring software from Paessler ( now offers numerous innovations. Special added value […]

IBM Magento

Paynova Payment services are integrated into the E-commerce platform Magento Paynova, a leading provider of national and international online payment services, and network best, one of the leading providers for the outsourcing of IT services and business process optimization on the German market, have agreed to integrate the Paynova Payment services in the E-commerce platform […]

Electricity Generating Building

Berlin’s largest roof photovoltaic system on a residential building in operation taken Berlin’s largest roof photovoltaic system on a residential building in operation In the basement six block heat and power plants (CHP) supply electricity and heat economy Senator Harald Wolf power credit receives electricity in excess 263,000 kilowatt hours over 263,000 kilowatt hours Berlin, […]


This is exactly what we need now. Fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (Skype-invent themselves a name and password to log on with the program), take License Agreement. In the next window, enter your email address and click “Login”. If a user with a Skype-name you choose already exists, you will be prompted […]

Mobile Marketing

New technologies for development of operating systems and mobile apps, as well as the launch of new models, which are constantly exceeded a few others in terms of both processing and memory capabilities make mobile marketing development has registered a real boom. The format of mobile marketing comes already being employee for quite some time, […]


Eliminate the constraints is another direction in which you have to work and teach you straight as. What else we need? Mental strategies. If you sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 can touch many buttons, but that doesn’t mean that you can make it fly. Before will have to pass a pilot school […]

Management Systems

qms has provided the opportunity set specific goals for each process – in fact for the analysis of current activities at the plant have been used in full-scale statistical methods. Marked fairly pleasant fact – the factory managed to avoid excessive “red tape” in the form of a myriad of papers, which usually scares everyone […]