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Bavarian State Ministry

April 30, 2014


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Two-day event on the current procurement practice and case-law Berlin, 06.03.2013 – on 18 and 19 April 2013 is in Berlin abacus Tierpark hotel by the municipal education factory e.V. organized Conference on public procurement law under the title the current public procurement law in practice and case law instead. This event has become in recent years one of the leading conferences for experts of public procurement law in the public sector. The year 2013 will bring many new features in the field of public procurement law. After the amended by Commission proposals for directives on public procurement were negotiated in December 2011 in Brussels, the final decisions are expected in this spring. Therefore, a preview of the upcoming changes to already be ventured on procurement Conference.

In addition is being debated at the national level currently on improved standards of prevention of corruption in public procurement. Also here the developments within the framework of transparency to the Conference outlines. The current case-law to the public procurement law (not) always in line with the practical application? For local authorities and their public utilities, public procurement law has an outstanding importance. It is, therefore, a central task, to control the sometimes highly complex public procurement law efficiently and legally compliant. What are the requirements for a proper award must be met, and what new challenges in consequence arising from EU regulations for municipalities, also to inform the public procurement Conference.

Furthermore, the meeting will illuminate the amendment to the public procurement law in 2009 and dealing among other things with the revision of the law against restraints on competition. Especially the concrete application of the current versions of the procurement and contract orders VOB, VOL and VOF should be pointed out at the meeting. The Bavarian specialities to the public procurement law, resulting from a modification announcement of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior by 2011 for contracting authorities, “also dealt with, at least, special problems in dealing with expressions of interest from bidders for restricted tenders derive from this” off.

Boletus Gruzdev

April 30, 2014


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In addition to such a walk can hardly prepare intelligently: if you mix up with Boletus Gruzdev, then the "birthday boy" will be able to show off their knowledge. And if your mushroom-hunt "is over eating strawberries, then no one because this does not get upset, right? 🙂 Dream come true from childhood can be and travel "to faraway lands." Of course, "Around the World in 80 Days" Nobody is going to go. But fly to the coast to see his own castle, albeit a little out of the sand is quite possible. Less expensive way to see the world will be a trip to the nearby town for the weekend. With the Internet, you can easily find a couple of hours to learn all the most famous tourist destinations, buy tickets and book a hotel room.

Our entire conversation is dedicated route "to the fairy tale" for one person, but sometimes you can take with loved ones. Sometimes to be happy, do not need to go anywhere: home will be pleasant and simple "Day of idleness." Stock up on "goodies" and possible ways to spend time. Try combine all the holiday dinner, or make opponents in board games. You can half-lying on the couch and watch comedy on dvd, and you can get a photo album and laugh together over the baby pictures. And the last. Do not forget to stop the happy moments! In addition to photographs in this will help you to different "stuff" type of ticket from the museum, shops, check a piece of ribbon from the "Tree of Wishes", labels with purchased items and wrapping paper gifts.

Gardens and Moles

April 29, 2014


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Walked on a few forums gardeners, florists and gardeners, and found interesting thing: the problem of fighting with moles rather urgent, but almost never seen repeller moles, as a means to control moles. And not only is not considered, but not even being discussed. That is, I want to say that it is not found in the themes, dedicated to the fight with moles, not just any advice or positive feedback about the mole repeller, but also negative. It feels like mole repeller is still somewhere outside the attention of gardeners. And it’s pretty weird.

In the courtyard of the 21st century with all its achievements and modern technology, people, communicating via the Internet in forums, still offer each other to deal with moles and grandfather pradedovskie methods. Some propose to dig into the earth bottle Other – broken glass, and others – put propellers with pinwheels, the fourth – to cook a variety of teas and poison and poured it all into a hole, etc., etc. Someone even suggested that scatter in the garden indelible socks. Reading all these recipes and wanted to ask the authors: “And put on the neck of the bell, take a shamanic drum and dance in the garden did not try?” By the way, dancing in the garden plot, or rather intense stomping his feet on the ground, could give their positive results. The vibration of the soil – is what causes moles to leave such place, and it is this nuance of their behavior using Scarers moles. In general, the picture is quite strange: people apply to their sites tillers, cultivators, trimmers and other modern techniques, but to defend themselves against moles and other pests continue to questionable methods, which require, in addition, considerable time and effort. Repeller is just enough to stick in the ground, a little seal around the ground and everything! Then go about your business, and repeller mole will do his. In my opinion very comfortable.

IBM Magento

April 27, 2014


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Paynova Payment services are integrated into the E-commerce platform Magento Paynova, a leading provider of national and international online payment services, and network best, one of the leading providers for the outsourcing of IT services and business process optimization on the German market, have agreed to integrate the Paynova Payment services in the E-commerce platform Magento. By integrating Active dealers of Paynova in Magento on the European market now also benefit from Paynova’s comprehensive payment solutions. To take advantage of Paynova AB and AC best GmbH join forces to provide European Magento merchants, the diversity of the Paynova Payment services through the Magento Paynova cartridge”. According to the existing and proven Paynova interfaces (cartridges) with leading E-commerce platform providers, such as Intershop, IBM, WebSphere Commerce, oxide and epages, the Paynova Payment services on the Magento platform are available. Paynova merchant will be through the cooperation of the Experience of network best GmbH with well-known companies in the E-commerce market benefit.

(The new Magento Paynova cartridge”is services such as online payment solutions (E.g. visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, discover, Maestro and Visa electron), online banking solutions (such as Directebanking/Sofortbanking, iDeal (NL)), online banking payments (SE, NE, FL, DK)), ELV (direct debit DE) as well as provide solutions for advance payments by customers; all of this complemented with Receivables Management and debt collection services, conducted a comprehensive customer management system. The following services are components of the payment services: risk management services for credit and debit cards (such as fraud screening”as well as full PCI level 1 certification) for ELV – and invoice (such as black/white Listing” and bank account validation (ELV)). We are proud of the fact that we through the partnership with network best customers the long-term Experience of network best GmbH and their proven solutions for system integration and business process optimization can offer. This ensures a reliable and optimum integration of the Paynova Payment services in the Magento E-commerce platform”so Paynova CEO Simon Thaning. The unique integration Paynova with leading E-commerce platforms and their dealers served as an inspiration for the development and operation of Magento Paynova cartridge”, in which we have put our many years of experience as a provider of systems integration and business process optimization, explains Sebastian Hafa, Managing Director of network best GmbH. About Paynova, Paynova is a leading provider of online payment services.

The company’s solutions are aimed primarily at large online retailers and include also a variety of optional services such as advanced solutions to protect against fraud in addition to the basic services. Furthermore, Paynova offers its customers a comprehensive range of services, including Payment solutions throughout Europe enabling online retailers to offer their products on the Chinese market. Is the company on NGM Equity since February 2004. For more information, see. About network best GmbH, the network best GmbH with seat in Berlin was founded in 2008 by Holger Sorg and Sebastian Hafa. The company specializes in the technical implementation of E-Commerce and online solutions and supports customers of from different industry or size of the medium-sized companies to international corporations. Customers such as the PSI AG and Nestle have for years on successful cooperation with the Berlin Web specialists.


April 24, 2014


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This is exactly what we need now. Fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (Skype-invent themselves a name and password to log on with the program), take License Agreement. In the next window, enter your email address and click "Login". If a user with a Skype-name you choose already exists, you will be prompted to choose another name. After successful Registration opens up window Skype with your account. Perhaps before you see the window advertising Skype What's new?", Which can simply be closed. How do I add people to your contact list so you are in the program Skype. Where start? Of course, you need to find a web person with whom you plan to communicate and add it to your list (by default it is empty: there is only a test account "test call Skype).

All the work in the program is mainly to tab "Contact Us" (it opens by default). Click on the button "Add subscriber". Displays "Add Contact" in which you must enter the Skype-person's name or e-mail address, which he pointed at register an account Skype, then click "Search". Skype will be held on all user accounts and find your future companion, unless it is registered on the network Skype. Now you just press Click "Add Skype-contact" and then click on "OK" in the window with a proposal to send a hello just added the other party. This is to ensure that your friend has added you to my list. Then close the window add a contact and wait until the other person will respond to our request.

Mobile Marketing

April 21, 2014


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New technologies for development of operating systems and mobile apps, as well as the launch of new models, which are constantly exceeded a few others in terms of both processing and memory capabilities make mobile marketing development has registered a real boom. The format of mobile marketing comes already being employee for quite some time, but some areas such as the automotive and the world of sport have expanded the frontiers of this fascinating activity until unthinkable limits. The next World Cup of soccer in South Africa seems to mark the campaign’s start to a frantic race to plague the mobile content payment, raising invoices to unthinkable levels, and marking a point of maturity for this branch of advertising. The conditions for this blossoming are unbeatable. Football is a global passion, and users pay to be aware in real time of the results, especially when they can not have the comfort of their homes during the sporting events. Thus, business sponsors, the telcom and appliance manufacturers rush to launch new models with preloaded content, and to develop high quality mobile content. They have with what.

The new phones can navigate without problem by the network of high-speed wireless (3 G) where there is infrastructure-, they have greater memory capacity in your micro sd card, your batteries are more efficient so you do not have to choose between speak or play – and new developments at the programming level are ensured of creating highly realistic experiences. Some observations can be made in this regard. The greater or lesser development of mobile marketing that already has left behind the primitive system of sms payments, to devote himself to other multimedia – depends in large part to a series of conditions are given: advertisers willing to invest several million euros in a bid that, by more optimistic than we are, remains fairly daring; Mobile manufacturers and software that are associated to facilitate channel; and, finally, cell phone companies that facilitate this commercial growth. The peak issue is that in many countries the cellular telephony is tightly controlled by regulators, and continues to be a monopoly, since all (advertisers, creative, mobile manufacturers and users) must have recourse if we wish to have the service. Mobile marketing has a potentiality of even greater than the content in internet penetration, especially in countries of Latin America.

In Argentina, for example, there are more cell phones than inhabitants (more than 40 million), but approximately only half of its population has access to internet. Discounting the devices that need to be renewed, because they not retrofitted the multimedia content, and areas that do not have high speed connection, it is clear that many more consumers have potential access to mobile marketing to online marketing. The question is whether advertising and services sector is sufficiently mature and prepared as the demands of this enormous mass of consumers.


April 15, 2014


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Eliminate the constraints is another direction in which you have to work and teach you straight as. What else we need? Mental strategies. If you sit in the cockpit of a Boeing 747 can touch many buttons, but that doesn’t mean that you can make it fly. Before will have to pass a pilot school and acquire the necessary knowledge (EMs) right Yes? Being a PC user does not makes you a Networker. For even more opinions, read materials from Kai-Fu Lee. You can be a genius designing websites, maybe you’re the best graphic designer, the best designer of objects with CAD, an expert in office or even have the best hosting service.

All this only means that you own beautiful EMs as a PC user. Be a Networker means you have beautiful EMs to effectively market your product on the network and obtain benefits. You notice the difference? Where you’ve been you will have those EMs. We also anchor them to your internal resources, remember that therein lies your true power, so we will flow through these EMs and thus you will be able obtain surprising results. If you are looking for successful people on the network. Swarmed by offers, Robotics is currently assessing future choices.

I mean who can try and give evidence of its success, in his memoirs we see that they triumphed after about five or eight years of effort and dedication. It is time that is consumed mainly in separating the seed from the chaff and to develop it. If you’re a little insightful you’ll realize that I’m taking to the place where you will find the seed, already elaborated, something that undoubtedly will reduce your time to success. Where is the delay? In your own mind. Find and delete your auto limitations and implement the necessary EMs, that will be your essential work and will consume the greater initial time, that you need before touching palpable results in your hands. As you progress in these two goals, you will notice that your internal resources begin to flow each time with less resistance on your part.