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April 24, 2014


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This is exactly what we need now. Fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (Skype-invent themselves a name and password to log on with the program), take License Agreement. In the next window, enter your email address and click "Login". If a user with a Skype-name you choose already exists, you will be prompted to choose another name. After successful Registration opens up window Skype with your account. Perhaps before you see the window advertising Skype What's new?", Which can simply be closed. How do I add people to your contact list so you are in the program Skype. Where start? Of course, you need to find a web person with whom you plan to communicate and add it to your list (by default it is empty: there is only a test account "test call Skype).

All the work in the program is mainly to tab "Contact Us" (it opens by default). Click on the button "Add subscriber". Displays "Add Contact" in which you must enter the Skype-person's name or e-mail address, which he pointed at register an account Skype, then click "Search". Skype will be held on all user accounts and find your future companion, unless it is registered on the network Skype. Now you just press Click "Add Skype-contact" and then click on "OK" in the window with a proposal to send a hello just added the other party. This is to ensure that your friend has added you to my list. Then close the window add a contact and wait until the other person will respond to our request.

An Effort Human

February 2, 2014


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Just as all roads lead to Rome, all efforts to learn a second language derived from English. Why The English Studio puts your aspiration at your fingertips. If your intention is to master a language to make yourself understood anywhere in the world, apart from the gestural language, you have to study English. It is well known that by gestures you can understand you with any human being and even various kinds of apes. Although latter may not continue your conversation in English once you have gone through The English Studio.

Various studies have shown that apes are able to construct logical sentences with subject and preached. But what they are not able to keep up your pace of learning. With your tenacity, courage and encouragement you can reach the goal that them, and several millions of mortals, is prohibited. And distinguishing you as the person who learned English. The riddle European there are following tracks on the European riddle: which European country that does not share the single currency, the Euro, is the creator from the sandwich? Which European country houses the financial city, the City, which handled money equivalent to several times the gross domestic product of Spain? Which European country slowed the feet to the advance of Nazism and was the spearhead of the liberation of the continent? Actually, the answer is the only country where you can do an English course in London. England is the birthplace many things in Western civilization. He has been in modernity along with France and Germany, which in ancient times were Greece and Rome. Streets you can breathe the breeding ground for the latest news and trends that will end up crossing the geographical barriers and will be installed all over the world. What happens there affects everyone. With an English course in London you can benefit of being the latest. There decides regarding all.