Gardens and Moles

April 29, 2014


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Walked on a few forums gardeners, florists and gardeners, and found interesting thing: the problem of fighting with moles rather urgent, but almost never seen repeller moles, as a means to control moles. And not only is not considered, but not even being discussed. That is, I want to say that it is not found in the themes, dedicated to the fight with moles, not just any advice or positive feedback about the mole repeller, but also negative. It feels like mole repeller is still somewhere outside the attention of gardeners. And it’s pretty weird.

In the courtyard of the 21st century with all its achievements and modern technology, people, communicating via the Internet in forums, still offer each other to deal with moles and grandfather pradedovskie methods. Some propose to dig into the earth bottle Other – broken glass, and others – put propellers with pinwheels, the fourth – to cook a variety of teas and poison and poured it all into a hole, etc., etc. Someone even suggested that scatter in the garden indelible socks. Reading all these recipes and wanted to ask the authors: “And put on the neck of the bell, take a shamanic drum and dance in the garden did not try?” By the way, dancing in the garden plot, or rather intense stomping his feet on the ground, could give their positive results. The vibration of the soil – is what causes moles to leave such place, and it is this nuance of their behavior using Scarers moles. In general, the picture is quite strange: people apply to their sites tillers, cultivators, trimmers and other modern techniques, but to defend themselves against moles and other pests continue to questionable methods, which require, in addition, considerable time and effort. Repeller is just enough to stick in the ground, a little seal around the ground and everything! Then go about your business, and repeller mole will do his. In my opinion very comfortable.