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Bavarian State Ministry

April 30, 2014


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Two-day event on the current procurement practice and case-law Berlin, 06.03.2013 – on 18 and 19 April 2013 is in Berlin abacus Tierpark hotel by the municipal education factory e.V. organized Conference on public procurement law under the title the current public procurement law in practice and case law instead. This event has become in recent years one of the leading conferences for experts of public procurement law in the public sector. The year 2013 will bring many new features in the field of public procurement law. After the amended by Commission proposals for directives on public procurement were negotiated in December 2011 in Brussels, the final decisions are expected in this spring. Therefore, a preview of the upcoming changes to already be ventured on procurement Conference.

In addition is being debated at the national level currently on improved standards of prevention of corruption in public procurement. Also here the developments within the framework of transparency to the Conference outlines. The current case-law to the public procurement law (not) always in line with the practical application? For local authorities and their public utilities, public procurement law has an outstanding importance. It is, therefore, a central task, to control the sometimes highly complex public procurement law efficiently and legally compliant. What are the requirements for a proper award must be met, and what new challenges in consequence arising from EU regulations for municipalities, also to inform the public procurement Conference.

Furthermore, the meeting will illuminate the amendment to the public procurement law in 2009 and dealing among other things with the revision of the law against restraints on competition. Especially the concrete application of the current versions of the procurement and contract orders VOB, VOL and VOF should be pointed out at the meeting. The Bavarian specialities to the public procurement law, resulting from a modification announcement of the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior by 2011 for contracting authorities, “also dealt with, at least, special problems in dealing with expressions of interest from bidders for restricted tenders derive from this” off.